Drake Debut Album Drops May 25th

Rap-Up got the scoop that Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later will be released on May 25th. So far, confirmed guests include Jay-Z, The-Dream, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Francis and The Light. Hug it out.

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  • firrsssssttt boston stand up

  • Here we go….better live up to the hype drizzy. And be happy B.O.B moved his release date

  • TRUTH!

    Alright Drake

  • mmkayy

    yeaa right.. we’ll see

  • William

    lets hope it sticks he getting crazy spins dont think i ever heard someone getting this much radio play with this amount of different songs not even wayne, idk

  • We’ll see…We-will-see…Don’t let me down Drizzy. I’ve been vouchin’ for u and standin up for ur songs on this blog. Don’t let me down.

  • lup

    going platinum will have nothing to do with luck jimmy. just means a million people are stupid as fuck

  • drake is WHACK!
    He’ll do less than 250K first week

  • Royal

    LMAO @Samsohn…you must be stupid as fuck to think he’s not gonna push more then 250k in a week hahaha…some people are just ignorant.

  • ddave

    This is good news. I hope this doesn’t get pushed back! I hope it gets pushed up! So far it’s Joell Ortiz on May 18th, and Drake on the 25th. That’s a good look for hip hop!

  • Psycho

    250k 1st week

  • bla blue bla

    #b.dot what a gay pic u put up! Is that the only pic of Drake you got?

  • yaboitone aka FIRST KID ON THE WAY!!!!

    ^there are no “nongay” pics of drake.

  • money Mitch

    That’s the funny thing about this site is styles p, CNN, big boi that’s real rap and they have no comments and a drake post goes up and immediately there’s comments all over it lol

  • nick

    i just hope that his whole album doesnt leak before so we can see how many he REALLY sells

  • @royal…i’m ignorant? naw, i just don’t want to buy a rap album by a industry implant who sings half the time, and neither jigga nor weezy can save him…i don’t doubt he’ll be the tool of rap for the next few years, but he’s just not a good rapper

  • Little bit of news for people…..the only people who like Drake, are people like us on the net……and guess what? People don’t albums anymore…maybe ya’ll didn’t know this.

    Hey Drake, thought the album was gonna be called Octobers Own? guess when it drops in the summer, that idea got thrown out the window.

    OH boy, a whole album about women, cars and parties….we haven’t heard that before.

  • lol your right tho Samsohn , he was supposed to be the “next thing”, but he can’t even put out an album on time….he has co signs from the two of the hottest out at the time, and he still won’t sell good……he can’t rap, and he can’t sign….he’s all hype and no talent.

  • ya

    @Jhooka506 apparently ur lost homie and u neva step out of ur house cuz drakes biggest fanbase is the best fanbase for a major artist: teen girls. unlike most of y’all ”hip hop heads” they actually buy albums, which is why drake so far gone ep is almost goin gold when the shit wus given away for FREE for almost a yr b4 the ep came out

    trust, sellin the album is the least of his problems… ”See wut he do wit it” (c) Jay-Z

  • comedyjunky youre dumb if you think B.o.B has any chance hell in outselling Drake. Drakes had like 7 radio smashes since the summer and B.o.B has one single with a tiny bit of buzz.

  • damn….yall hate like crazy. If you don’t like Drake why even post here? Whats the point in posting a comment just to flat out hate on a dude, not even trying to disguise it? Bitter ass losers acting like even if he did sell 250K its a failure in the current hip hop album market. Smarten up dunnies.

  • Drake is a devil worshiping piece of trash.

  • Leaving my house would have nothing to do with Drake, he has an internet buzz, as far as radio singles….people don’t listen to the radio…they download songs to there MP3 players, and go on youtube….its 2010.I seen him on Degrassi too, that was in my house and on my TV.

    Didn’t Freeway have Jay-Z and 50 Cent produce his album? didn’t really lead to any success , ask Bleek how a Jay-Z co sign/collabo can get you?

    lol @ ya, you sound like a teenage girl yourself…………no one gives a fuck about Drakes wack ass little love ballads and back ground less lyrics….dude is a child tv star, not a rapper.

    It’s not hate when it’s based on Facts YA, it’s called the truth.

  • OhSyx

    Jhooka you don’t know what you’re talking about. Drake has way more than an internet buzz, and the radio still dictates what the majority listen to. Even if you were right, look at Drake’s youtube hits.

    Since when do Jay-Z or 50 produce?

    If no one gives a fuck about Drake, why do his posts get more comments than anyone else? I’m not saying that means he’s good, but you can’t say no one cares.

  • Broke Iz A Disease

    What’s the problem? The boy can’t make a good album on his own? First records can only be “classics” if the artist doesn’t have too many guests. See Illmatic. New artists had to earn tyhey rep on their own merit. Now a dude just has to be cosigned to be major. Fuck outta here.

