Joe Budden’s Moment Of Clarity

Late last night while some of us were sleep, Mouse took to his social network device and expressed mo’ thoughts about the recent fuckery in his life and how he often feels misunderstood. Think I’m gonna give this guy a hug next time I see him. No homo.

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  • I can relate. Joey’s awesome, and that tat is something I’d get.

  • blaqscorpio


  • Nathaniel

    “i say all this 2 say.. if u knew me u’d love me (im great), if u DO knw me & think otherwise.. its cuz i didn’t care enuff about ur thoughts”

    ^something about that statement almost negates every plea for understanding he made in that twitter rant. “get back to rap, you niggas twitter too much” – J. Cole …that’s my solution.

    i don’t know if anybody else noticed, but rappers can say whatever the fuck they want, however they want…on a record and the listener rocks with it. but when you take to social networking and repeat the same type of shit from verses you’ve written…minus the rhyme structure…for some reason, you almost automatically lose.

    i guess if you want niggas to love and understand you, empty your brain on songs. not on twitter. it’s a lose lose.

  • mike

    GREAT ESCAPE is the BEST WAY to be cool wit Amagalm Digital

    then Great Lyrical Bangers Time wit Slaughterhouse’s 2nd LP

    and next year, new label / new album & spittin’ fire !!!

  • mike

    “get back to rap, you niggas twitter too much” – (no J. Cole ; YOUNG Chris ! )


  • suge knight

    fuck u yuk, i’m not loyal and i got ya chain … SO WHAT now ?!?!? hahahah i’m a big sick ass bully

    ps: do not call the barber please… we can still have a damn arrangement tho


  • mike

    Joe Budden’s Moment Of Clarity
    Joey, drop a freestyle on dis beat yo



  • what kind of name is mouse? sound like a bitch 2 me…just rap nigga nobody give a shit about ur personal life

  • Dashing

    I think @Nathaniel put it best. These thoughts work better when they’re on a record. Although fans seem to think they want to personally hear the thoughts and feelings of the artists, they really on care about them when they’re expressed through their music. If Joey sticks to that, he’ll be straight.

  • yessir

    Joseph budden 2010 = Cornball ass nigga
    “pain share is pain lessend”… shut up and give that label and your fans a real album. Stop being confucious.

  • G(W)ayne)

    I know what he’s talkin’ ’bout…

  • mike

    if they want to get out of the label

    dey must to honor their damn contract

    becauze when they signed, dey was happy

    so let the music goes out on music stores &

    when u free, sign a great deal… and read the contract

  • jdot

    This guy is like a 14 year old girl. STFU and get your shit together.

  • voice of reason

    dude needs to stop broadcasting himself & just making music. he looks like an idiot everytime he opens his mouth & it’s not behind a mic.

  • Pssssst

    i got $20 that says buddens will kill himself within the year.

  • KingJuggaNott

    Wow…wow…wow. Dude. Sometimes It’s best to just say nothing. You can’t satisfy everyone, he’s going to have to get over it. As far as his image he is the reason it is what it is…..nothing that he can say in a blog or twitter can change that. In fact he’s doing MORE of the same that got him under this cloud.

    He reminds me of the cat who goes to the club and a broad wants to give him the %&#&#, but all he does as soon as the chick introduces herself is talk himself out of the p$##y. The more he talks he the broad changes her mind, and not only does he not get the A$$ but she goes and tells anyone with ears how much of a lame he is. LMAO! O’boy, Joe….shush yo mouth boy.

  • AKA

    when is charles spamington gonna drop that mixtape? most likely way better than this…

  • Moose

    Fluck da haters. Joe Budden >>>>> ANY other music to set my mind right. He’s quietly one of the best to ever Rap regardless what many think or say. Always have and will respect the dude’s transparency as a true music fan. Let alone the way he does what he wants and doesn’t succumb to the WACK standards. Still would like to hear another club banger from this guy. Touch & Go, Pump It Up, Fire, Focus>>>> Name most of your favorite rappers club bangers

  • KingJuggaNott

    Who’s going at him from a music perspective? All of his problems come from silly drama that kinda all starts with him opening up his mouth. His opinionated, I can respect that….I’m the same way. But when you put yourself out there sometimes you have no control over how people see you. He’s reaching and the first rule of boxing is when you are reaching, you over extend and fuck up your balance….easy to knock over and hard to react and respond when in that position. STFU Joe…go into the lab and do what you do best besides ruining your career.

  • lol rappers going thru all these emotional problems recently jeez shits not even entertaining.

  • TdotHIPPY

    It’s crazy how ppl say they hate the facades that rappers put on, but when they’re on some real shit you say they acting like a bitch? wtf couldn’t relate to that rant at some point or another. But i would agree he should put that shit on record. I like my rappers real, so he just gained a fan.

  • mmkayy

    fck budden haters.. dude is nicee with the mic

  • honeynbees

    so 2 clarify, tho i may seem bipolar, disgruntled, anti-social, sarcastic, malicious, etc– i don’t mean anyone no harm. do they have therapists at record labels? he must’ve been drunknhigh tweeting. i’m sure he woke up this morning like wow i way spilled over.

  • honeynbees

    i hope artists can rhyme their way out of darkness. forget about the fans. i want them to be able as human beings to enjoy a long and healthy life span. the ones who are not imprisoned are fighting with the business aspect of the industry which seems like one big prison. the money, the bentleys (mostly rented), the chicks and dudes, don’t seem to be as appealing as female and male rappers would like us to believe. they seem over worked for little pay once you really analyze the numbers. they seem exhausted touring around everywhere and rarely have a true place to call home. it seems as if they can in no way uphold the “keep it real” standard of hiphop that is necessary for rappers to make money, and they die. no one has really said anything since it happened but this poor kid, g baby. 22 years old, gone. what the hell is that? i feel like the hood is safer than the industry hood created by a lot of dysfunctional thinking and living. it doesn’t matter about the money, the fly niggas & bitches–the thrills pale in comparison to the risks of sound sanity and a cool life. for real, joe budden’s twitter rant is pitiful. him and a whole lot of others need a lot more than hugs. they also need doctors and a decent diet and a good time with friends and romantic partners they can actually trust not just pose in nice pics with.