J.Cole & Nipsey Hussle Respond To Jae Millz

Yesterday, Jae Millz’ gripes over the selection of XXL‘s Freshmen class caused a firestorm on the ‘Net. Today, Jermaine responded in a sit-down with Mikey Fresh, and says Millz is entitled to his own opinion, but knows where he stands. However, below his classmate, Nipsey wasn’t so kind.


Update: Gangsta Gibbs chimes in too.

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  • YouKnowMe

    Jae Millz wasnt good enuff to get Cheesecake for Diddy HA! His album is coming out after lil Twist January 32nd 3035

  • LOL

    Gracefully back pedal Millz 60’s haha

  • Tiiz


  • Boom

    Trill Shit! Jae Millz ain’t gon make it. Let’s be honest…no one was talkin bout Millz until Wayne saved him from drowning in 3 feet of the game. Gtfoh! Hussle and Cole in da houuuuse!

  • Joe H

    You can hear Nas and Damian Marley’s “As We Enter” in the background.

  • Why Nipsey so quick to respond to Millz but not Cube. *scratches head*

  • koa29

    Lol..i dont think Jae Millz is bad, he’s better than that joke nigga OJ Juiceman…. dude just never had a solid team beyond him.. but yeah, rapping for 10 years and not dropping? thats a problem

  • Trouble

    What Up Nipsey!! Nigga Shoot a Flintstone Video & Let The Shit Go to His Head!!

    All Money IN!!!

    Fuc a bloggER- Nigga This Real Talk!!!kdj

  • Da Business

    LMAO @ Nipsey Hussle, he basically said FUCK that nigga Millz lol. I c Cole taking the pc route. I feel ya tho, if Millz wasn’t man enough to say names than no need to feed into it.

  • Nathaniel


    cuz cube wasn’t talking about nipsey. millz was. duh nigga

  • That nigga Millz better watch his mouf. He JUST started to get hot again and that’s ONLY because of Wayne. He aint even got the same fanbase from the early 2000’s. Nigga, u have teenybopper fans and white ppl that listen to those bullshit ass Young Money songs as ringtones and in the club. They prolly don’t even know who tha fuck u are…The only niggaz that shouldn’t have been on that cover honestly are OJ of course and that nigga Donnis. He’s jus anutha typeical annoying ass ATL rapper with no real substance. Everybody else is that TRUTH…

  • King JuggaNott

    Hmmmmmm. LOL…out of all of those guys on the cover. Which one has a chance to sell records….or be successful? Really….I’m being serious. Who?

  • Da Business

    Cole will do #’s maybe not like Drake, but he will make a splash when he drop. Shit outside of Drake he has the biggest buzz in the game right now.

  • dannidavito

    @ [email protected]!: hmmmm to bad millz ain’t from ATL! he from NYC just like Wacka Flocka is! Niggas come down to the A tryna get on cuz thats where its at right now. I bet you aint gonna be saying that shit when T.I. drop his album or Outkast so stop hatin on the A!

  • King JuggaNott

    @Da Business….I’m feeling J. Cole, but I don’t really see star potential in any of them. None of them really stand out. Is talent in there? Yes…they have some talented guys.

    Hip Hop needs some new characters, but one thing that Hip Hop needs to correct is X’ing out all of the Legends. I mean why is Hip Hop the only genre that just fade out our Best Artists? How can groups like the Rolling Stones put out music through the years and basically tour non stop. Hip Hop artists have to release albums like every year, and as soon as they get older they just get faded out like Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Scarface, Eight Ball and MJG, Too Short.

    The journalist need to get their act together and keep those guys in the loop too. We need those legends, we are too quick to look for the next big thing. If they are the next big thing you wouldn’t have to look. We are too eager to break a new artist when they are underdeveloped and trash.

  • nyg718

    jcole,nipsey hussle….s/o kendrick lamar!