  • Royal

    @Jhooka….people on this blog hate drake, this is the capital of HateDrakeCountry…and most of the people who even comment on this shit dont buy albums…all the hiphop heads dont buy albums…all of you guys go crazy for slaughter house and “lyricists” but dont even cop the album when it drops. Majority of the people who buy albums are the people who are cruising the streets not paying attention to this Blog shit…and Drakes fan base extends way beyond blogs, turn on ur radio.
    @Samsohn…..you gotta be realistic, if his mixtape sold 75K in the first week after being free for so long what makes u think he’ll only sell 250K, i know u want this kid to fail but damn u need to chill…that hate will kill yah lol.

  • yo

    evern if it sells 250 first week that still more then 50 lil wayne or alot of rappers first week number

  • leftsidewest

    Fuck Drake, he’s sweet like a cup cake! Anybody else tired of the industry pushing this weak ass chump? The big wigs aka the Jews are forcing Aubrey down our throats, think for yourselves people! Don’t follow the crowd, be a leader.

  • LOL

    Stupid fucks worrying about 1st week sales instead of potentially good fuckin music. Why are you worried? Did you produce on the album? Did you write? Do you have some kind of royalties or stake in this album? Why are you forecasting sales?? You concerned about which region he’ll sell best in since he’s from Canada? You worried they aimed the single at the wrong target group? You on edge hoping the video translates to a visual that will crossover to a suburban fanbase? You ensuring that Drake has all the front end caps at best buys and targets nationwide? LOL fuckin people I swear.

  • Ohsyx,

    Just because someone gets comments on a blog, doesn’t mean there going to be successful…..
    As for your youtube hit comments……Last time i checked, a cat with its head stuck in a box or some shit will gets millions of hits…..so this is how ur gonna prove to people he’s got talent?

    Jay-Z & 50 Cent both worked on the Freeway album,look it up..

    Let me see, what else is a contradiction….50 Cent has is his own blog/website….when there is something about 50 posted here…well to say the least comments on a blog don’t mean your gonna sell records.

    co sign broke IZ a diseases 200%, Nas was unknown back then….just a kid, and he made a classic album…I read on this blog actually that Drake “studies Nas”, well who did Rakim Study? who did Nas study? etc??? Drake is no Nas, not in background,lyrics,flow,character,talent or anything….so keep on studying.

    PS…The people out buying albums & “cruising the streets” are going to want to listen to Drake and his radio friendly love ballads……say he does well on the abum, sales wise and critic wise, what the fucks he gonna keep rapping about? He rapped about females, money and making it….well now he probly has all 3, what the fucks he gonna talk about??????

  • well LOL….why do you care about all that shit?

    HIs music fucking sucks….that’s what most of are talking about, if I wanted pop music i’d go buy a Britney record, or a Justin Bieber record..

    Drake isn’t Hip Hop….so go listen to your little bubble gum pop records about crushes and shit…I’m gonna bump some real shit…lol..

    Stupid Kids.

  • Royal

    ^ I just find it interesting to see what people post on this, its funny to me actually. The thing is not about worrying but more as to stating facts and being involved in a subject matter…when u discuss something are u honestly into the subject matter or just commenting for the sack of it? and love picking out people idiotic statements. I dont only involve myself in topics just because i care but more for just the sake of it. If i state how many record this guy is gonna push first week is because i fucking want to not because im worried u dumb fuck.

  • Royal

    Lmao…im not gonna say much nemore actually im getting a little tired of hating comments just open ur minds..not hip hop? first of all define it…second of all im sure nas learned from previous rappers as a kid and so did jay…thats why people have influences..i bump everything from “real shit” to commercial shit….if u dont remember after kanyes’ first album he said that he didn’t even know what he was going to write on his next album or think he could because he used so much material for the college drop out….and now look at him, its called evolving…please educate urself..AND IM OUT,

    Thank me later

  • Clark

    too many haters who have nothing intelligent to say…

  • Hip Hop is about being true to yourself, being real (as in not a lie), speak on things you have first hand knowledge of…..respect the past, but make your own trends……don’t follow the trends (as in Drake an auto tune & signing to Weezy)……Making every song you do about females and making it….I don’t see that as being Hip Hop.

    How can you compare someone who has produced for multiple people, has a few albums out…to Drake? Royal, Drake is not Kanye.

    Yes, Nas & Jay-Z studied some what, but did they have a 100’s of artists to follow the lead from? no, they did not.Nas was an unknown….Jay-Z , well fuck…no one would even sign him, he had to do his own thing.What happened from that? a million rappers with there own companies. Please stop comparing Drake, a guy with no album out to living legends with discographies.

