New Video: Erykah Badu “Window Seat”

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Whoa, where do I begin. Erykah strips down to her birthday suit for her new video, “Window Seat”. And man, What. A. View! The clip was shot in her hometown of Dallas, TX. The ‘X’  at the 5:19 mark is where former President John F. Kennedy was assassinated 47 years ago.


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  • B.Dot

    all of a sudden? nah, its always been there

  • kounterkulture

    Damn Erykah we got kids walking around this neighborhood!

    (side note: who else was unaware of her donk? I couldn’t have been the only one.)

  • coco loco

    damn i never knew she had a fat ass…

  • BE

    At a loss for words right now. She’s always had azz but she always hides it… best video of 2010. Period.

  • Eljoy

    Evolve Or Die!

  • mike

    kounterkulture says:
    Saturday, March 27 2010 at 11:06 AM EST
    Damn Erykah we got kids walking around this neighborhood!

    ^ edutainment homie edutainment

    ps: ” fuck that, call him, Jay Electrolucky ” !

  • bgirl

    Great video and great message.

  • TYBO2020


  • B. Digital

    Erykah Badu does have a nice dunk.. I didn’t know she had it like that.

  • TYBO2020


  • best video of all time. OF ALL TIME.

  • DontMatter

    Annnndddd NOW I see why she be havin these guys all wrapped up,sprung,cooped up in the house wit her and only puttin out music once every few years.Haha.1st-Common,2nd-Andre 3000,3rd-Jay Electronica…….strong woman with a brain,good sense,creative,can sing AND she got a body like this?!?Good lord,I don’t blame ya any more fellas

  • Shawn292

    OK…A lot of shit makes sense now…Amd what was the message of video again?

  • Moose

    And all my homies thought I was crazy for saying she’s fuego diego with a fat banga

  • Some Guy

    @DontMatter Annnndddd NOW I see why she be havin these guys all wrapped up,sprung,cooped up in the house wit her and only puttin out music once every few years.Haha.1st-Common,2nd-Andre 3000,3rd-Jay Electronica…….strong woman with a brain,good sense,creative,can sing AND she got a body like this?!?Good lord,I don’t blame ya any more fellas



  • where the uncut version lol

  • B.Dot

    ps: ” fuck that, call him, Jay Electrolucky ” !


  • mikedreamsmusic

    This is one of the most creative and beautiful videos I’ve ever seen and Erykah definitely is a sight to see; the essence of a black woman in it’s entirety.

    I would have been sprung too…lol.

    “Andre 3000, where is Erykah Badu at?” – Lil Wayne

    Cosign on that UNCUT version. I always knew Erykah was FINE, but she always stayed covered up and quite Afro-Centric with it.

  • Nathaniel


    yes…she has always had that phatty sitting back there. she just never flaunts it. thank you erykah….thank you.


    a black man.

    but yo, the message is so dope. the shot at the end…crazy. unexpecting. and i wonder how she set that shit up…the “set”. all those people around. crazy

  • damn ! she put that outthere like recongnize.. cognitively I RECIEVE IT E. BADU . LET THESE MUTH–[email protected]#$%ERS HAVE IT GIRL. THANK U…( im down)…. been down since “Other side of the game ” or” I want you” so im there …. can i be in the next video? or somethin? damn…………..thank u for the profound comback / video as well.

  • crossover1985

    very creative!!!

  • Deuce Deuce

    damn…..and the song good too lol

  • did not know she had a rotunda wonda ©TopBananas

  • So THIS is what possessed Common to wear crochet pants.

  • Yooo

    The video is great yea, the song is even better. This is like somethin from the 90’s, the best compliment i could give it

  • more ballsy

    but at least erykah is better to look at.

  • Really love this Chick!

  • sway-z

    I can’t believe these dudes wasn’t paid, how the fuck Badu walk around like that and not one person act out of pocket? Then again, she kind of smart, I ain’t really see no niggas around…

  • 007

    smells like Alanis Morissette, but i like it just because…….

  • Theloneus’s perverted ass memorized that bubble butt’s size. Kidding. But ay tho:

    Wtf happened to creativity????

