• Nathaniel

    oh shit…that’s the melody from that 7 minute Jay-Z & Big L freestyle from waaaay back in 1995. aiight…i see you fred g.

  • Saw him in Austin. Dude is dope. Feeling this track.

  • Freddie is the certified truth. Always on that real shit.

  • I said it once and i’ll say it again- Its NO WAY u can be a fan of straight up street,raw,slap yo mama in the face hip hop and not feel Gangsta Gibbs. No dickridin shit but I aint heard dude come weak yet.

  • ROC_NY_2012

    Of all these freshman rappers, Freddie Gibbs is the only one who is impressing me personally.. and he comes correct EVERY time.. hoping he gets a little shine because he’s nice on the mic

  • AKA

    Interscope ghetto. This ain’t that Pastor Sapp ghetto… but I respect the romanticism…


    Bro. Freddie is really improving every time i hear him. I really like this beat and his lyrics are so real and vivid. Its like he’s rapping a movie with his lyrics. Damn

    keep it up big bro…

    peace 7

  • Omar Ibn

    Gansta GIbbs ftw…