    If Drake does well, all the power to him…wish the guy the best….but his music has no substance to it, and even his biggest stans know this.

  • People can’t ever handle the truth…..lol

  • Dashing

    I’m not a big Drake fan…

    But, what’s with all the hate? It’s obvious from the number of comments that he gets every time a story mentions his name that he WILL sell well. People like to talk about him. People like to hate. People like to defend him. And all of the haters will have his album (whether legally or illegally) so they can be the first to say “See? I told you that shit was gonna be wack. He’s nothing but hype.” completely failing to realize the irony that in continuing to hate on him they feed more into his hype.
    He’ll also sell well because he has a built in fanbase from Degrassi, has a huge female fanbase, and he was on 3 #1 records the past year. Yeah, and the Wayne and Jay co-sign doesn’t hurt either.

  • Pause Police

    ^^^^ Yep. I worked with Drake back in 08 and didnt know shit about him to be honest other than he was working with Surf Cub. MY girl at the time FREAKED out though, she was like “OMG Aubrey!?!?”.

  • LOL

    Fear isn’t hip hop? When he bodied Kanye’s Say You Will isn’t hip hop? Successful isn’t hip hop? Why bc he’s honest? Bc he sings? lol fuck outta here

    LOL bitches

  • Yooo

    So how about a Relapse 2 release date now?????

  • Mokh

    Hey everybody, i trullly believe that b.o.b is a better artist than drake… just wanted to share my opinion, don’t hate on it!

  • Now I hopin that this album doesn’t get pushed bak after releasin a potential May release

  • iceyjesse

    drake’s album will sell more than b.o.b but i think b.o.b’s album will be better. And any news on eminem’s album if its releasing in may like the last one?

  • J Hooka you dont have a damn clue what you’re talking about. Radio dictates sales not blogs. Ask Lady Gaga. People who blow up on blogs don’t sell records cuz their buzz is based around an audience of people who know how to download their music easily without facing a penalty.

    Comparing Freeway to Drake is unbelievable. I don’t care if 50 worked with Freeway (50’s last album BRICKED by the way) and I don’t care if Jay-Z worked with Freeway. Freeway wasn’t getting radio rotation in the slightest. What cut from that album could you ever hear when you turned on your radio? none. Has Freeway EVER been marketable? No. Why? Flow, voice, content, etc. Basically everything about Free is the opposite of marketable. Drake is pretty much the exact opposite.

    He’s had since August: Best I Ever Had, Successful, You’re The One, Money To Blow, Invented Sex, Forever, Over. Name me one artist with 7 radio smashes since the Summer. That’s unbelievable success. You really think Drake is about to flop?

    Second, Music is music period. You’re not any better of a person for digging Immortal Technique more than Miley Cyrus. If people want to listen to a record about girls why can’t they? What are you gay? Give me a song like that that I can relate to, not a song about people telling me they used to sell coke, or they’re popping their guns. At the end of the day its personal preference.

    Which brings me to my final point. Stop acting like Drake doesn’t have hip hop talent. Its his debut album and his flow is better than half the cats who have been in the games over 5 years. On top of that, his debut single had Dead Prez homages in it. Come on, you’re going to hate on a dude for being too bubblegum when he pays homage to Dead Prez in his first album single? Blasphemous. He stays in his own lane and is real with himself and makes good records thats why damn near every respectable person in the game has co signed or showed love to Drake.

    There’s a difference between acknowledging that someone’s music isn’t for you, and straight up hate. A lot of you fall into the latter. Drake isn’t even my favorite NEW ERA artist let alone favorite artist, but god damn can you let the guy drop a single album before you hate the on the dude this heavy?

  • One more thing….

    Since when does having a successful life prior to rap mean you can’t string words together and make them sound dope? Ignorance. What, you can’t rap if you don’t tote a 9? Get out of here, that’s bullshit. Its 2010 you better get used to artists being more honest about their upbringing and hip hop changing, its getting a whole lot less gangster.

    I don’t care if Steve from Blues Clues is on a record. “If its hot its hot the hating is undeniable stop it.”

  • dashadyonee1

    i cant wait ; nd i thought he was doin anotha callbo wid eminem

  • Mr tetly tea hit it on the nose.

  • Truth_City

    Lol they juss posted the release date for the album and everybody juss went in lol, wow smh

  • Tony Yayo

    fuck all you. drake is dope. “over” was tight. stop hatin on the dude cuz he was blown up by Young Money. I hope he doesn’t go young money on the album, but you cant say he doesnt have skill and his music blows. Stop hatin on him. YOU are ALL the ppl he talks about in his songs. SMH

  • So Icy Boi!

    Drake my nigga …but he aint gonna do a milli in a week or 750k or 500k his buzz is short

  • OhSyx


    You can’t just take half of my sentence and use that to argue with me. You said no one cares about drake, I said he gets mad comments/youtube hits. I clearly said, THAT DOESN’T MEAN HE’S GOOD, but it means people care.

