Swizz Beatz Haute Living Feature

The print’s too small to make out, but here is Swizz Beatz The Monster The Graduate’s feature in the current issue of Haute Living magzine. Save the Mrs. Robinson jokes. Take five and read the entire spread here.

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  • Will

    them Louboutin’s is Ugly

  • my_poop_was_green_just_now

    FLOCKING ridiculous! what happened to being humble? i cant believe this is a real magazine fucking pathetic, stupid ass post where DA real [email protected]?

  • King JuggaNott

    LOL @ those shoes.

  • my_poop_was_green_just_now

    when the empire falls imagine how crazy that will be, when it does these are the type of ppl to die first cause everyones gonna want yo shit

  • Young Nas

    Those shoes=FAIL

  • Tiny Tim

    The article says that 4 singles he produced last year made him a household name.

    Those records definitely helped re-establish his contemporary presence, but the man is partially responsible for the sale of over 100 mill records (albums, singles etc) over the past decade and I find it hard to believe the frat boys of the DMX era didn’t pass on “Ruff Ryders Anthem” to their younger brothers for their lacrosse games

  • Rickk

    Here come the broke ass haters….

  • King JuggaNott

    I wouldn’t mind using one of those shoes for a holster for one of my guns when I put it in my truck. LOL

  • lol this is hip hop

  • Not trying to spam or nothing but.. I mean this isn’t news for any1 I think. Love the site I see you guys keep it active and all. But with the space used here couldn’t you like atleast showcase some mcs that are off the radar. I know alot of heads that peeps here would dig. And a site like yours could give alot of said cats a boost. Ya know just a thought. Peace

  • jtl

    He is disgusting. He is using Alicia keys money all the time. I heard from someone that works for her. Oh they were already engaged last summer. She is blind.

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