• at first i thought this was going to be akward… wasn’t sure if Chelsea would “get” E.Badu… and not sure if E.Badu would put up with Chelsea, lol… but it actually ended on an amusing note… glad Erykah let her guard down a bit right here… love her and love the new album

  • Frontrunner

    Great post YN…gotta start go tweet Ms. Badu now and tell her that I’m a rapper in 3, 2,….

  • Toya

    Chelsea really loves the black artists (especially the rappers). Chelsea really likes being dirty so it was good that Erykah didn’t have a problem doing that either.

  • nina

    Erykah has a great personlity. I don’t know why y’all take her so serious, she’s not all stuffy at all. Her and Chelsea getting along isn’t suprising.

  • e_money

    i love erykah’s music but she’s bat shit crazy

  • Negro Please

    e_money, you already know mah nigger.

    Why does this bitch have to wear trash clothes. Can’t she just go commando everytime?

  • bgirl

    haha, great interview. Chelsea is hilarious.

  • Truth

    Miss Badu d Genius!