Jeezy’s Forever “Young”

Nearly a month later after the initial report, Da Snowman tells 1515 Boy Shaheem Reid that he’s still going by Young Jeezy. The name remains, ha-ha!

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  • petey

    Whooooooo caaaaaaaares

  • kat stacks

    wh3n i wa$ fukn h!m h3 t0Ld m3 to call h!m J!zzey

  • keke

    Good for him! Young Jeezy sounds way better. I guess he wanted to change it for a second though.

  • Dan

    Dude wants to be the new Puff.

  • 2Gutta

    he should change his name to African Jizzle

  • RICH1

    JUST LIKE PUFF [email protected] (( DIVAS ))………

  • [email protected]!


  • D!A!E

    this site is more like Rap Rumors… your journalism better

  • Astral

    LMFAO @ kat stacks

  • [email protected]

    Astral says:
    Tuesday, April 13 2010 at 2:46 AM EST
    LMFAO @ kat stacks

    ^^ You Mean smh.. groupie lol

  • Mark

    this is the sort of ground breaking news that keeps bringing me back to RR,keep up the good work fellas.

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^ LMA0

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  • WHo the fuck cares nigga just make that heat like that thug motivatioin 101 or Trap or die

  • DIGGSY!!!

    jeezy needs to quit worryin about that dumb shit. last summer at birthday bash in ATL i got a promo towel for JEEZY TM103. well this years birthday bash is almost here and he still aint even put the mixtape out much less the fuckin album.

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