New Music: Wale Ft. Chris Brown x Fabolous “Pretty Girls (Remix)”

Who knew Wale had a remix in the stash? Here, Chris Brown and Fabolous hop on board. No Ugly Betty’s allowed.


UPDATE: Wale says this ain’t final version. His verse is longer.

UPDATE 2: Here’s the final.

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  • Tom Fargo

    yo man america is hot

  • niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • dannidavito

    flyarrhea… Loso really? lmao

  • Dope!!! I Like The Original Better!

  • Boombapster

    Dat bitch thick den muhlasses. She must got the Nicki Minaj Treatment/Workout Plan. You see her in the video, so you know it paid off. Ho-ray!

    BB$. Work it, Gurl.

  • #NTer


    Lol @ Fab tryna force that sneaker reference in there tho…

  • rocstar

    loso is a beast, never gona get the credit he deserves

  • my_poop_was_green_just_now

    wale sucks ass, i can SEE how he is refreshing too others just cause he sound differnt and got suum alright production, but HE SUCKS ASS!!! fuck wale he need to drop another brick and get dropped from his label so i dont gotta see his ugly ass face on here all the time, he will never sell, and never reach any kind of star status, he will only flop, he sucks

  • kydds

    damn homie… this rmx cranksss

  • Rickk

    Glad they did a remix cus i hate the original, i can rock wit dis tho

  • So Icy Boi!

    Fabolous is TRASH dis nigga been sounding the same since 02

  • King JuggaNott

    Khalid is doing what I would have been doing. Screw dancing and rhyming….I would have been checking out that shorty with those wonderful looking hips.

  • W

    Wusnt expectin this, dope shit

  • Damn It’s Done Got That Bad For Breezy He Gotta Go After The Big Girls “I’m Looking 4 A Plus Sized Model” #SMH

  • L6

    this shit is fire! everybody killed it IMO…#nice p.s. the average real life bad chick is “plus size model” size

  • christina

    chris brown did a good job. im starting to like his rapping!!!!!!

  • Just Plain Jones


    you mad my man? ..lmao hahahah


  • my_poop_was_green_just_now

    why you think? my FUCKIN poop is GREEN! wouldnt you be mad too?

  • my_poop_was_green_just_now

    why you think? my FUCKIN poop is GREEN! wouldnt you be mad too? i just like to hate, nothin personal

  • IMO

    Love Wale. He’s so slept on! “I gotta Pink & Green girl she don’t even fly Delta…” (Skee Weeee!)

    Fab is slept on too.

  • Moe

    DMV Outchea!!!!

  • crossover1985

    idk, i like this song, but ive never been impressed by Wale’s rhymes. idk. i keep on waiting for him to drop some ill shit, but he has yet to. His hooks and beats carry him. Fab kills this shit as usual though.

  • Big G


    I agree that fab is slept on 100 percent. but that’s because his albums are straight out commercial and it feels like he sells out on em too. his mixtapes are fire but he doesn’t bring up that mixtape heat to his albums and that’s why he’s overlooked. plain and simple.

  • Big G

    and I’m a fab fan too.

  • used_rubber

    @ big g
    thats exactly how i feel about banks, if hfm2 is like rotten apple, nail in the coffin

  • Roc

    So he thinks we want the version with a longer verse by him? Fuck dat shit.

  • Fat Boy

    should had added fabo instead of gucci anyway nice track representin the DMV

  • mikedreamsmusic

    “Style keep sh*ttin’ on ’em, call it fly-a-rhea”.

    That has to be like the hottest line this year so far; at least one of them.

    The remix is NUTS and eons better than the original. Wale should have kept Gucci off the OG, did it solo and then hit us with this remix.

  • Will

    Fabolous is overrated

    he drops a hot line here and there

    he’s like the class clown of the rap game the nigga in class who always had a joke here and there and joked on the same niggas everyday after a while its gets old and annoying

  • mikedreamsmusic


  • money Mitch

    Fab flow is all south sounding now super basic nursery rhyme shit
    Wale I try to like him, but I cant
    And chris brown, whats left to say
    Straight beat though

  • So Icy Boi!
  • HAHAHAHAHA FAB Killed that with the DUI line.

    It was dope. Whole thing… I skipped Wale’s verse tho…lol

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  • Being from DC of course I prefer the original version (track wise w/ the whole go-go flavor aspect)…. you cant deny Fab blessing it along with Chris breezy’s contribution as well….

    not a wale fan, but respect the grind.

  • Wale hot to me, I like the nigga grind, and he real underestimated.. dude can make hot tracks.. his label shoulda dropped this song first then the Lady Gaga joint which coulda got him MTV viewings.. Bad marketing too.. but dude still good

  • damn i already downloaded the 1st one…

    [Holla at my production team [email protected] Twitter: @TheWatcherZPhiL, @TheWatcherzNate, @TheWatcherZGM

    BeatZ On Deck]

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  • BIG Daddy

    love those hippppppppssssssss she is so uuuuuuuuummmmmmm….o yeah and the remix is hot

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  • JBreeze

    “Brain so good mess around and got a bachelor / Call me tiger woods I’ll be back for my masters”
    “The pretty girls make it happen / All the ugly girls why the hell is yall clappin?”

    hahaha.. gotta love wale.

    i swear ppl be sleepin on dude, i guess his voice on songs thts why. but homie’s wordplay & metaphors is crzi….when you make a whole metaphorical song on seinfeld i consider you a fuckin beast.

  • Banga Banga

    YO THE REMIX IS DOOOOPPPPPEEEE The first version of the remix sounds a million times better tho because Wale’s verse on the “Final Version” is random as hell but Fab and Chris still murdered it.

  • Ricky Ricardo

    Yea ditto ^^^ to the dude above me (Banga) Wale’s Verse sounded sketchy as shit on the second version of the remix… Hahaha It sounds like he was trying waaayyy too hard smh shoulda stuck w/ the first one

  • Barbie_Bitch124

    I LOVE Chris Brown!!!!

  • 3rdRail

    Yo, real talk. Who is the shorty in between Khalid and Wale???? Thanks in advance!!

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