J.Cole Responds To Drake’s Nas Comparison

In the February/March 2010 issue of Complex, Drake compared himself to Jay-Z and J.Cole to Nas. But, hold on. Before hitting the stage last week at S.O.B.’s, Jermaine tells MTV it’s too early to make comparisons.

Comparisons are natural. You’re going to compare LeBron to Jordan or [Dwyane] Wade to whoever you compare him to. But in this particular instance, and no disrespect to [Drake’s] opinion, because that’s how he feels, but I feel like it’s too early.

“You can’t call things like that, that early. You can’t say I’m Nas because, look, Nas was in the game for 16 years. What if I’m not here next year? What if you’re not here next year? I don’t think you can say stuff like that this early, but I understand what people are saying. At his status right now, he’s the most talked-about guy in the game. The Nas comparison is like, ‘He gets a little bit beyond the surface,’ but I feel like when it comes to those comparisons, it’s way to early. And you never know, 10 years from now, I could be Jay.”


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  • kris

    drake always saying some dumb shit. j.cole stay speaking the truth.

  • Kiss92

    J.Cole Is A Clever Guy But I Do Agree With Drake Tho Drake Has The Wordplay (JayZ) J.Cole Has The Lyrics (Nas) But I See What J.Cole Means They Are The Future!!

  • jigga

    good media training exelent reponse…..good kid

  • Can

    obviously, Drake was talking about their current career trajectory. nothing is set in stone for the future.

    I think Cole got a little bit defensive, because he just really doesn’t want to be Nas hahaha.

  • teejay

    Disagreed without being an ass hole. Listen and learn Lupe.

  • Console

    Drake is always making crazy comparisons. J.Cole is right way too early for comparisons.

  • Fat Boy

    @Kris. Of course drake said something dumb his boss and mentor his LIL WAYNE!!!! Lol and J.Colse’s mentor obviously is Jay which knows what to say

  • I Can Say Uhhhhhhhhh

    drake is dumb. nigga just got told by the “best rapper under-30”.

  • Ashim

    This is why I like J.Cole. Not only does he give the proper response, he also makes it clear he’s gunning for the crown. Anyone would love to be compared to Nas, but not in this context, where Nas is seen at large as number 2 to Jay’s spot at 1.

  • rocstar

    hahaha fuk yea cole, tell that douchebag what it is. drake not gona be around long enough to drop album #2.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Why da fuk Rap Radar block me for commenting?

  • I Know Music

    Co-sign TEEJAY 100%

  • So Icy Boi!

    haha ok its back working …but Drake is the truth …. i dnt think he she be comparing another nigga to somebody else

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^typo should

  • Villyvillz

    why wouldnt any1 wanna be nas?he da G.O.A.T

  • ahhhh

    i honestly like nas better than jay, but personally i’d rather be mr mathers, nas and jay’s accomplishments together still don’t match em’s. but i see why drake wouldnt say that as would neone considering pretty much everyone knows they cant keep up with slim when it comes to actual rhyming…..

  • flawda

    The funny thing about it is, Nas first came on the scene with the buzz that Drake had and Jay came on the scene under the radar like like J Cole is. Drake will pop for a minute like Ja Rule and fade away once his female fanbase starts abandoning him.

    Why wouldn’t anyone want to be Nas? are you really asking that question, i would much rather have Jay’s career than Nas even though Nas is the second greatest imo behind Jay. I just feel Jay is the more complete artist (concerts, making different types of records, beat selection,etc)

  • you know what man…i fuck with the jcole dude…buddy keeps it realistic..this drake guy, iono shawty

  • flawda

    Eminems catalog is nowhere near Jay or Nas, he doesn’t even have a pure classic album, not to mention we all know why Em is so popular.

  • LULZ

    @ flawda WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? MMLP is considered one of the best albums of the last decade by many diff critics and fans alike where the hell have you been?

  • mac DIESEL




  • Either way, it’s attention for both of ’em. Not a big deal.

