• Psycho

    Why Release A Video For A Single That Flopped On The Radio ?….Doesn’t Make Sense.

  • Osiris

    Because there is no time limit to breaking a record…that track was never serviced to radio nationally…he’s on a different label now and they can still work the record, it’s way too hot a joint not too…and with Jeezy’s album on the way too, it’s a no brainer

  • yo

    song is wack and the artist are wack it 2010 nobody wants to hear this

  • Your Father

    Man, h man…doesn’t Fat Joe look just like the body, Krang (the talking brain dude in the Ninja Turtles cartoon) uses to move around! LMAO

  • dj hex

    Crack is bringin Hardest Shit in 2010!!!!

  • dj hex

    I hear it in my city on the radios, djs playing hot shit out here

  • rrahha

    good song, but joey…i’m fan dog…why are u always riding somebody else’s coat tails on your VERY FIRST SINGLE!!!! now people are gonna rock to it because of jeezy and your going to sell jeezy’s album, not ur own.

  • Looks like another flop for Joe.

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