Pill Responds To Jae Millz

Looks like Pill isn’t too fond of Jae Millz’ recent comments neither. Hip-Hop Beef caught up with him following XXL‘s concert last night at the Highline Ballroom. He says he’s never heard of Gay Jae Millz and then names the rappers he likes to listen to. Where do we go to from here?

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  • That Dude

    ahh man here we go

  • Haha. Oh, Pill!

  • P.A.

    loool no way pill doest kno Jae millz……,, i get wat Jae milz was sayin tho….some guys on dere shouldnt be on the cover

  • Nathaniel

    there is a way. he’s from atlanta. who the fuck is jae millz? what has he done that is significant. i have to agree with Pill cuz i never heard the niggas music neither. not one song.

    all i know is he battled ness on making the band 2. he’s a battle rapper right? hell i didn’t even know the nigga was on young money. this is the south, we don’t give a shit about organized battle rap. that shit is corny.

  • damn

    looks like pill is feelin guilty.. but we all know the only niggas on that list being worth mentioned are wiz, j. cole, nipsey, jay rock, and big sean.. the rest of them niggas are unknown and will never blow up beisdes oj da juice man but hes just plain garbage on the other hand

    vado should been on that cover hands down

  • Moose

    Lmmfao at the fact that Millz was supposed to be at that very same show, which wouldve been awkward, and gettin locked up but Pill is stating his OWN opinion

  • Shawn

    Nothing wrong with it…Just be easy with telling folks to “watch they back” in the A. Uncalled for and is a threat that can get out of hand real quick…
    With that said Millz has been around for 10 yrs. with nothing significant to his credit. When you’re great….you don’t linger in mediocrity for a decade..

  • KP


    I wish pill didn’t fall for that trap. he clearly got goated into a response in the interview. Dude walks away (evident by the fade out) and the “hiphopbeef crew” proceeded to follow him for more sound bites. The interviewee didn’t even have teeth! Clearly a washed up industry “vet” looking to make a name for himself in the technological age of blogs and websites.

    Pill is a cool dude, I don’t know his music too well, but I was at the show and he impressed me. I’d hate for him to get caught up in some shit while he’s on the cusp of doing good things for himself. Don’t play into that shit Pill. Millz can talk as much as he want, but the reality of it is he’s 10 years deep, and his claim to fame in a cool “no no no” song, a few battles with Murda Mook, and being a Young Money stepchild. Instead of being mad at the MCs on the cover, he should have focused his energy on the staff who picked it.

    Wayne gonna send a kite to tell him to keep his yap closed.



  • King

    Who is Jae Mills? He’s lil waynes groupie, LOL.

  • 2D

    that’s the shit I be talkin bout…

  • jitty

    LIKE NIPSEY HUSSEL SAID..” IF U BEEN IN DA GAME LIKE 10YRS N AINT POP OFF U ITS OVER!” jae millz done..nigga say shit to get publicity niggaz lame

  • Will

    LOL Like why would Jae Millz thinc niggas wouldnt respond you got1 nigga who is from the notorious rolling 60 crip and 2 ATL niggas who say fucc anybody who aint fuccing with them

    Like i said If the arrest was legit Millz needs to thanc that Police Officer he saved him from an ass whopping str8 up

  • Will

    You know what Millz said was wrong when The Nigga Vado himself says fucc what Jae Millz said all them guys deserve to be on that cover The Nigga Vado said that himself

    LOL at Pill refering to Millz as the Hoe wrangler LOL

    its already been Proven in that young money video that Gudda Gudda is the nigga who hold the money and the weed so Millz is the nigga who get the females who be looking at wayne fom the bar

    Dude should just save face and apology which is going to be a bigger L to Millz but at least if he apologize Niggas will leave him alone

  • koa29

    Lol Pill is feelin himself a lil too much… UPS is hiring? Corny nigga… He wasn’t talking about you fool… Jae > Pill, real talk.

  • Awwwwwww, dat boi Millz done fucked up now! LMAO! 🙂

  • nyg718

    pill shud have jus took the cool role nstead of talkin crazy cus for all we kno millz cud of been talkin bout him n the 5 rappers that he feel suppose to b up there. anythng cud happen to u fam cus i kno if a nigga was talkin crazy bout my camp,im taking the e40 route (big) ..but @ the same time let ya music speak for u homie.

  • King JuggaNott

    Wow….how common. Put a microphone in front of some people and they will give you a show. Now he want’s to make threats about the dumb #$% cover.