  • mark


    Why wouldn’t anyone want to be Nas? are you really asking that question, i would much rather have Jay’s career than Nas even though Nas is the second greatest imo behind Jay. I just feel Jay is the more complete artist (concerts, making different types of records, beat selection,etc)
    Basically. who the fuck wants to be Nas. Nas is great, but Jay-Z’s opened so many doors for the game.

  • c.j


  • Fat Boy

    @flawda. Really eminem no where near nas or jay lol ok I think he just got artist of the decade, and most sold albums for hip hop artist in the world, and I think MMLP sold 1.8 mill in one week best numbers for an album in history

  • FreddieGibbs stan

    J.Cole is sounding very defensive…this is a fight you won’t win.

  • That Dude

    neaither of them is gonna be jay or nas…ther gonna be drake and j.cole……..but J.Cole is better

  • teejay


    Really? No classics? His first three albums, first two for sure, could be considered some of the greatest hip hop records ever. Critics, fans, and sales numbers agree.

    Go look up where mtv asked jay-z and nas who the best rappers of all time were, eminem was in both their lists. Jay before has said the only people in his class are eminem and nas.

    If anything, your statement is the complete opposite of what’s true. Eminem is not only close to jay and nas, he is on the same level.

  • flawda

    @ LULZ MMLP was never deemed a classic by any reputable hiphop critic (Source or XXL), the white magazines did though. To me that album is a 4.5 mic album but it’s not a pure classic, i don’t see how that album shift hiphop or influence it’s contemporaries. That’s just my imo though, just like you have your opinion.

    @Fat Boy, i don’t give a fuck how much he sold, a big part of that is his race. I know white people who hate hiphop but love Eminem, alot of his fans are like that. They will hate on black rappers but love what Eminem does, EM gets away with alot of stuff black artist could never do. I’m also talking about the catalog or music, classic albums, influence on their peers,etc.

  • c.j


  • flawda

    If Eminems first two albums are classic, then so is GODSON, IT WAS WRITTEN, IN MY LIFETIME VOL 1, AMERICAN GANGSTER. Seeing how everything is a classic now (sarcasm).

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  • I’d rather have Jay’s success with Nas’ lyrical ability. Don’t get me wrong, Jay is my favorite rapper of all time, but Nas gets a lil bit deeper consistantly than Jay. Jay used to be deep when he 1st came out, not like Esco, but u know what I mean. I love both Cole and Drake’s music. They’re both high in talent, but in different levels. Drake speaks to the pop side of hip hop, while Cole speaks to the serious side of hip hop. Drake=Wanting to be successful. J. Cole=Wanting a revolution (sometimes. lol)

  • teejay

    No one is gunna convince flawda, and that’s fine, but I just don’t understand how you cannot accept even just the mmlp as a classic. It brought hip hop millions of new fans, the album was a phenomenom and officially brought dr. Dre back to the forefront of hip hop. The album had a huge impact. All that is aside from it being lyrically untouchable and eminem at his peak (aside from where he’s at now).

  • Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of the yr?? Drake/J.cole comparisons? I rather just enjoy the music.

    *turns up new Young Buck track* STRAIGHT HEAT!

  • Diggy>Eminem
    Any Stans wanna debate? lol

  • Deangelobailey

    Em has classics. This is about J.Cole and we move forward not backwards. Comparisions are pointless every man can and only should be themselves.

  • DunkDonDaDa

    @ Fat Boy
    So fucking what

  • teejay


    I’d take diggy freestyles over encore any day, I’ll give you that, ha!

  • mac DIESEL

    @ flawda



  • Fat Boy

    @flawda. To excuse eminem for not being at the level of nas or jay is wrong to me because I believe jay and nas had EM in they top 5 of all time but that’s my opinion u hate EM , and I respect him o well can get everybody to love ya

  • flawda


    It brought Eminem million of fans, like i said, alot of Em’s fans don’t even check for other rappers. It’s the same thing with those Insance Clown Posse posers!

