Amalgam Digital vs. Joe Budden

How’s this for role reversal. A rep from Amalgam Digital turned to Twitter today and called out Joe Budden for the delay of Great Escape.

Joe later responded to the label’s gripes. Here’s an excerpt of his rebuttal:

cliff note version – dude wanted 2 sign SH, didn’t happen…I signed a 2 album deal after PR, 1 digital, 1 physical w/ a 140k advance all in… 80 2 be paid up front, 60 4 them to hold 2 pay producers, mixing, etc.. said contract was 2 pages… 1 being the actual contract, 1 being the sheet 2 sign….

Def Sounds

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  • MD

    apparently buying his ex-girlfriend a new benz RIGHT before she left him….


  • Allen York

    Ima joe budden fan but….

    You just got styled on, the Escape Route comment is that hurt lol

  • BOBBi_G



    budden stays losing once again
    dude is a complete failure
    Jay ethered you, 50 ethered you, Benzino ethered you, Tahiry ethered you
    just stop

  • Oj Da Cornball

    the heck are we seeing these days?

    execs and artist are on twitter ranting about their biz
    artist having beef on Twitter
    real hitman gets bagged off facebook
    i mean,really? really?


    yes i said Benzino

  • Nathaniel

    MD says:
    Tuesday, March 23 2010 at 7:04 PM EST
    apparently buying his ex-girlfriend a new benz RIGHT before she left him….



  • King JuggaNott

    Bravo…..Bravo….This is what I was thinking about with the last post about a artist mouthing off about labels. When are reps from the label are going to air these artists out. Anyone who does any type of business knows how contracts work, they ARE trying to jack these guys and be mobile. Like really…peep the comment where he said they starved and let him eat when he recorded with E1. That’s the same thing Joell wants…..he want’s those guys to just let him walk and get money with eminem. C’mon….about time one of these guys on the label stepped up and aired some of these spoiled dudes who sign and take money but want to give you shit back.

    Only reason they want to get on shady is for tour money in case Eminem goes on tour they can get show money. I mean….I like all of those guys but c’mon….people don’t know how those contracts work so the artists lie to fans….but for the few of us know how contracts are can read right through that bullshit.

  • Toya

    *sigh* If they are so annoyed with him, why haven’t they dropped him while slapping him with a lawsuit at the same time?

  • Cunning Link Quest

    damn tahiry fucked his life up… that must be some good pussy!

  • YouKnowMe

    HAHAHAHA They beat Joe Budden at his own game. Cuz we all know he like to cry on Twitter.

  • Crossbow

    Nigga used his advance money to buy a whip for his broad, then she bounced on him. This nigga can officially say nothing about any other rapper for a while, smh.

  • Crossbow

    Guess this is the other “bozo” holding back that deal Joell was talking about.

  • There are two side to every story.

    I bet you these clowns will think twice next time they invoke Tribes Industry Rule.

    This exec just aired dude out in the worst way. You can be a shitty boyfriend. Even a shitty rapper. But if your a shitty business man, then you suck at life.

  • BK



  • Deuce Deuce

    Buddens response on…..Buddens seems more calm in his response…..Record company seems to be the one tryan fend off from taking an L

    oh and yah….INTERNET SOLDIERSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

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  • junk juice

    this seems like some rough shit, what side to choose….

  • Will


    Buying his girlfriend a benz when she left him and we starved so he could eat

    Joey took a L on this one

  • These artist sign these LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACTS for MONEY.

    Then decide mid contract they want to do something different. This is why you get smart and get all those things into the contract BEFORE you sign it.

    I have no sympathy for dudes who claim to be so smart and biz savvy, then get fked over because they REFUSED to HONOR the CONTRACT they signed.

    So what you got shitty terms. That’s why you pay a lawyer to look at that wording and fine print. While your wondering if the Check Cashing spot will cash that 80K check you got.

  • 2muchSwag2BeHere

    Joe bBudden is bitchmade, he threw shots Fabolous’ las album on twitter, I caught that and told him Fab’s Discography shits on his. The nigga got mad and BLOCKED!!! me= BITCHMADE!!! Royce the only real nigga in Slaughterhouse.

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  • Interscope Employee

    LMAO @ the benz thing

    this nigga Budden keeps taking L

  • who dat

  • Moose

    Frook anyone hatin on Jersey Joe, people “try” to portray the real but have no clue what goes on these rappers’ personal lives. There’s soooo many BS stories being pushed just to promote these said rappers. Yet, the people forget to just listen to music and see where the truth lies. It is what it is, Amalgam and E1 just haulting their projects so they too can get that exposure from SH going with Shady or anyone else. Plus, shame on E1 for the “great” promo they gave SH but plastered Durrough all over the place. SMFH…I prefer the hate so let’s go Internet Soldiers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dr dre

    Yo Eminem, u got millions of dollars, buy out Slaughterhouse from their contract and sign them up before they go elsewhere.