  • Will


    Man Nipsey Is from a H60D that Cube grew up at there aint no way Cube was talking about Nipsey shit them Niggas Might have a relationship and everything Shit Cube has one of the best H60d Songs in the world “Friday” and he was roccing the Teal S-Dome so its no reason for Nipsey to feed into that Neither was it Jay Rocc nobody shouldve got in that cube post becuz Cube didnt say New West he said Local West Coast Artist you dont have to be New to Be Local

    I wonder Why Jay Rocc aint came out and said Something Shit he wanna Jump bad at a Legend from his Coast who was 99-100 percent not even referring to him instead of a nigga Thats sign to Wayne Label which is a 50% chance of him referring to Jay Rocc

    If Jay Rocc dont answer in the same retrospect he responded to Cube I lose all Respect for Jay Rocc becuz Jae Millz is being more specific its a million new west and local la rappers its only ten niggas on that cover so if Jay Rocc dont answer how Nipsey Answered then Cuz Lose his pass as a rep

    Shout out to My Nigga Nipsey Hussle eventho he is not 1 of them 5 he is standing up for them niggas becuz a nigga who has supposedly had a deal for 10 years should not be referring to any nigga that is called a freshman rookie or a nigga who is about to have a debut period if you ten years strong and the only thing you have to show for it is two songs and leeching off another’s artist success you dont deserve to talk about any artist

  • Will

    and at the niggas saying that the guys on the cover cant sell records

    by them being on that cover they have a better chance than Millz does thats the point just becuz you have 1 dollar more than a nigga dont make you rich cuz

    then its just the bitch way Jae Millz went about he said a number but no names cuz str8 Bitch Made right there

  • Da Business

    @ JuggaNott

    I c where ur comin’ from, that’s y we need cats like Jay-Z to continue to do what he does. Niggas like to hate on him for still goin’ hard fo’ his, but it’s gr8 for our culture. He’s hip hop’s U2 or a Rolling Stones if u will. The problem is not just the fan or the journalist, the artist has to take responsibility also. U can’t expect the fan to continue to support u if u refuse to reinvent urselves. Anyway, that’s a whole other topic.

    As far as J.Cole is concern, I do feel that he has that it factor. He’s an everyday man emcee, sort of like Kanye. And w/ Jay backing him, dude will make moves. Maybe not in sales but in influence, sort of like Lupe. I know it’s to early to tell, but I feel really good ’bout this kid.

  • Will

    man the only way Millz will be able to succeed is if he gets on a song with Wayne Drake Nicki or Birdman or Jay Sean then when he gets on a song the people who uy it probably dont even know wtf he is I mean EAt Least Gudda Gudda Got that Trademark its Gudda Gudda shit I bet if you ask lil Beccy who drives that volkswagon Bug park next to you do she like Jae Millz part in Bed Rocc she would look at you confused like “Who?”

    half of them niggas he dissing have no cosigns and putting out hot shit he has one of the biggest cosigns and putting out nothing



  • So Icy Boi!

    Jay Millz smart….. Because this gettin him BUZZ wasnt nobody talkin about that bum azz nigga until now …only song he was ever good on was Lil Wayne – Dick Pleaser

  • Will

    LOL Cuz Niggas is Wilding

    Joell Ortiz said they slighted Diggy Simmons WTF and these are the niggas yall roccing with cuz LOL

    Nipsey has 3 banging mixtapes in a 3 year span misses last year cover

    Wiz Khalifa has 3 albums like 7 mixtapes and misses on 2 or 3 covers

    Diggy simmons release 3 of his best freestyles and 1 mixtape nobody is listening to and he deserves the cover

    WTF some of these niggas should be just noted as Blogger instead of rappers becuz they talking more shit then they are releasing Music

    If a Nigga think Diggy Simmons shouldve been on that cover before Yelawolf or Jay Electronic he should be noted as a blogger with his personal opinion but it should not be noted as a hiphop perspective come on Cuz

    Cuz opinion should be like the niggas on here who cosign wacka flocka

  • Negro Please

    Negroes don’t want it with J. Cole or Nipsey

  • Rhyme

    Nipsey allday, actually I like the whole freshman 10. Jae Millz isn’t a new artist. Nor will he ever see a release date on Young Money. Nikki & Drake should have been on the list, but they felt some kind of way from last year, when neither were buzzin more then a Charles Hamilton, Wale, Kid Cudi, and thus was looked over.

    If not these guys who would u put in their place?
    Jae Millz hasn’t even released a solo single on Young Money,

  • Rhyme

    ^except for OJ juice man, expel that nigga from the game.