    And other thing, just because a album sold a ton of records doesn’t make it a classic. I think it’s safe to say no one things Vol 2, Country Grammar, Nellyville,To the extreme (Vanilla Ice), or Please Hammer, don’t hurt em are classic, so save all that Emimen sold 1.8 mil excuse.

  • Fat Boy

    @DunkDonDaDa what happened? He said classics and I said MMLP what happened u miss Wayne it’s ok u can visit him in rikers with birdman

  • Jack

    @Fat Boy. Dude lmfao yea Eminem the best rapper alive to me MY OPINION. But to stay on topic JCole tellin da truth

  • D-Wade

    Lmfao!!! Wayne and birdman at rikers funny dude

  • flawda

    Em is nowhere near top 5, his catalog ain’t strong enough. I’m not putting him over Nas, Jay, Scarface, Ice Cube, Rakim, Kane,Slick Rick, Andre 3000,etc. Em is in the 10-20 range though.

    Nas has two certified classics by reputable sources (Illmatic, and Stillmatic)
    Jay has two certfied classics by reptutable sources (Reasonable Doubt, and Blueprint)
    Ice Cube has two also, (Amerikkkas Most, and Death Certificate)
    Scarface has two (The Diary, The Fix)
    Rakim has two aslo (Paid in Full, Follow the leader)

  • D-Wade

    @flawda. Cmon man even if EM sold half 1.8 mill the dude is dope wow lol really bro bringing up mc hammer & vanilla ice. I guess I have to bring up RENEGADE u already know what it is

  • LeBron James

    D-Wade says:
    Thursday, April 08 2010 at 6:52 PM EST
    @flawda. Cmon man even if EM sold half 1.8 mill the dude is dope wow lol really bro bringing up mc hammer & vanilla ice. I guess I have to bring up RENEGADE u already know what it is

    Renegade is one track
    Both Em and Jay-Z went on it but Eminem killed it because he produced the song and knew it
    if any other rapper was on there besides Eminem, Jay-Z would have killed it, Em just went harder on Renegade, either way Jigga is better than Em

  • flawda

    Yes Em got Jay on Renegade, Beans has gotten Jay on tracks before, so has Sauce Money. That means nothing, it’s about a artist catalog, skillset, impact, and influence. Do you really wan’t to put up Em against Nas and Jay when it comes to that. Not to mention Em and Jay have never made an album as terrible as Encore. lol

  • c’mon man god damn

    Eminem’s subject content is the weakest out of all the GOAT contenders, but flow wise he’s head and shoulders above every rapper that has ever rapped.That Eminem record w/”u don’t wanna fuck w/Shady. Why? Cuz shady will fuckin’ kill u” was a dope as album.

    J. Cole is cool. I feel his pov.

    Drake is cool too, but I think to even be considered in Jigga or Nas’s category/conversation is retarded! I don’t remember hearing “Reasonable Doubt” or “illmatic” type of music from any artist since Jay and Nas put those joints out back in the day.

    Some people have delusions of grandeur.

  • King JuggaNott

    All that circle jerking….Drake will be a Jay-Z like artist….and J. Cole will be a Nas-Like artist. I agree with the comparison.

  • Interscope Employee

    Agree in a sense with that comparaison

    Jay-Z ; More success than Nas
    Nas ; Made the greatest debut in hip hop history

    Drake ; will have more success than Cole
    Cole ; will make a BETTER debut than Drake (I’d put my house on that!!! so sure!)

  • ciroc obama

    i’m a big fan of both these artists. But Cole is my most anticipated artist/debut album in years. I think Drake is talented as fuck and probably in my top 10 overall right now. Still isn’t close though:

    J Cole > Drake

    That’s gonna be a debate for years though so get used to the comparisons. I think Cole pulls away eventually though.

  • bk42

    here goes Drake with his bullshit again drop an album first before you start comparing yourself to legends.