    Now on that note, how can you say there’s no substance. He makes club records, sure, but he also raps about real-life shit and doesn’t exaggerate. You don’t have to go through a ghetto struggle to have substance to your music. Drake represents the average kid and raps about every-day issues

  • 50 Cent

    Fuck @ Tony Yayo, nigga you suppose to say im the hottest shit right now, it’s like that?

  • Gotta agree with OhSyx, Drake knows how to churn out club hits, but at the same token he is also lyrically talented. (see Fear)

  • Clark

    Fear isn’t hip hop? When he bodied Kanye’s Say You Will isn’t hip hop? Successful isn’t hip hop?

  • nyallday


    you really need to get off the internet and go outside
    drake is getting played everywhere

  • Drucifer

    I still say the kid will not go more than platinum, still good for these days but he aint the messiah or nuthin, he aint gonna save hip hop

  • pr0b






    …..dont ask how i know … just know that i know : )

  • kallywood

    Drucifer says:
    Monday, March 29 2010 at 5:59 PM EST
    I still say the kid will not go more than platinum, still good for these days but he aint the messiah or nuthin, he aint gonna save hip hop


    So far gone was a free mixtape out for about a year before he put on the EP in stores and THAT sold 400K..in these times of album sales and download that shit might as well be triple platinum. Thank me later will go platinum.

  • who

    As I listen to “Its Been a Pleasure” (Jeezy x Drake, circa 2010)….

    Yeaaaa, Drake is going to win with the new album. Dude can put the hooks together something serious…

    As Weez say: “and we gone be alright if we put Drake on every hook”


  • Okdoagg

    Clark says:
    Monday, March 29 2010 at 5:41 PM EST
    Fear isn’t hip hop? When he bodied Kanye’s Say You Will isn’t hip hop? Successful isn’t hip hop?

    How is that not hiphop?

  • Flaco

    @ J Hooka

    I hate stupid people. I hate haters even more…but to be a stupid hater…Damn!! Dont you feel your blood boiling with all that hate?? You say rap is about being true to yourself…so a middle class Jewish boy from Upper T Dot rapping/singing about love, ambitions and struggles is false?? I guess he would be real if he came from the hood and talked about nothing except crack and crackheads. Get the fuck outta here. Oh, one more thing. 50 and Jay EXECUTIVE PRODUCED Free’s LP, which basically means they didnt do shit but listen to every song he made for the LP and approve it or not…You say Jay did his own thing when he cdnt get signed…and Drake didnt??? He made his own lane by actually singing AND rapping…(something loads of people have tried and failed at before…like Tyrese/Black Ty). His EP, which had no major features and no well recognised producers (unless you’re from the Dot) actually got him nominated for two Grammies. Give praise where its due. Your ignorance gets all the more disturbing when you say dumb shit like nas didnt have a 100 rappers to listen to. So i guess, Public Enemy, Slick Rick, EPMD,Roxanne Shante didnt exist…get the fuck outta here. Youdont know shit about hip hop. You;re just one of those fools who thinks its cool to listen to ‘hardcore’ shit, so you class every other thing as bullshit. Go get a diploma or sumn…Fucken hater.

  • reason

    drake won’t sell, jhooka?

    first of all we all know that most harcore hip hop fans aren’t regulars at music stores, yall r rippin’ tracks off the one copy one of ya boys got.

    the current most lucrative market is the teen market(boys and girls).if your not a believer look at miley cyrus and the like. They sales be puttin’ harcore rappers to shame jhooka. and you seem like the naive type to me. you buy into the image a rapper has rather than the quality of their music, just ‘cos he was raised in middle class home got a decent education and was on a teen drama don’t mean he wack,likewise just ‘cos a rapper got a billion tats’, probably owns a piece and came from tha hood don’t mean he can rap for sh*t. these days lookin’ hard(pause) and havin’ a rough upbringing seems to automatically make a dude a good rapper.

  • cam

    @ohsyx– drake doesn’t represent the average kid. theres nothin average about drakes life up to this point. he grew up on tv. he was an actor for the canadian version of saved by the bell (degrassi). i think drakes music is dope but hes definitely going to run out of shit to talk about. he’s eventually going to lack substance but it wont matter cuz he’ll make r&b tracks for the ladies and he’ll still be on the radio which will make him relevant for many years to come

  • Turry

    its amazing how much hate Drake gets.

    people will never appreciate greatness til its (So Far) gone.

  • lup

    ^ or we don’t appreciate industry puppets being shoved down our throats. at least not while there are actual artists who will never get their rightfully deserved shine.

  • Really! Think…Please!

    I love you J Hooka!!

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