  • LOL

    Joe Budden you lamed out. Mr. Wilson why haven’t you put this clown ass nigga on the played yourself section????????????? That unmixed piece of shit he dropped last year bc he bought that bitch a benz? ohhh buddy hahahaha Mousy Mouse you lamed out nigga you lamed the fuck out.

  • Moose

    And here comes a waking sleeping giant. It’s gonna be hell to pay, and can’t wait til the heat starts sounding off in the speakers when all these corny ass execs play themselves and try to screw over a group of this magnitude

  • 2D

    Team Amalgam Digital.

  • Brooksie

    Any company that acts immature by posting company business on twitter like that should get sued for their actions. This is why America is becoming poor as any moron can start a company and air their business on fucking twitter instead of making business work. They should be ashamed of their actions as it is so unprofessional.

  • @Brooksie

    So its okay for the employee’s to air out company biz too right?

    America is going down the tube because people are fkn stupid across the board.

    If Joey didn’t want to honor the contract he signed, he should have never signed it then took the money.

    Slandering the companies public image so be sue-able offense also.

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    If you think about it, IF Em really wanted to sign these niggas. He could buy them out and sign them EASY.

    I think it’s just the fans’ wishful thinking that Shady wants to sign them.

  • Moose

    To be completely informed, go to the DefSounds link. JB goes a bit further in how the BS comes about. He claims how deal were put foward and some deals may have been done without their/his knowledge. In the end, I’m sure it’ll become much clearer but I can see where E1 wanting SH on their label as well as JB, can hold up any types of deals for the group.

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    amalgam need to track peedi crack down for that camel hunting season joint too…lol

  • ayoooooooo

    I bet Joe Budden is working on a freestyle over someone elses beat rapping about this. Probably like a line saying “They ruled me out, when they were never ruled in, FUCK (emphasis on fuck, cuz he says it with a smokers voice and thinks he’s hard, or is it FLUCK?, lol). I hope to god this SH deal doesn’t work out with Eminem, just because Budden is a bitch.

  • K
  • yaboitone

    i love how you ignorant f***ks hear one side of the story and IMMEDIATELY accept it as truth? lol. Personally, i would feel like a f****g jackass and a moron if i was so easily coerced.

  • yaboitone

    he could afford to buy his chick a benz? could any of you?

    thought so.

  • King JuggaNott

    LMAO @ Whodat…..Yooooooooo that dude actually has a vid on Youtube where he’s documenting him copping the whip. Then in the vid he’s saying “Woman get’s her car, and I’m still fighting for mine”. HA! Imaginary player…..Jay said it best.

  • Boo-Hoo. Fuck Almagam Digital AND Joe Budden…How’s about them apples beyyyyiiiiitttttccchhhhh!!!! LMFAO! 🙂

  • trizz


  • Consignment

    These SH niggaz ain’t got this $$$ in they pocket to pay these indies??? SH do mad shows… I ain’t gonna front 80k upfront for JB ain’t bad @ all.

  • ThuG

    He only paid the $4g down payment for the benz u idiots… niggas love to hate on budden even tho he constantly puts out music better than 90% of the shit that niggas are buyin

  • ?

    @yaboitone – did you even read the fucking tweets? he used ALBUM BUDGET MONEY TO BUY THE BENTLEY.

  • mmkayy

    B.Dot u missed the important parts of Joey’s rant

  • papology

    We dont know what happend but the label guy´s story is more credible. I could see him bend backwards trying to help Joe, business and private.

    Dont wanna get into it detailed but this is why i stopped fucking with HipHop on the business tip. The artists are very sensitive (wich is not a bad thing) BUT also very impulsive and when something goes bad, they blame it on someone else.

  • stylz

    I’m with AmDi.

  • mike

    drop the Great Escape

  • yaboitone

    @? oh, thats right? because you read it in a tweet its true? lmfao. niggaz is so dumb.

  • B. Digital

    All I got to say is… READ Joe Budden’s entire rebuttal before commenting. Check out, Def Sounds, up top.

    There’s two sides to every story… Also remember industry rule #4080 – “record company people are shady.”

  • Legacy

    Anybody(company) tryna make a dollar outta something they have no love for(Hip Hop) Is always gonna be a shady as fuck when it comes to makin money off of those who do it for the love.


    budden was whipped
    tahiry gave him some ass and he spent all his money on her

  • KingJuggaNott

    @ B Digital….that clears up a great deal by reading Joe Buddens part. That’s what’s up. It’s always 3 sides of a story, His side of the truth, Their side of the truth and the Actual Truth.

    I find it hard to believe that they put out a contract with all that in two pages. I man I have some contracts that are 2 or 3 pages long…you would think that a company handling a artist like Budden would hook a better one up. I find it hard to believe that a two page contract was done. But #$%^ whatever, it’s their story….tell it how you want.

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  • kdkfuckPR

    But really Budden didnt owe them anything cuz he did the digital album and then did the physical album . Dude was ethering for no reason.