  • Bomber

    These two fruits arguing about who is gonna be Jay- Z, it reminds me of when I was 6 and me and my cousin used to fight over who was gonna be Batman.

    Thats whats wrong with hip hop niggas to busy trying to be the next man.

    *Kanye Shrug*

    *drops mic*

  • Jdot


  • mmkayy

    NO.. drake wishes he cud be jay.. Nd j.cole reminds me more of a big l minus u kno….

  • live

    Hip hop fans are the dumbest most idioic motherfuckers ever…J Cole or Drake have yet to say anything to compare themselves to Nas or Jay! And Nas is very successful!!!! All these Nas and Jay comparisons are old and tired!!!!!!

  • yaboitone aka FIRST KID ON THE WAY!!!!

    id like to go on record by saying i was making this comparison from the very begginning….jus sayin. lol. and id bet the house that j.cole knows this to be TRUE but hes just smart enough not to say it.

  • SilkCityP

    From one point of view J. Cole is exactly right… and on the other its actually kind of accurate what Drake is saying…. Drake is a rapper, J. Cole is a MC….. Jay Z is a rapper/business man, Nas is a MC/Poet

  • @Everybody including Drake and J. Cole

    How ’bout we get some actual albums from each of u in our hands in a couple of months, THEN we’ll judge. Let the music speak for itself fellaz. Good luck…

  • Word

    I agree with Acapella

    And on the side, white people buy Eminems shit cuz hating ass black people wont, just because he’s white. Not all blacks embrace him and thats why white people will…not that his sales are even about race anyway, cuz I doubt there are more white people buying rap CDs then blacks are. Either way, its shame niggas still the world in BLACK and WHITE ignoring talent. Drakes pretty much white too, yall gonna use that as an excuse if he does huge numbers?? Probably

    Coles album is getting bought day it comes out, so is Drakes, so is B.o.Bs and thats all I care about.

  • @Word


  • this is rap, they all have people they looked up to and strived to be like, jay and nas got the same thing with the last 2 top dogs before them jay was the new kane nas was the new rakim. this is just how it works…

    im glad they are doing that comparison they are keeping the tradition alive and i see them the exact way drake said it. ive ben saying that about drake but i started seeing it in cole when he dropped that track on the xxl freshman tape. but cole is more of a balance of kanye/nas.

    its only natural they are at the age where they are students of these guys, just like hov and nas were students of rakim and kane.


    If I’m as sick as I am of hearing this Nas vs Jay-Z comparison I’m sure Nas and Jay are beyond that. Lets put personal opinion aside for a minute and state the one fact that no one can deny: Nas and Jay have set the bar as far as MCs go and thats in any era, they surpassed those that came before them and made it that any one who comes after them have to either be as great or greater than them. Many were great before them but they are the bar, they are what young MCS and old alike strive to be. Whether it be Jay’s FINANCIAL and commercial success or it be Nas’ writing ability and attention to detail every MC wants some or all they got. As easy as it is to make comparisons between them, those who really study this shit would tell you how different these two MCs are at the end of the day!!! They are fucking worlds apart, they’re subject matters are worlds apart, the shit that Nas dares to touch on Jay has no interest in ever going there. And thats not to say that Jay is less intelligent than Nas is, that just means Shawn Carter is Shawn Carter and Nasir Jones is Nasir Jones and they are truly not in competition with one another although the public wants to believe that. Everyone knows that Nas couldve went the route that Jay and Big went, in fact he did and did it well and it didnt feel right to him. Nas just does Nas and doesn’t give a fuck if everyone in the world gets it and is able to “sing” along to his hooks. He’s been there and done that. Platinum several times over, tens of millions records sold, critically acclaimed, on everyones top 3 list, WHAT THE FUCK MORE DO PEOPLE WANT FROM HIM?! Nas doesn’t want to make Jay-Z music and Jay-Z doesn’t want to make Nas music yet no one can be mentioned in the same sentence as them but them. For anyone who say Nas takes the L in comparison to Jay look at Jay’s monetary success but it couldn’t be any other way. Could anyone imagine a sold out Madison Square Garden crowd reciting every word of “I Gave You Power”? “Silent Murder”? “Queens Get The Money”? “New York State of Mind (Part I and Part II)”? “Rewind”? “Every Ghetto”? Can you imagine that? Nas isn’t for everyone and I like it that way. Jay is for everyone and theres nothing wrong with that but I can’t count how many times I’ve found myself in conversations with some white people or anyone for that matter who almost by default say Jay is the best but can’t recite a verse from “Reasonable Doubt” but know what restaurant he and Beyonce ate at the night before or can tell me how much Forbes Magazine said he was worth. Don’t get me wrong, this is all great for the culture since Jay is a true MC, a true MC who’s product is easily ingested by the masses. Nas on the other hand makes some people uncomfortable when you listen to some of his shit because he says shit that most wouldnt in public and says it with such finesse and eloquence and such word play that way after hearing his rhymes you find yourself thinking about what he meant by it and what he wanted you to take from it. Though I’d love to see Nas sell out stadiums across the globe full of people who genuinely admire this art form and appreciate the real niggas spitting for something more than a plaque and money, the fact is that there aren’t that many of those types of fans left.

