Diggy Appreciates Kanye’s Praise

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Diggy talks to Sway about deciding to go in over Nas’ “Made You Look” and reacts to Ye’s blog cosign.

“Man it feels good. He’s definitely one of the best. He’s like one of the craziest wordsmiths. His verses are amazing and I look up to him in hip-hop, so that co-sign, definitely once they said it in perspective, it was like, ‘Wow.’

Will Young Mr. Simmons be blessed with a track is the question?

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  • Can

    his speech patterns, especially toward the end, remind me of Chris Brown talking to Larry King

  • mike

    let we see his first album next year probably



  • john

    kanye “one of the craziest wordsmiths”?? GTFOH

  • Digga

    “kanye “one of the craziest wordsmiths”?? GTFOH”

    I feel ya. But on the flip side of that, he’s too young to know Chino XL, Pharaohe Monch and whatnot.. Rev Run’s son or not. He knows more about ‘Ye, Cudi and Drake.

  • The Noydd

    Waits for Russy to smash Diggy with a Guitar…

  • what the fuck?!

    I’m not hating but I just can’t listen to these niggas that was born rich. Diggy can definitely spit, but his music will have no substance. Same thing could be said about Drake. Life is about struggles and hardship. Only thing these niggas struggle with is whether they should buy a Benz or a Bentley smh

  • pissed

    LMAO @ his music will have no substance…so would you like him better if he rapped about guns, coke & trappin? THAT would make him phony. Lil dude can spit, no question. As long as he stays true to himself, I aint go no hate…he spits better than somes dudes 5-10 years older than him.

  • AKA

    nepotism. bottom line… Hip hop is as dead as the beef between Jigga and Beans

  • Will

    ok let me get this str8 Kanye supports diggy but sons Taylor Swift I mean Taylor lowkey got talent she can play that guitar and shit

    Man that tell you Kanye is scared to do that to rappers he calling Soulja Boy the next Nas but he taking mics from Taylor Swift

    I bet that nigga be holding in at them BET Awards and Vibe Awards like fucc man these motherfuccas dont deserve it but i aint trying to get my ass whooped

    Like Lowkey on some real shit em didnt deserve that MTV award for Best rap video I wonder if Kanye was in still in the builiding at that point would he had got on stage and took that mic from Em

  • Will


    You Know Jojo Rap name is Young Simmons right? LOL

    thats some fucced up shit has Jojo even had a video get on rapradar or a freestyle get on rapradar LOL he been on independently for about 3 years now

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