Iron Man 2 Trailer: Busta Rhymes x Swizz Beatz

Mr. Dean told us on Twitter this heat was coming. Word is this joint’s called “Wait! (I Don’t Wanna Hurt Anybody)”. Wow, motion picture shit!

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  • woulda been better without the trailer

  • Reppidy


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  • llll

    Sounds dope, and sounds like Busta is rhyming better than the last album!!

  • SilkCityP

    Don’t know if it’s low quality in sound or not but….. Touch It >>> this…. definitely better than that garbage BOMB… but still nothing spectacular

  • Dan

    looks like they just put music over the old trailor…….suspect

  • ANT619HONY

    break ya neck>>>this shit

  • koa29

    Sounds nice…but i hate how Swizz has to throw his own hook on every beat he makes these days… Like u ain’t that good at it nigga… No shots cuz his beats r hot tho (n)

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  • banger

  • Deans Beats > I Like a Swizz Beat The Shit Already Come With A Hook (c) @Noreaga

    Them grade school ass hooks aint gonna help Swizz career nor Bustas at this point. Producers on tracks with artist died with Sampling “The Black Album” Acapella

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  • mike


  • … cool, but …

    this song doesn’t really fit the trailer, imo.

  • Theloneus

    Wtf??? This trailer sucked ass. First because all the scenes from the 1st and 2nd trailer are put into this. And secondly the song does absolutely NOT go with the trailer. It also sucks. The song sucks.

  • Co-sign what Dan said. Looks like they just threw the music under a retro-fitted version of the previous trailer. Real suspect! That being said, track does sound kinda hot!

  • 1. Wow, another swizz beats tracks where his voice is all over 90% of it
    2. The Beat isnt that hot….not from the lil bit that was played in the snippet @ least
    3. And how you gun cut it soon as Busta Starts rapping

    4. It’s being overhyped just because its a song for an anticipated movie. No one really cares about the song, ITS THE MOVIE WE WANT! CANT WAIT FOR IRON MAN2 !..WOOooOO!

  • I agree a 100% to what Cinna says.
    Swizz has always been all over records hes not rapping on.
    Atleast hes no Damn Dj khaled tho.
    But whats the point with trailers to songs? Or even videos? It seems pointless to me.
    Just drop the shit I’m pretty sure were not salivating in anticipation.

  • Um….. i dont think this is going to be as epic as it sounds. But i might be wrong, whatever. We’ll see.


    This song has no affiliation to the Iron Man 2 motion picture. AC/DC is doin the soundtrack. I don’t know why they keep tryin to pass it off like its gonna be a big track sounds ike every other swizz song that does nuthin and busta is no longer relevant to hip hop today sorry folks someone had 2 say it!

  • ’97 Cheech & Chong

    busta aint back on his bullshit. never will

    his greatest album was anarchy, then the big bang. just fell off after that

  • RJ

    Damn! This beat is nice! Swizz and Busta gon tear it up once again.

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