    I feel like I’ve been saying this shit for years but nothing is more black and white than Nas’ “New York State of Mind” and Jay’s “Empire State of Mind”. Jay’s “Where I’m From” was more in line with Nas’ “New York State of Mind” but he knows only the pure can appreciate “Where I’m From” and pure doesn’t sell as much. Jay could never narrate a story like Nas and Nas could never talk that shit like Jay does. Jay could never analyze and be as abstract as Nas and Nas could never be as slick and witty as Jay is but we need all these attributes in an MC and while they both encompass all of these things, one will always be better than the other in each of those categories. The similarities between Jay and BIG are so great that if he were still here today, that would be the discussion. Likewise but not as much so are the similarities in CONTENT between Pac and Nas that that would also be the discussion but at the end of the day when it comes down to just plain old talent, even when all four men were alive at the same time Jay and Nas were far ahead of BIG and Pac.

    With all that being said, no one in their right mind can put Drake or J.Cole’s name in the same book as Nas and Jay. Its just absurd. Granted, both Drake and Cole are talented without a doubt but Drakes only song with no features that blew was “Best I Ever Had” and Cole doesn’t even have one. I appreciate Cole’s approach to the Nas vs Jay comparison conversation and its clear that both are fans of Nas and Jay but they need to understand there will never be another Nas and Jay. NEVER. Their status have been untouched by no one but each other for over 15 years!!!! 15 fucking years and catalogues of released and unreleased music that should be put in museums. Drake needs to concentrate on being Drake and Cole concentrate on being Cole cuz those are monstrous shoe sizes y’all are trying to fill. You’re not being fair to yourselves by doing that to yourselves.

  • King JuggaNott

    The whole way music is sold is different. Both of these niggas combined have at least three fucking albums worth of material out. What did Jay and Nas have before their album drop? Or are we going to judge record sales to say who is who?

    The way music is SOLD is totally different. I get tired of that RECORD talk…but then they say HIP HOP is dead….when the fuck did fans give a damn how much a fucking artist sold? Yall hear the damn music…..Wowzers yall are totally tripping.

  • King JuggaNott

    All this over a fucking simple comparison? As if a nigga who never heard them niggas who would you say they sound like? Ain’t nobody crown them….and they damn sure can’t crown themselves….got damn y’all wanna run up in the spot and crucify them niggas for that shit?

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    @ Word

    are you serious?

