Jay-Z & Dr. Dre Track On The Way ?

Sometimes rap news comes from the most unlikely sources. E! News correspondent Michael Yo claims that a new Dr. Dre and Jay-Z song will soon be released. Not sure if it’s from Detox or uptempo. Only time will tell if Mr. Yo is right.


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  • April Fools Day….

  • No I Aint

    Naw, I gotta see it to believe it

  • hope this shit is true

  • I agree with EGHCK. Who the fuck is this Michael character

  • Truth_City


  • No way this is detox right?…..I mean right?? Right???? Ahhh I hope it’s detox lol

  • Oj Da Cornball

    nothing for Detox is coming.

    The guy started a rumor just to get everybody to follow him by asking him question.

    LOL. Yall gullible.

  • llll

    I think this is true, remember back in 2009, dre had an interview and told jay-z to holla…so i think they did a multiple records…but i don’t think it would be out next week!!

  • shady50

    God please be for Detox. That album will go down in history as the best rap album ever once it drops. Dre better put it out before his hair turns gray.

  • Moose

    Honestly, Hov has the look of the realization that he’s recording with someone older than him. Shocking, but i’d still prefer this rather Wakka Fluck.

  • H.N.I.C. pt. 2

    Damn dre look old as fuck! jay look like he got a sour taste in his mouth, must be all the new niggas asses that he keeps riding for popularity. I REALLY HOPE the first detox record aint with jay, it would ruin it, jay production and flow are as good as ever but his lyrics have gotten stupid. plus where da fuck dey at where jay gonna ware a tux with a bow tie and dre wearin a motherfuckin track jacket, this nigga needs a stylist lol

  • ctg
  • shady50

    That’s the song Still D.R.E.

  • petey

    Jay z wrote it.

  • Jdak

    Listen every body listen I have figured it out through some simple thinking that was easy cause all the signs were so easy to see (kinda) but the song that is coming out is eminem ft cashis , dr dre , jay-z , and 50 cent … It is a cover up they dnt want to let it out that it’s gonna e the eminem relapse 2 leak they want the surprise afftect or effect idk lol but wutever this is jus a thought because cashis was recently talking about this song in a interview n this guy from e says “interscope is buzzing about it” so he prob got a direc statement from them n they r not gonna ruin the surprise … And detox isn’t coming out untill nov 2012 this is way to early for a single they need this song for em n cashis they need some buzz right now ok I’m done

  • ctg

    @shady50 the preview is courtesy of April Fools Recordings, a little known Interscope subsidiary.

  • Broad Street Bully

    DARKAQUA says:
    Monday, March 29 2010 at 9:14 PM EST


    LMFAO forreal. we all heard of it but has anyone ever seen it?!

  • shady50

    Ok, lol. I get it. Anyway, I hope this is true. It possibly could be that song with Em, 50, Dre, Jay, and Cashis on it or it could just be a whole different song. Or it could be a April Fool’s joke.

  • llll

    @ Jdak………….that song ur talkin about is on cashis debut album…hopefully its true!!

  • P

    This is coming from a Dre fan, but I just don’t know how Detox could ever live up to expectations.

    On a happier note…..Joell said on Invasion Radio that he & E1 are straight now, Free Agent album due in May. Also, Mr. Ortiz PUNISHED the “I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy” beat. RR please post some audio.

  • Dan

    This shit doesn’t exist. Remember that supposed Empire State of Mind remix with Nas that was supposed to come out?

  • money Mitch

    Dre never plans to put this album out just keeps his name/dick in ur mouth wondering what he’s gonna do. So he is always relevant and on minds of hip hop fans

  • Post no billz

    Thats whats up.ill be lookin for that. Hov and dre have made good shit together…”still a d.r.e”.”the watcher 2″..and the shit they did for kingdom come was dope and that was jays worst album.

  • bhikku

    Thanks..#24 dre and jay has ALWAYS beem lackluster

  • zee

    its on torrents already.. the single is pretty shit

  • jitty


  • SMH

    I seriously hope it ain’t that dance track… Last time I heard Dre at the top of his game was on Busta’s “Big Bang”.

  • Memo

    Yes sir, I thought I was the only one! The production on that album was so dope and moody. I think Dre lost the drive to make music after that album cuz it seemed like he put a lot into it, but it didn’t sell well unfortunately. Peace

  • I’ve heard a couple of cuts from Detox. Everyone will be pleasantly surprised!

  • koch

    You’re full of shit Jorge.

  • dman

    “dont worry bout that detox album we gon make dre do it”..ermm u sure?

  • Markoni

    I for one think Detox might be around the corner, Interscope knows how to make a good marketing plan and does it get any better(marketing-wise) than Dre feat Jay Z. Only Dre feat Eminem is better but they’re probably saving that for later.

  • ill_uminated

    Well he was in L>A over the weekend for that BP3 tour…

  • SMH

    @ Memo : You’re right, and the loss of his son might be a reason too…

  • dman

    http://twitter.com/EmiNeM <<< eminem says big news soon single maybe?

  • Dashing

    @memo and @smh Co-sign “The Big Bang” production was sick, especially the joint with Stevie and the joint with Rae.

    Hopefully this collabo, if it’s real, is better than Dre and Jay’s collabos on Kingdom Come. “Trouble” was not tight. “30 Something” and “Lost Ones” we’re aight but not what you’d expect from a Jay/Dre collabo. I’ll wait til it comes out before I get excited.

  • mac DIESEL



  • Carl Weston

    this cd is never coming out..Dre looks like an old fuck!!!

  • dman

    @carl weston yeah humans usually do that

  • az5lyrics

    hov the g.o.a.t

  • :(:(:(

    Relapse 2 after Detox???


  • Sleepy
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