  • 3rdRail

    _MelG_ says:
    Saturday, March 27 2010 at 6:17 PM EST
    So THIS is what possessed Common to wear crochet pants.


  • Relly

    so damn thick

  • Bobby Brougham

    Man, if I still had my old job I coulda saw it live and direct. I was always around that way. *in my Bernie Mac voice* claudehammercy!

  • B.Dot’s perverted ass memorized that bubble butt’s size. Kidding.
    so, what! *plays video*

  • Den

    Damn she thicker than train smoke! lol I can’t wait for her album

  • james bond

    Greatest video of all time co-sign!!! This has to top thriller, even in this day and age. Michael Jackson wouldn’t have took it all off, nor would any other entertainer, LIKE THIS!!.. I applaud her confidence and will as a lady. It was a message in it if you listened and didn’t just look at that ass (watched 2 times for that!)…dat nigga D’Angelo came close, but not this close yo.

  • heez

    this niccA dee is crazy,but damn

  • Shawn

    I’m bout to watch again….and still don’t know or care about the message in the song…

  • Tony Yayo

    I wish I was that cameraman…damn..

  • L6 amazing. nice video too…

  • L6

    nah i’m frontin daaaaaaaaaaaaamn she got a fat ass!

  • Damn, that was dope. Erykah been had that fatty. Ya’ll woulda saw that on those episodes of Dave Chappelle if u really paid attention. And after all those babies, she’s still fine. I’m def. coppin’ this jus like the 1st one.

  • Jada

    I didn’t know that Erykah had that much booty either. However most of ya’ll perverts are only commenting on her butt and the music being secondary. What is the point of the video if people don’t care about the music just what they see. The video is always supposed to be secondary to the song. That’s how Michael did it and why he was successful. Erykah could have just stripped naked and stood in one place for 4mins and ya’ll still would say the same mess. It was pointless. The only good point was were she was speaking on the end. This is just a way like the white people in the other video to get attention that isn’t well deserved. Erykah was better than this. I know it was making a statement but she could have made the same statement in a porno.

    On another note. Erykah looks like she has booty, however her butt may not be big. The smaller the frame the bigger normal sized things look(Breast, Hands, Penis, Butts, Heads etc…).

  • Hung starts like this actually, but he jumps in te river or something, she gets dome shot, crazy, always knew she had that, just not, that, and today’s math is wisdom build, and she is built like a brick house, i could of used a better metaphor, but what the heck, its Badu

  • Amaru

    What a perfect message from the ass, I feel like break dancing


    @ Tony Yayo

    fuck that, i wish i was Jay Electronica

  • rbx112

    great marketing tacktic…. for all those looking to push out an album jus get naked on camera…

  • rbx112

    …oh and dont forget to put a fake tatto on ur back that reads “evolving”

  • its good article, share with my at


  • 7v5a7

    This sickens me how the black woman flaunts her oversize body in videos…………..SYKE!!!!! Thank you baby for reminding us that the black woman will always be a QUEEN!!! (3000,Common,The D.O.C., & Jay Electronica I understand why she had y’all in a trance)

  • LOL

    That ass, them lips and those eyes yum.

  • Nathaniel


    we don’t need no hatin ass black women…hatin on a black woman with class style, message, creativity, artistry…AND CLEARLY A PHAT ASS TOO in here. erykah has it all. she’s always been deep and dope. to accomplish the video, she had to unclothe herself. thats why it’s powerful.

    we’re niggas. we’re men. of course we gon look at that ass (and she knew it) just like you women creamed over that Untitled D’Angelo video. don’t be a hatin ass black woman shawty, you’re better than that, lol straight up. “her ass may not be that phat” <—-fuckouttahere. we bootyologists in this muhfucka haha.

    knowledge + understanding = wisdom. ….GroupThink is what is written in the blue blood at the end niggas. sociologist from europe coined it….she's creating dialogue. what a video…a looker, and a thinker. perfect. lol

  • L6

    well said @Nathaniel jada hatin! her body probly maaaaad wack lol. but on a real i’m a badu fan i love her music and i did get the message n all dat, niggas is just goin gaga over the ass cuz she b in robes n dashikis n shit all the time. if it was beyonce in the video it wouldn’t have been as big a deal cuz she always wearin some skimpy shit.