    What in the world was the qualification to be on the Cover…..because Wiz Khalifa damn sure ain’t no freshman as far as being NEW to the game. He’s been around since 2006, album and all.

  • Vegaz TheOne

    You people are clueless the nigga Millz already put on he’s twitter that the only 5 people he heard of was Wiz, Jay Rock, J. Cole Nipsey Hu$$le and OJ….so that leaves out 5 other people that include… PILL…. so Pill wasnt wrong for reasponding HipHop is the most competitive art form every man for him self so I would suggest Big Sean Freddie Gibs Fashawn and Donnis to respond as well or look like they took the “high road”/ got bitched out by a nigga that hold Waynes bags and rolls he’s weed up…. go to the booth and ether this nigga…its apart of HIPHOP imagine if LL Cool J let Kool Moe Dee slide?….what if Nas let Jay-Z slide with Takeover…Its just not HIPHOP to let someone slide with a direct DISS towards your craft and accomplishments….

  • Vegaz TheOne

    This is jae-Millz’ tweet that say which XXL ten he has heard of incase you missed it…. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v491/VegazTheOne/JaeMillz.jpg

  • So Icy Boi!

    First off who is this nigga Pill? …and i heard of Jay Millz he had a video dat came on BET in 06 but after that he was no where to be found until he stared fukn wit Lil Wayne … Jay Millz and Pill both of them niggaz bumz and aint popular

  • mac DIESEL

    @ So Icy Boi!




    You aint suppose to have heard about the freshmen, because they new.

    You aint heard of Jae Mills because he’s wack.

    I don’t know anyone with Jae Mills in they ipod but I know plenty of people who got music from the freshmen cover in they ipod.

    Jae MIlls is on Murder Mooks and Dylan from making the bands level hahaha its funny cause its true.

  • Nathaniel

    the problem is they caught Pill liquored up. he probably wouldn’t have said all that if he hadn’t been drunk. but that nigga had clearly had a few. speech slurred as fuck.

    smh don’t get caught slippin when that media lurkin

  • james bond

    haha @ Jae naming the 5 he’s knows….hahahahha…that nigga is clearly throwing bombs towards the other 5 way. lmmfao…this will go away quickly, but it was funny while it lasted.

  • pissed

    I’m glad Pill said something…im not real familiar with his music but from what I heard Pill ws pretty nice….I wouldn’t let a bum like Jae Millz talk reckless to me either…especially if he don’t know who I am or what I’ve done…who is he to say who deserves anything? This is hiphop fukk the talkin & dumb ass internet beef & twitter messages & get back to spittin bars.

  • Broke Iz A Disease

    Jae Millz is 10 times the rapper Pills is. Pills sound like every other BS artists that comes out of the fag capital of the world (ATL). Don’t get it fucked up, the A got good artists. But OJ, Gucci, Waka and Pill need to off themselves. Pill, you’re never gonna blow homie, so 10 yrs from now you’ll be lucky if your picking up hoes for T.I. or Gucci or whoever you roll with.

  • Dan

    Get em, Pill! Like seriously, I haven’t heard one fucking standalone Mills song and the only thing I knew bout the nigga before YM was that he was a battle rapper that appeared on Making The Band.

  • Iont like how niggas pass on Fab when eastcoast rap is spoke upon.. dude been relevent since i was in 5th gd. Ima freshman in college now… but anyways I feel the same as mills, its jus a opinion man cant get mad, dude sound like a bitch speakin on a man while he not face to face! Wiz khalifa (Gone def blow), jay cole(Gone also def blow), Nippsey hussle need to be on there no doubt at all.. but all them niggas hot and grinded to get where they at so u cant take shit from them, jus make good music, stay true, and dont sell out… DETROIT WADUP DOE

  • nyg718

    @Blake Buggati u absolutely right fam

  • Of The Wasteland

    >>>>Broke Iz A Disease says:
    Friday, April 02 2010 at 12:13 PM EST

    Jae Millz is 10 times the rapper Pills is. Pills sound like every other BS artists that comes out of the fag capital of the world (ATL). Don’t get it fucked up, the A got good artists. But OJ, Gucci, Waka and Pill need to off themselves. Pill, you’re never gonna blow homie, so 10 yrs from now you’ll be lucky if your picking up hoes for T.I. or Gucci or whoever you roll with.<<<<

    LMAO..I REALLY hope you are Jae Millz..otherwise you sound like a fucking idiot. Keep acting like PILL ain't nice. Ain't nobody checking for no fucking Jae Millz. Get the fuck outta here…no one down here give a fuck about that dude.