AGAIN, I want so badly to like Maino but he’s just not a good rapper. I give up. Nothing special here, not content wise or flow wise.

  • That song is for hoodrat chicks in Steve Madden shoes.

  • Joe

    Taking a shot at Rosa Acosta?

  • Cudder

    No homo haha

  • redblue

    rappers beefing with video chics is this what hip hop has come too. this nig dissing acosta damm i then seen it all whats next he gone diss a bitch for wearing rhine stones. this nig one mistake away from gettin that last felony.

  • Lay

    This man has such an obsession with shoes. I bet he’s a closet wearing. All up in his chicks Louboutins in his crib and shit.

    On to the next one!

  • Does this guy really have fans?

  • BumbyKnucks

    Not a new song this was out before his firts album

  • coco loco

    i didnt know they taught you about shoes in jail – Rosa Acosta

    LMAO!!!! Maino BUNDY the SHOE SALES MAN!