  • That. Was. Awesome.

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  • 2welve


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  • oh yeahhhh

    that shit was hard! respect.

  • The Noydd

    Daammmmnnnnn Ms. Erykah ass off the sha bonk bonk…

  • Dear Ms.Badu,
    Well…Youve gona and done it..Made History girl.Ive always Loved your Sound,Your style of writing perhaps for some seemingly Sexy,That could be somewhat Shallow.However for us thinkers,Provocative to say the least.Indeed my dear You do Get the Window seat.The world needs to see that there are some Beautiful,Fine young black women out there who are not afraid of who they are and how they where made,Just not satisfied however,with how they are Played,
    Tensil Town has portrayed them as Low down ,slick.God has made them much Bigger than your small Hollywood Minds and Your Pencil Dicks.We Are flourishing in some major aspects of Life Ms ,Badu and You should know that its because of others and You.Who are not afraid to Shed The outer Garments to Reveal the beauty that you wear from within,That Fine Black Skin.
    Ms,Badu,,,Yeah ,Youve Gone and Done it Again…
    Love you Girl.

  • eli

    it either hits or misses with mostly everybody.

    sad that our society cant get a clue even if it handed to them.

    the video is great. album is even better. e excels. and we shall prevail.

    “liberate the minds…then i go on home”

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  • ne_ne

    wow. she walks down the street but naked and no one is even paying attention to her in the video

  • howie1059

    OMG…..she is sooooooo gorgeous! i keep watching it over, and over.

  • Trina

    wow. she’s got some guts. that was amazing.

  • Dre

    DDDAAAMMMNNN show us the raw footage…….

  • ultimate sharingan user


  • Sully

    Girl, this is a powerful statement. I also give you Kudo’s for going bare to make that statement.

    I agree with This was one of the most powerful artistic statements of the last 5 to 10 years.

    although if you was bold enough to do it live, would like to see the Unedited version.

  • oglamba

    I wish I’d been on her grassy knoll, lol.

  • Zona520

    She is so hot!! Luv it! Wish more artist would be that creative!

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  • jennifer

    loved it , there is no one like her. so sad that things go over so many heads.

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  • jammer

    could hear a word .. could only see … why would they fade the pixels …

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  • I love all of Erykah’s songs, especially this one. This was a very bold move. Most would not have the guts. I give it to her. She was sending out a message and got the attention she wanted to capture. I wish her and her family all the best. She is a very confident and talented lady.

  • Uwrite1too

    Say what you will about the marketing strategy behind this video. Say what you will about Badu herself. But NO ONE can say that the younger women that make up the limited “artists” of today’s generation have the self-confidence and high sense of self-worth Badu exihibits in this video and/or her work. Erykah is stunning. Her appeal overall (not just in this video) stems from the confidence and self-realization of her value as a woman. Her beauty is in her talent and the power she has EARNED as a REAL Black woman.

    She is showing us that “naked” doesn’t mean “nasty” or “pornographic”. So what if children saw her naked – what is wrong with a naked human body? Now she’s getting lip-service because a hypocritical society says the human body is unfit for human viewing. The same society that supports a porn industry worth billions of dollars. There was nothing sexual about what she did nor do I believe that was her intent. Individuality and self-assertion begins from the womb, when we are naked and most vulnerable. The nudity is to make us think about ourselves at that moment and how far removed we are from a state of truly loving and valuing ourselves as human beings existing among each other.

    Her ass isn’t “fat” or a “fatty” – it’s the ass of a Black woman. Too many Black women work overtime and spend a lot of money to mold our bodies into acceptance. Too many men today have been (foolishly) admiring the “backsides” of white women, and have forgotten where they come from. Too many of you have been brainwashed to believe that what white women show you is what an ass is supposed to look like. Wake up and live in the land of un-airbrushed women that don’t need weaves and wigs to be perceived by you as beautiful.

    To E. Badu, I say this: GO MA!

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