New Mixtape: Shy Guy “Beats, James Beats”

In the wake of VIBE‘s producer tournament, this popped up in the inbox. Upcoming producer Shy Guy remixed the theme songs from old James Bond movies for his new instrumental tape, Beats, James Beats. If you like what you hear, you can download it here or on his website. Ian Fleming would be proud.

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  • Papoose

    A good concept doesnt mean its good music… this shit is wack. and im a backpacker i usually like sample stuff
    honest opinion no hate but being real….

  • dana s

    did you actually even listen to it papoose? this shit is jay z status, you just have bad taste.

  • Disappointing. I wouldn’t call it wack but it was pretty mediocre. Jay z status? Naaaaaaaah.

  • Papoose

    thx top bananas

  • wkraus

    What are you talking about guys this album is pretty fucking awesome

  • @wkraus

    No it’s not. It’s pretty mediocre. Sorry, but some of the beats didn’t blend right to me.

  • TriLL

    Yea the transitions on the trailer don’t blend right but the album is hot

  • Losers

    Yall must be basing your opinions off of the trailer which is cool, but Id recommend downloading then commenting. Its solid, just need someone rhyming over it. Someone needs to grab the Bond Theme from the pause menu on the Nintendo64 game Golden Eye. We use to freestyle all night off that beat, dumb smooth.