• JayJay


  • whowantwhat

    Shyne is WACK!

  • datdude4life

    Free P!!!!

  • not bad… not bad at all….


    Not as good as his old shit but still its good to hear new stuff from Prodigy

  • Pac

    This nigga is mean with it…

    The nigga 50 stay showing love to niggas..

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    Did that nigga just say “Shyne >>>>> “??

    Set yourself on fire for saying that you dumbfuck

  • Yea Right

    FREE P!!


    why has’nt he already done this? FREE P!! if you havent already check out p’s H.N.I.C. pt2, that shit go super hard and was SUPER slept on


  • Interscope Employee

    P > Shyne easy!

  • Rhyme

    Fuckin gully. 2010 year of the real!

  • P is actually making word rhymes again. He’ll probably go back to being wack when he gets out.


    @rhyme well if you mean p droppin more shit this year, prolly not, the nigga in jail to sumtime in 2011. im glad he didnt try doin a full album from prison like shyne, shit was wack! i like this cause its themed to his situation AND the recording process! very unique and extremly practical given the situation

  • Dell

    this is straight crack, brought the 7 minutes back 3x, wtf this is the hardest MOBB ish in years. Might be the hardest RAP ish in years too.Makes me want to break out the black fatigues, a Raiders hat and a screw face to match.

  • Masterafa



    gotta love that mobb shit. so fucking grimey and dirty. blood talk at its best. oh what i would give to see these niggas hook back up with Nas again. im bumping this shit all week


    straight fire …hotter than anything that gay azz drake ever spit or put out.

  • trill jackson

    to me it sounded like he shouted out tru life by saying he heard he caught a murder charge and hope he beat it which would be a surprise to me cause p seems like the type to hold a grudge for a long time. also i think he’s a little delusional if he thinks mjs death is gonna make people forget about that summer jam pic but that’s just me

  • Cheeeeeeeech n Chonnnggg

    Dell shut the fuck up you delusional faggot

  • This is dope. I haven’t been feelin’ P since Amerikah’s Nightmare, but this go hard. And that nigga is actually makin’ words rhyme again! This is even better than Shyne’s joint thru tha phone and I’m pretty sure better than Gucci’s whole mixtape thru tha phone….

  • what the fuck?!

    Fuck Mobb Deep!!! R.I.P 2pac

  • bk82

    FREEE P. G UNIT 4 EVER !!!

  • Marc

    This is best verse I heard from P since the Hell on Earth album. That song was so ill with that staticy phone voice sound. Much Respect

  • this reminds me of tiger woods voicemail message to his jumpoff.

  • Download this here (http://alturl.com/rm66) & more , sounds good.

  • Alan Daniel Maman

    lovin this ish right here! Can’t wait for another Mobb album. I hope Havoc can cook up some fire cuz I wasn’t feelin the Kush album too much.


    @dell & EVERBODY else who say they aint heard good mobb shit in years must not have heard about or copped prodigys H.N.I.C.2 which dropped just b4 he went in, it is without a doubt one of the hardest albums put out in the last 5 years, i keep that shit in rotation in my ipod, the beats are so sick you might even be familiar with the beeats as ive heard several of them on various mixtapes ESPECIALLY lloyd banks 5 or better series, he even borrows a few bars and delivery from p on p’s own beats!

  • H.N.I.C. pt. 2

    H.N.I.C. pt.2 best mobb shit since hell on earth

  • SINcere…

    i’m THE BIGGEST SHYNE FAN you gonna find but is he beter then Prodigy??? Nah man…
    Play hell on earth!
    Shyne get it in though i’m glad he’s home and got his $$$$$$$$$… FREE P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FREE P!

  • dashing

    Yeah, it’s great to see P stepping up again. He has his moments of pure genius but then he can phone in verses sometimes. Although, he literally phoned this verse in, it’s one of the dopest thing he’s dropped since Return of the Mac. Tight beat too.

  • qb allday

    Why he say ” now jayzs summerjam picture mean nuffin” is beacuse P was dressed up like M J on that pic… Go get your facts right for you call dunn delusional.
    this joint goes hard
    Free P s the movement

    funny how he talks bout LAKE, “ah thats to bad aah thats so sad HE REMEMBERS SINCE THE PARK HE BETTER FALL BACK”