• JaYSoN


  • wickwickwack

    it sounds like the so called new west is not bowing down

  • King JuggaNott

    Nice flow. Can anyone from the NEW WEST sell?

  • H.N.I.C. pt. 2

    Absolutely Awesome! Kinda upstaged Cube ALOT!!!! All Cube Been doing is blogging! it would be sweet to see a cube crooked i colabo or a slaughterhouse cube collabo com from this! and you KNOW ice cube WILL respond in his lil blog lol!

  • Oj Da Cornball


    Wacka Flacka s feeling uncomfy

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  • Will


    Crooked I is not New West he been doing his thing independent for damn near 9 years now he is never going to be on a major label so dude is not newest he like 3 years younger than Cube

    that beat go so hard Man where is Paul Wall man that nigga use to go hard last i heard was that Busy Body shit Paul Wall’s People Champ went hard and Paul Had Bars my favorite is his verse on Drive Slow when he was like ” I can still catch boppers if I drove a Cab” he is the epitomy of a country nigga but he is “That” Country Nigga and he dont care he reminds me of the White Ludacris

  • H.N.I.C. pt. 2

    well you must not have listened to the song or just ignored what crooked was saying cause even though the nigga aint new(more then 9 yrs deep btw) he was still on here claiming new west, and he even clames to be the first to say it.
    WHYTHEFUCK do ppl coment on this website w/o fully listening to sumthing or reading it? i cant believe how much shit ppl misunderstand on here then get all up tight about sumthing thats INCORRECT!
    oh BTW this is HOT!!

  • LOL

    Circle gang. Is it me or does snoop doggs youngest daughter look just like crooked I? Chante you whore you. Maury?

  • JayJay

    If any of these niggas from slaughterhouse sign to shady there’s gonna be problems