  • Meat$

    idk what millz talkin bout, nip$$ey n cole is on some other sh*t, if they drop tomorrow im pickin both albums up…on top of that, nip$$ey did a record with drake, n u rydin drake the shit outta drake wave, something aint addin up

  • paychexx

    Honestly who’s going to buy a jae millz cd? Betta yet a mixtape? To re-do a jay z line ” ain’t drop an album in ten years?, give it up millz, ya ain’t gonna make it, never will”

  • 10 years is a long time…..its true, what has he accomplished? your only the “next best thing” for so long, then people move “on to the next one”.

  • Lattimore

    Nippsey Hussle raps average like a muther fucker. That nigga aint nothin special, if he was a eastcoast rapper he’d get no love.
    Vado on the other hand got lines and swag where Nippsey is just a bootleglookin Snoop who raps like a watered down Game.

  • pissed

    Nip is that dude.

  • DEL Phone

    Jae Millz has been itching to battle these ‘new cats’ on his mixtape The Flood. he been hinting at it. he’s tryna get relevant and nipsey is feeding into it.

  • will


    Nipsey Gets Love becuz he reps the Street There is no rapper out right now Mainstream or Underground who is as Hood as Nipsey and who has a bigger impact in the hood as Nipsey

    Cuz got Bloods Listen to his Music and every song he saying crip or 60’s cuz

    Listen To Songs Like Hussle Way They Roll Shed a Tear even Killer

    Cuz Real Talk I havent heard a song yet that go harder than Hussle Way Cuz If you not from the Hood you not going to understand

    Nipsey Shouldve been on The last Cover

    Vado Cuz Im not too hip on that Nigga but J.cole and Nipsey and Big Sean them is the hottest new niggas niggas are waiting for they debut Vado aint nobody waiting for that shit cuz not right now

  • will

    @lattimore and @Jae Millz

    Niggas need to go listen to that Killer becuz he Bodied that Nigga Drake or go listen to Him and Curren$y Im not fuccing with Them off of Smokee Robinson Mixtape

    Cuz go Hard

  • XL

    and man i just read all the freshmen twitters to see what they say about Im disappointed in Jay Rock he damn near ready to fight cube when cube doesnt say names with it being very unlikely he was talking about him

    but there is a 1 out 10 chance that jae Millz could be talking about him and he tweets “ME AND BLOOD KOOL I KNOW HE NOT TALKING ABOUT ME”

    I lost respect for dude he quick to jump down a legend throat but if a nigga cool with wayne he can say what he want to

  • The Noydd

    So ain’t nobody on here gonna be real and say Jae Millz would eat everybody on that XXL cover…fuck sales cause there ain’t been a platinum nigga on them freshmen covers yet. Lyric wise who is really fucking with Millz (on the cover)?

  • Handle my biz

    Not Hating on millz but that’s what he gots to do to Eat off that Young Money Per Diem…smh this aint the first time he did it he bitched and complained about last year’s list…acting like u bringing in Crazy loot to YM

    vado should of been on the cover though i agree with that..

  • DunkDonDaDa

    @ king jugg a fuck.
    The legends u just named do tour and put out product year in and year out. So know what u r talkin about b4 u post some uber bullshit like dat.

    Smart dumb cat, hold ya head money

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  • lil wayne

    jae millz can spit but he cant fuck with shyt,
    birdman said it fukk who rap the most its who bring the most
    these niccas are tax escapes for cmymb.belee dat

  • Jae Millz is better than everybody on that list, plain and simple, I give Nipsey his, J Cole his, Jay Rock of course, but when it comes to spittin, is that not what we here for people, spittin, rapping, DMX, the realest rapper ever, what does that mean, you real in streets, and no you not, everyone on taht list has not seen a street in years, too busy trying to make the list, how you in streets and rapping, it is not happening, the people who doing that are local dudes, they will not make it, and everyone knows it, once you get to a magazine stage, radio interviews, there is money on you, Publicist, Managers, Roadies, people depending on you, you are a Brand now, how far you take it is up to you, but after radio love, 3 mix tapes and whatever, you gone homie, and all this cuz shit is corny, no one cares, Nipsey dope best dude I heard in the west since Snoop probably Jay Rock hard though, they like the new Snoop and Cube/Pac Hybrid they could carry the state if they want, J Cole is just miles ahead of the rest of the guys on the cover, spit wise and truth be told in a battle, Jae Millz will eat all them and dude know his way around song, he was the first to name chack SWAG in a song