    “white people buy Eminems shit cuz hating ass black people wont, just because he’s white. Not all blacks embrace him and thats why white people will”

    – bro, black people love the shit out of Eminem are you crazy? Trust that if we didn’t, he wouldn’t have made it this far (see Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Snow, and anyone else you can think of). Em is an amazing talent and he’s had the CONTINUED success in rap because he’s been had that stamp of approval from black people. I challenge you to find a black person who doesn’t think that Em is a cold muthafucka on the mic so I don’t know where you’re coming from with that.

    “not that his sales are even about race anyway, cuz I doubt there are more white people buying rap CDs then blacks are. ”

    – your second comment completely contradicts your first comment. If Em sells more records than anyone else in rap no thanks to hating ass black people who won’t support him how the hell can you in the next breathe doubt that white people buy more rap music than blacks do? Which one is it? LMAO. Lets be honest here, even in 2010, for a white MC to make it and stay in the game for a long period of time they NEED that stamp of approval from the creators of this shit and for ANY MC WHITE or BLACK to sell as many records as Em has sold or any one of any genre of music they NEED that stamp of approval from WHITE people. and thats not necessarily a deep race issue, its a numbers issue, in order to push 10s of millions you need the masses or the majority (aka WHITE people). Its not brain surgery. How else do you think Nelly sold so many records? or how OutKast sold so many copies of SpeakerBoxx/The Love Below record off the strength of 3000’s “Hey Ya” record? Not saying that these brothers wouldn’t have been successful regardless but to get to that other level, white people have to support.

    “Drakes pretty much white too”

    -ummmmmm, I’m not even gonna take it there with you on that one man.

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  • Word


    This nigga typing essays lmao Whatever I didnt even read all what you said…All I know is that Eminem is my personal FAVORITE rapper, not saying hes the best but he keeps my attention so yeah

    (Obviously, in my opinion…and dont hate on it either)


    I think u summed up what everyone wanted to say, but didn’t have the time or interest to type. U hit the nail on the head my friend. I wish ppl would jus apply that logic of “They are who they are” to Drake and J. Cole. They’re both 2 different type of rappers on the same level. Ppl might not see it that way, but they’ll understand what I mean when their albums drop. Right now, Drake is the best at what he does in his category; He’s a hybrid of rap, hip-hop, pop, and r&b. Cole is a hybrid of that thought provoking shit u always think, but never say, because niggaz may think ur crazy, when they really think the same shit (see “Dreams” on The Warm Up lol), rappin’ about the basic struggle of being a young black man from the hood, and just that lethal ass nigga u don’t wanna see in a battle. THEY’RE BOTH 2 GREATS IN ONE CLASS! IT’S LIKE THE KID IN CLASS THAT’S GOOD AS FUCK IN DRAWING AND DESIGN AND THE OTHER KID WHO’S GOOD AS FUCK IN SPORTS ACADEMICS (YES, THOSE KIDS DO EXIST. I AM A HYBRID OF BOTH LOL 🙂 SERIOUSLY.) PPL LOOK UP TO THEM FOR THE GREAT SHIT THEY DO. U CAN SEPERATE ‘EM, BUTCHU GOTTA GIVE ‘EM BOTH CREDIT 4 BEING GREAT AT WHAT THEY DO. Either way, I’ll prolly fuck around and buy 2 copies of each of these niggaz’ albums jus because.

  • Da Business

    As far as Cole & Drake r concerned, their both dope and hip hop needs both emcees. I actually feel that Cole is more like Pac in the sense of him bein’ a conscience dude and still bein’ a regular [email protected] at the sametime. I fux w/ Nas heavy, but he takes himself too seriously. I feel that’s what hurt his career overall.

    Cole is not as live as Pac, but I can see him rockin’ a club while droppin’ a gem @ the sametime. Plus u can feel the passion in his delivery, unlike Esco.

    We’ll c tho, when them lp’s drop.

