New Video: Kelis “Acapella”

[vodpod id=Video.3328077&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Kelis is exploring with a new sound and look with her upcoming set, Flesh Tone. In fact, check out her new video, “Acapella” for further proof. Just Blaze probably won’t approve.


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  • boom


  • SilkCityP

    I guess this bitch can make crappy songs like this all she wants when she is getting paid $50K a month… SMH

  • Lay

    Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the video and the lil cameo from Knight.
    How sweet!



  • Never Scared

    Video is ok…but this song is the most whackest shit ever coming from her! Kelis looks foolish as usual!

  • Money Mitch

    nas stays losing..

  • TRUTH!

    @money mitch…only a loser ass nigga could come up with something so original! This weak ass joke is lame !

  • nina

    Really creative visually. Great video. Dope way to comeback.

  • BK



  • Teddy

    this is where all of nas child support money is going into all of a sudden she has a new video

  • y’all say the song is wack…but i BETCHA Beyonce or Lady Gaga or Rihanna comes out wiith some shit, y’all will eat it up like it’s the best thing in the world…Kelis has been the originator on this bs movement wit the female singers out now…

  • Peaches

    The song isn’t wack at all and this video is stunning. The song really well written. It’s about her son. I guess people feel like they have to be Nas warriors though lol This is a rap site so I expect that.

  • rbx112

    oh great….. this is all we need…. everyone is losing their fucking mind. first erykah badu.. now this?!? its no wonder these bitches stay single.

  • LOL whackness

    Kelis can barely hold a fucking note how can this bitch be the originator of anything! kelis stans are delusional this will be another flop added to her resume while Rihanna, Gaga and Beyonce and Alicia continue to sell out arenas while kelis stay performing at the gay and lesbian local clubs! Nas don’t have warriors he has a steady fan base…that is what talented artists have!

  • Da

    i dont know, but i really dont like this woman.

  • Dan

    Fuck this bitch.

  • Bjack

    I think its funny that so many of you think she’s wack, yet plenty of people have stole her swag (see Rhianna for an example). I’ve never been a real fan, but she’s leaks creativity like no chick in the game, and she was “different” when different was catchy.

    She’s not my cup of tea, but some of these comments are outrageous.

  • Bjack

    ^ When is WASN’T catchy.

  • Real talk

    @ LOL whackness

    Ummmmm She is already no.1 in the dance charts, so whats your point?
    I’m also sure she isn’t putting music out to impress you. Kelis has always beaten her own drum.
    Good that Nas does have fans as they need to buy his albums instead of downloading his shit all the time.
    Note: Not every artist is about conquering the world and making numbers. Some artist believe in creativity and feeling the music.

  • Chris

    Flaunting the kid now?

  • Money Mitch

    Shit nas is in my top 3 for sure, but it has to kill him to see his child’s mother act like a second rate gaga or any other bitch goin for some over the top bullshit, she was wearing a tramps uniform talkin bout her milkshake, shes tryin to bite the style of successful pop acts thats all im sayin damn nas personal defenders on this site

  • Peaches

    When did Gaga do a video dressed in tribal gear? The “successful pop acts” you speak of bit the style of Kelis, so how is she copying? Kelis has been doing over the top bullshit over a decade.

  • cuhZAMM

    @Money Mitch
    Bitch n!gga kill urself.
    Kelis been doing this shit b4 Gaga was even famous. WTF is wrong with u misinformed ppl?! hahaha

  • Really

    This video is so unoriginal we have seen this tribal theme in countless videos…Kelis team is reaching with the original claim!

    Kelis’ PR team needs a better campaign instead of trying make it seem like Kelis mothered Rihanna /Gaga when she has never had the success to influence anyone! It seems that Gaga/Rihanna is more influenced by Madonna, Grace Jones and Cyndi Lauper than the “one hit wonder” Kelis! How can Kelis influence someone when her entire career is a FAILURE!!!!!?????? It would seem more reasonable to believe that Rihanna and Gaga modeled their careers after successful artists like Garce jones, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna not a failure like Kelis!

  • bgirl

    I dig this, actually.

  • Real talk

    Haters always gonna hate. Nas aint gonna save ya.
    He has child support to pay up for his 2 kids!!!!

  • The Realest

    Sooo lets have a little Kelis trendsetting 101. All the fresh, young, hot and new chicks that are drippin wit swag in the industry right now for their weird looks (outside of beyonce) have all taken a lil somethin from Kelis.

