Game’s Next Two Singles

So, the press release was sent out today for Game’s R.E.D. Album, which is due out June 15th. The first single’s  called “It Must Be Me” produced by Pharrell. And if that doesn’t work, the next tune is “Ain’t No Doubt About It” featuring Justin Timberlake.

It seems as if Game been searching for the right record for a minute now. “Krazy” didn’t go over so well and neither did “Big Money.” Don’t even get me started with “Shake“. Since December, he’s been in the lab with Robin Thicke Ashanti, Travis Barker , and Common. Looking for Bin Laden? Check the studio. Jokes aside, one can only wonder what the final product will sound like. Guess we’re just going to have to wait and see what he’s got up his sleeve.

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  • Psycho

    This Is Gonna Be A Major Failure.

  • D!A!E

    You know what they say, the 4th or 5th time’s the charm!

  • Joe

    Pussy Fight >>>>>>>>>


  • lil charlie

    game thinkin about out-selling drake 1st week???? plz think again….. or does he think criticizing his boss 50 Cent in almost every tune will help him sell records??? neither can common ..ashanti nor pharrell can..find another way home predicting r.e.d. album sell 300,000 records…total

  • Lucci

    The songs Krazy and pussy fight were straight sorry. Shake wasnt that bad for the street level and diamonds is a good radio song. Give Game the benefit of the dought cause he always comes thru. He aint gon outsell Drake but he should be at his neck tho.

  • Shady

    Drake who?????? u know half of drakes album will be singing right…….he’s gonna be some cornball rap&bullshit bitch! Im also not sure if anyone heard of the documentary…….shits at least double platinum….

  • Will

    this nigga always have lik 16 something artist on his album

    dude cant do shit on hiw own like every hook he does is either a sample or a singer is singing on the hook

    I dont understand how you niggas can say Game is better becuz this nigga is a very pampered artist it seems like all he does is write the verses where niggas like Kid Cudi is freestyling hooks

  • Oj Da Cornball

    This might go the same route as BISD.
    They seem to have same pattern in the making. many false start, fail singles. BISD did ok, just not for 50’s standard.

  • LOL

    He passes up on smashes in the studio to appease his entourage of niggas who say we want that hood shit. I’ve seen it.

  • B.W.S

    This sounds classic to me !!!!!!!!!! shut the fuck up haters !!!

    GAME TIME !!!!!

  • Eyo

    Man how gay is this shit… game feat. justin, game prod. by pharell… fuck no

    nigga must be thinkin most of his fans are fuckin fags.

  • Yo

    this niigaa changed hhis name cause he didnt wanna get suied by the wrester the game haha bitch

  • Rickk

    Wow, y’all gon’ judge the records before y’all even heard them

  • bwsrunla

    haha fuckin haters

    best believe both songs are dope……

    justin murdered the hook

  • SilkCityP

    Besides Dre & Pharrel, he better have Documentary or Docs Advocate production on the remainder of this album, b/c that LAX album was pure basura!!!

  • Moe

    why are so many people nowdays worrying about sales too much.. its about the music not about how much these cats sell… i dnt care how much this nigga sells aslong as he gives another classic album…

  • jimedward

    this sounds so horrible. this is supposed to be a hip hop record. why the fuck would he put pop star Justin Timberlake on it? SMH.

  • General

    I guess we will have to wait and see how the CD turns out. It should be hot with Dre doin about 5 or 6 tracks for the final version. By the way, it was Dre that pushed for him to put out Pharrell’s tracks first for the CD so it should be interesting to hear them. Apparently the Doc thinks their heaters


    game time

  • justinaire


    4th or 5th time’s the charm? If you dont think Game’s first 3 albums were (DOPE) then please explain why or just sit aside and be labled a hater. Just look at the songs he’s had on each album

    “The Documentary”

    Put You On Game
    Church For Thugs
    We Ain’t
    The Documentary

    “Doctor’s Advocate”

    Old English
    One Blood
    Doctor’s Advocate
    Why You Hate Game


    Letter to The King
    Cali Sunshine
    Bulletproof Diaries
    Let Us Live

    I LOVE Game’s music, but him outside of the mic is the 1 of the most annoying people in Hip Hop history. But the music speaks for itself. So shut up.

    So let em ask you…”why you hate game”?

  • Eyo

    Homey you can still use the old title ”why you hate THE game”, the song title doesn’t change.

    Doctor’s Advocate was the last album from game without that soft touch.

  • Nipsyfire

    @ justinaire

    The Games first 2 albums were great but everything i heard from him latly is just trash i hope the guy does well! i hope the albums fire and its a hit but i don’t see it nigga.
    Game im going 70,000-100,000 First Week
    Drake Im Thinking 300,000+ First Week
    Dr Dre Im Sayin 400,000 First Week
    Eminem i think 500,000-700k first week
    T.I I Say 200,000 to 300k first week

  • Yeah

    That White Soft Porn song better make the album, that shit sounded like some funky sticky icky gangsta shit.

  • Yeah


    Oh and dont forget Yeezy sellin 1 Billion first week

  • Person


    bro, you skipped the best songs on each album ahahaha, how are you gonna skip “bang” or “remedy” on that advocate son???

    Anyway. Big Money is sick idc what anyone says, if you dont like that your just hating lets be honest..
    & Jumpoff with Ja Rule????? Sick Nasty. Cmon son. Game delivers

  • sup

    “It’s like you knew exactly how I wanted you to feel”


    game red album is already on the advance flop list.

  • these haters r dumb as hell….justin timberlake is on this record for the same reason he was on dead and gone with T.I. because he fuckin makes hits u idiots….All Games albums were the shit u already know about his first 2 and LAX was dope fuckin iodts dont know real hip hop at all My Life and Dopeboys r amazing songs and dont forget house of pain and money ya’ll rnb ass niggaz cant fuck wit Game…R.E.D will be fuckin classic

  • No I Aint
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  • coldworld

    This red album has already made the top 10 flop list for 2010 . Conrgratulations in advance Game.

  • Zombie

    Eminem tweeted “there is no relapse 2”.? man, i hope he dont mean theres no new album, but i know what he means, he changed the title name, maybe cause he thought Relapse 2 sounds corny.

  • mwangi

    Just listened to “it must be me”…straight trash. He can’t write a hook without 50 Cent.