Usher Covers Stevie Wonder’s “That Girl” (NYC)

I stand by my earlier tweet but that doesn’t mean that with the right material, Mr. Raymond still isn’t capable of a stellar performance. Last night, at Power 105.1’s P.C. Richard & Son Theater, Ush knocked this Stevie Wonder cover out the park. Guess my invite got lost in the mail. Right, Shondell?

Peace: Darren Pfeffer

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  • Totally DISagree… R vs R is pure, unadulterated, frank lucas dope!!!!

  • Nathaniel

    the number one problem with usher is he refuses to mature with his fans. what these artists who cry and weep over michael jackson and note him as their #1 musical influence fail to understand is that as he grew up and older, his music did too. OMG, Daddy’s Home, Papers, are all songs targeted at teenagers and college students at best.

    mature politically, socially, emotionally, and mentally. inject that in your music nigga. you CAN sing. otherwise you’re not going to make it into your 40’s with this music shit. prolly wont make it past another album even.

    dope performance though.

  • nina

    I agree, but when Usher did mature his music with his last effort everybody cried foul. His most successful effort was based on the hype of an affair and kid on the way. People love that tawdry immature shit. I think Ursh still has the charisma and backing to be a force for some time, besides it’s not like he has any real comp.

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  • Kindp

    @ Nathaniel, exactly

  • koa29

    Ursh just doesn’t know his lane, and that’s his problem

  • Kindp

    Growing and maturing as an artist seems to be something artists are insecure about or oblivious to. Confessions had hits for days, but everyone also felt like Usher was really going through it. It’s interesting with 50 as well; GRODT was such a crazy album, but 50 seems to feel that it was strictly because of it’s streetness. The album was hard, but it was also a snapshot of all the shit that was going on with him @ the time, and there was honesty in it. Everyone loved the 50 cent story when he came out, but he doesn’t seem to understand people want to buy into who he is, not a constant emulation and regurgitation of experiences past. That’s why Smile is one of the craziest songs he’s put out in awhile.

  • Kindp

    But yeah this usher performance is great lol

  • Mark

    i hate when the owners of successful blogs discover they have a voice,and believe people need to hear that voice,or in this case read their tweets.
    yn you are not famous,your opinion doesnt matter,and tbh shame on you for lowering yourself to both accepting money to endorse garbage and shitting on talented artists.

  • Usher is wack

  • Nathaniel


    i want you to think long and hard about what you just said. because bruh, you aren’t famous either. unfortunately elliot is more famous than you…but alas, both of you have opinions. what does this mean? it means it’s his blog, he can say what he wants, “if it offends you, it’s meant to, it’s that simple” – Nas

    don’t let it. or, let it, and disagree and say why. just like we who contribute to the blog do. but to cry foul just because you’re mad his opinion is going to be read by more people than yours is…and since its different from yours you fear it’ll permeate and spread faster than you can counteract it isn’t a good look for you.

  • sway-z

    This nigga just needs to understand his position, he’s supposed to be the king right now, and needs to do songs like the king is supposed to. “Daddy’s Home,” “Love in the Club”, shit like that is cool for Omarion or Chris Brown, one of these type of niggas, but Usher’s shit should be a little more classy, like ya’ll said, a little more mature, because at this point, that’s his audience, keep fucking around and he’ll wind up like R. Kelly, stuck on that same bullshit. Raheem Devaughn shouldn’t be the only R&B dude doing grown up shit