  • Da Business

    Oh, w/ the Em shit, some of made valid points on both sides of the fence. But for me personally, the only Slim record that I can play from beginning to end is the “Eminem Show”. To me that’s a classic lp,


    u can’t deny what he did w/ the MMLP and the influence it had on r culture. Shit “Stan” is agruably the greatest hip hop song of all time(creatively). Seriously, if it wasn’t for all them MTV joints there would be no doubt in my mine that he’d be G.O.A.T. post BIG & PAC.

    And yes it helped that he was white, but believe me when I say that if we(black folks) didn’t think he was dope he wouldn’t have made it as far as he did.

    [email protected]$ would have been ran him out of hip hop.

  • Da Business

    @ Queenz

    GR8 POST!!!

    @ 1st I wasn’t tryin’ to read an essay, but I’m glad that I did. I agree w/ everything u said beside the Jay & Nas bein’ far ahead of Big & Pac part. That I have to respectfully disagree w/, I fux w/ u tho.

  • mmkayy


    i bet u didnt write that much in school.. go get a hobby lol

  • Will

    How can a nigga with no album out compare himself to a nigga who has had 11 or 12 number 1 albums

    this nigga drake need to stop that shit i mean we all thought 50 was going to be on top for a long time and look at him I mean Look at Nelly Man Nelly had on eof the best debuts and one of the largest selling debuts and look where cuz is at right now so the fact you saying you the next Jay Cuz you dont even have an album out yet

    Cuz the way Music is Changing and Jay has remained and stayed on Jay-Z has been through the Gangsta Era, The Bling Bling Flashy Era, Snap Music, Baccpaccer Era, Experimental era and Now he going thru the Rap/RnB shit that is going on and Cuz has been on top of all them Phases and Fads thru Hiphop he has collab with artist from Dre to Juvenile and Master P to Amy Winehouse and Kid Cudi

    Drake needs to humble himself the fucc down like my Nigga TI said to Shawty Lo “Get in the Game 1st and put up Some Points and then do all this bullshit you doing”

    Cuz been hot for a year he saying he going to be like Jay Like My Nigga J.cole nigga you dont what the future hold so making claims like that need to cease

  • Will

    and @ all niggas still hating on em

    get over it cuz would can outrap more than 80 percent of this game He can outrap Jay Jay is The Best Becuz Em loves his daughter more than he loves this rap game real talk if dude and his daughter had a parent child relationship like most of these other rappers meaning missing child support payments every now and then and taking blood tests and shit then Em would release more material and his shit would overshadow Jay’s

    I watched his early freestyles when he the blond blonde hair that nigga em is Just Nasty period Have you niggas heard songs like Dead Wrong

    and when people say only white people buy that shit is becuz blacc people either got the bootleg copy or they download the songs they want themselves shit Only WHite People buy Jay-Z CD’s you take white people out as rap fans wayne wouldve sold like 430 K his 1st week and Jay and 50 wouldnt had sold more than half of them records they sold

  • D-Wade

    @will. Thank you u took words out my mouth

  • OH YES


  • art

    Nas career is not hurting at all and he doesn’t take himself too seriously! He just doesn’t feel the need to be like everyone else! Nas is Nas as ill as it gets! The man is an artist…art is meant to be displayed properly not all random and every damn month to to pollute the masses with garbage! When nas makes an album it is valued!

  • Iconix1

    These young bucks are feeling themselves way too much… so disrespectful both bucks havent officially put out an album as of yet, and are now comparing themselves to legends?!? LMFAO Thats the problem with the younger generation now coming up… trying to compare urself to other people…?!? put in the work… a few mixtapes does not solidify you in these fickle game called Hip-Hop….one urself kids and stay true to who you are….!!!!

  • The Noydd

    Nigga’s wake up on my dick eat some breakfast first-Jay-Z

  • Teddy

    man drakes jus sure of himself clearly coles not no disrespect

  • SickOverLA

    @ OH YES

    Respect to Nas’ greatness, but I was at the sold-out Staples Center last week and 9&1/2 out of 10 of those thousands of concertgoers chanted all that nigga Jay’s lyrics word-for-word, ESPECIALLY his old shit way back to the ‘Reasonable Doubt’ tracks. It’s difficult to compare Jay and Nas to each other (and in my opinion who has sold the most or made more money don’t matter as much), so the same goes for the fans. Apples vs. Oranges.