    Example 1) Teyana Taylor. I love Teyana for her style and her looks alone make ppl stare (which is why she is still relevant on blogs yet no music). However, Kelis was the ORIGINATOR of the huge giant curly fro joint (which has now become teyana’s trademark) which was debuted over 10 years ago in 1999 wit her first album. Not to mention, Kelis is from Harlem. Back then niggas didnt know her name but def knew who she was via the hair (just watch Milkshake).

    Example 2) Rihanna. When she was still trying to figure out who she wanted to be (b4 her “rockstar epiphany”) and was battling between being dancehall or a pop princess as she swung her long locks on the screen in SOS (not to mention, this was also when the world was hell bent on jackin Beyonce’s swag by throwing every industry chick in office high heels and a ruffled skirt), Kelis came thru wit the whole super high fashion threads, louboutin heels, the ill short asymmetrical haircut, rockstar attitude and funky shades that practically now defines the new rihanna (Peep the entire package design, promo, and videos from the “Kelis Was Here” joint. In which that album did exactly what the titled said. She left her mark… and that mark is RiRi. Sidebar: That Halle/Toni Braxton throwback cut riri rocked came after and were merely styles derived from the original cut rirhanna debuted with… that was the cut Kelis had.

    Example 3) Cassie. This chick used to be the girl next door on her first album. Now she is this “daring” individual who wears supper short skirts and doesn’t give a f*ck. She made the net go bonkers when she cut all her hair off on one side and ppl started to think she lost it. However, Kelis back in 06/07 did the same cooky sh&t when during her later live performances for “Kelis Was Here”, ppl started noticing she was shedding the rihanna cut and was goin in a very bizarre direction as she started shavin her head and dang near makin herself look like a crazed cancer patient in a dress. And although it was some shit girls wouldnt dare do to their heads, it was still lookin right on Kelis.

    Example 4) GaGa. I wont even go too heavy into this one simply because I just find the comparisons hilarious, From jump Kelis’s whole motto was fuck the world and what the industry thinks. She was all about the art (which is why she kept getting the door shut on her concerning becoming a household name). She had been rockin the alexander Mcqueen shit b4 the industry was even ready for him and was still concerned with Gucci and Prada. She been doing weird ass vids that make niggas scratch their heads and press rewind (Take a look at 1999’s “Get Along With You” vid) and the left field makeup choices (take a look at Angie Martinez’s vid “Take You Home” or any other vid kelis has done or was featured in.

    Example 5) Amber Rose. This girl is all about shades, legging and shoe game. Just take a quick browse at some of the photo shoots Kelis did back in 06.

    LONG STORY SHORT, KELIS IS AHEAD OF HER TIME AND THAT IS WHY SHE NEVER SEEMS TO GET HER BIG BREAK BECAUSE SHE DOES THINGS WHEN THE WORLD ISN’T READY. WATCH WHAT THIS FLESHTONE ALBUM DOES… 3 years from now everybody gone be saying “fuck rnb/pop” and gon b makin dance albums… and no not shit wit hints of techno, the whole 9.

    Read more: Necole New Video: Kelis – Acapella

  • hendrixmcflyy

    this bitch is crazy…no sympathy for nas…he had to see it comin….i was in the same situation fly bitch, knew she was crazy still fukd raw ..lapse of judgement…im done

  • Kelis $5000 weave debt!

    Instead of Kelis’ (10) fans trying to talk about what somebody has to pay and and these other artists who DIDN’T copy her style…why don’t the try to convince her to pay for her year old weave that she can’t afford!?

    TMZ:Kelis — Spanked Over $5,000 Hair Job:

    Kelis just got smacked over a $5,000 hair weave. Yes folks, 3 zeroes
    Kelis got the weave at a fancy schmancy Santa Monica salon back in May 2009 but, according to legal docs, the singer never coughed up the dough.

    This morning, the stylist showed up for the trial, but Kelis didn’t … so the judge entered a default judgment for the full amount.

    No word if Kelis will ask for an extension from the court.

  • it is hard out here

    It is pretty sad when an 11 year vet like Kelis has to constantly have her team/fans go on blogs to covince those of her uniqueness because she is and never was hot enough to be a successful in her prime and now she is 30 years old and trying to compete with 20 year old SUCCESSFUL young ladies! Madonna would never have to try this had to prove herself…poor Kelis is a FAILURE @ everything!

  • it is hard out here

    try this hard^^^