Nas & Damian Marley Talk Age In Hip-Hop

Last night in Harlem, Digiwaxx Media held a listening session for Nas and Damian Marley’s Distant Relatives. The event was hosted by radio personalities Steph Lova and Dahved Levy. Video recording wasn’t allowed, but during the Q&A portion, Nas and Damian responded to artists maturing in the game.

Sidebar: When I asked Nas what compelled him to write the final verse on “Strong Will Continue”  he said this:

“Life, and what with the title you know, you gotta be strong out here. Straight up. Whatever you’re into. Nah, mean.”

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  • Lay

    What an intellectual response Nasir.

  • james bond

    i like nas, i like the marley’s….but really, who’s checking for this?? I mean, I know I will…but this shit is madly overlooked…sad sad sad.. the idiots who call themselves supporters/listeners rather check for Gucci Lame and Wack Ass.

  • Nathaniel

    Nas has a strong cult following. he’s past being in those If I Ruled the World day, those Street Dreams days,…even those Got Yourself A… days. i think he’s just trying to further solidify his legacy with quality music. just maintain and not sell himself out trying to break the commercial scene down like he did back in the Nastradamus days.

    when he made Untitled and did that Fox News Protest in the street, he said he finally found his place. not just in rap, but as a man. to speak the truth and really be a voice out here to the oppressed. to really speak the pain and circumstance of the masses and the niggas in the ghettos. we gotta think, after rap, these niggas have to have LIVES. he’s 35 yrs old…if he had never been a rapper, we’d say “oh he’s a young dude”. but rap makes niggas get age-confused. i hope he takes an active role in shit going on with our people. straight up.

    oh and that response to the question was real shit. i like the way he said that.

  • webstar

    did someone ask who’s checking for this? I am.

    Sounds like great music to me…why not check for it?

  • lol @ Lay, I was thinking the same thing…only reason that comment is on here is because it was asked by the person who posted this shit..

    dumb fucks.

  • bout-my-paper

    two of kind. two boring kinds.

  • realhiphop

    i smell epic!

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  • mike

    it’s gonna be EPIC !!

    distant relatives !

    number 1 !!!

  • antonio

    Album of the year. The best reggae singer (nowadays) with one of the best rappers and lyricist alive and in History. This is gonna be more than Epic, is gonna take HH & Reggae (reggae not that much, i guess) to another level… good beats, good lyrics, good melodies, good songs = good album for sure


    still cant wait for this to drop, i know this project will be overlooked by the masses but thats ok, real always recognize real

  • muse

    Why do people keep worry ingabout this project appealing to the masses! Every Nas album everyone question its sells and he goes plat every time…”Untitled” is his only gold album and that will go plat as well! Every venue they’ve hosted for this project has been sold out last year and this year so there are plenty of people checking for it! There are many commercial albums that never do that! Illmatic did not do great numbers first week sells and Nas is still very strong as a LEGEND in hip hop 19 years later! Lyrical and still able to out rap your most successful commercial artist till this day!!!! Fans are so brainwashed into beleiving that selling 500k or million your first week means something!

  • muse

    I agreee with Nas hip hop has to catch up to him because he is lyricallly proving that none of these artists can fuck with him and his career is solidified with out having radio hits or selling a million ina week…LOL!!

  • ANT619HONY

    bobs son and gods son

  • Chris

    Looking forward to them touring again more than anything

  • mike

    bonus tracks will be sick !!!

    erykah bady, snoop, … !!!

    cotdamnnnnnnn !!!

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