    Drake… Sit down, youngin’. You cool, but you’re NO JAY-Z AND YOU NEVER WILL BE. Take a tip from your friend J.Cole. Be a little more humble and think before you speak. SMH.

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    Why would anyone want to be anyone? I don’t wanna look at J.Cole 10 years from now and be like He is the second jay-z, Nah man, I wanna look at him and be like : He is J.Cole, J. Cole!!! a nigga that made it in the game coming from Fayetteville!!! Same goes for Drake

    THis isn’t making sense man!

  • smfh

    this is total disrespect to nas cuz both drake and j cole tryna be the next jay z okk yea he’s succesful but if its about the culture nas is definitly better den jay z cmon ether, illmatic are forever classics even nas’ worst album nastrdamus went platnum dese new niggas gotta stop suckin jay z so much and work on their music and juss make classic albums

  • random

    Well to tell you the truth in the long run J cole is gonna be that guy out of all the rappers ive heard of and listened to in my life aint not a single one of them you can relate to now this nigga j. Cole if you hear some of the shit from the warm up [grown simba, Song for the ville, Get up] and even some of his other shit hes 100% real now I cant lie drake is your example of a commercialized rapper his deepest shit was the say you will freestle [after I heard his song with the dream I was done] if you wanna talk about similarites j cole = nas because he has that same storytellin ability but since real shit dont sell no more its gonna be hard for cole to sell

  • Realniggashit

    I feel like you have to wait until the album come out to see what is what. Drake and J. Cole will beef with each other one day.

  • Realniggashit

    Bomber you a funny nigga

  • Let’s keep it 100% funky. Drake couldn’t hold Jay’s chapstick and J. Cole couldn’t even be the weed carrier in QB. Stop filling up your heads with all of the delusions of grandeur before you’ve even released an actual body of work. These new rappers need to get their meat lumped like Waka, maybe they’ll stop talking so much and put out some actual product. LAMES.

  • sirehi

    why is everyone on here talking about somethin else rather than the main story? we know that Eminem, Nas, and Jayz is dope, go buy Drakes next album and J. Cole and see if they live up to the hype! lol ^^

  • Randy

    Hello J-Cole gives Nas much respect! J-Cole was on a radio station 93.7 telling them how star struck he was meeting Nas for the first time people need to stop trying to make this a Nas and Jay comparison thing because that is so 2001!!!!!!!

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  • jai

    SilkCityP says:
    Thursday, April 08 2010 at 10:00 PM EST

    From one point of view J. Cole is exactly right… and on the other its actually kind of accurate what Drake is saying…. Drake is a rapper, J. Cole is a MC….. Jay Z is a rapper/business man, Nas is a MC/Poet


  • Matty Warbucks

    “I’m the young big homie” Dude needs a slap

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  • money

    Nas was hot from day one, It took JayZ a long time to get Nas’s level of respect. Nelly and 50 were once the hottest rappers on the planet, today they are not. Drake is hot today, but I think J Cole will be hotter forever. Drake will fizzle before his next album. Nas and JayZ are in a class of their on. It is way to early to make any comparisons. Drake is not a legend and can’t be mentioned in the name sentence as JayZ or Nas. We can have a conversation 10 years from now.

  • You two guys in this childish rap is crazy. Comparing yourself to jay and nas. Dude those guys ran the streets….you guys never did anything…Come on! Drake and J.Cole have childish raps!!! My daughter could put that crap together and she is only 7. No one can say they are like Nas! Dude is in a category by himself! Dude is a lyrical monster in the past and now! You guys “now” are a joke! Light skinned boys being hard! I never heard of that!!!! Get out of hear with that garbage!!!!