Ice Cube Introduces Son OMG

With Cube looking on, his baby boy OMG spat a couple bars over the CPU. If he were to hook up with Dr. Dre’s son Curtis and Eazy-E’s daughter Erin, they could be the 2010 N.W.A.—well, not really, but you get the point.

Heads up: WSHH

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  • Man…. holy shit all i gotta say is cube’ s son is raw and like father like son.. big ups to the music… its a new generation cube looks so proud….

    Static and do or die pics coming soon….

  • bigfamily

    flow more like Jay than O’Shea.
    If my family had financial stability I’d try and overcompensate instead of find my way too.

  • Big 110

    this nigga go hard… this nigga got some bars…

  • No.Serzly

    He sounds like a Young Money castoff. Cast away.

  • llll


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  • Dee

    Even got the same mean mug as his pops.
    Good shit!
    I’d change the name though.
    Keep it within the “cold/cool” theme.

    You forgot to mention Lil’ Eazy E.
    They’re all spitting images of their pops though.

  • killacrack

    he was cool,above average i guess all he gota do now is talk about cookin crack and killing a few fools and he could go multi plat,he just has to dum down his lyrics.

  • He def has that Drake/Young Money flow goin. He’d prolly heat Game though.

  • Master P’s Theatre

    Yea, change that name, but the bars sounded proper.

  • That little nigga is NICE!

  • Harlem1Der

    yeah he’s better than most of the young cats spittin right now. I’ll definately have him on my radar.

  • Legacy

    This niggas wack, get off the residuals of Cubes dick you fuckin lames, Just call it like it is. And for real what kinda gay ass name is OMG, ***Teenage WhiteGirl Voice*** OMG like r We There Yet?

  • dumb dumb

    OMG, should hook up with LOL and LMAO and go on the WTF tour

  • Kik

    This nigga is biting drake flow and That Rosetta line shit doesn’t he know drake is wack

  • nyg187

    cnt stand these drake flow asss niggas..u dnt have to sound like ya favorite creative not jus put words together..this is a art my nig

  • nyg187

    @ dumb dumb good 1 lol

  • 2D

    ughhhhh, how embarassing…

  • BTK

    @dumb dumb lmfao pretty funny

  • smokeyou

    either way its cool to see the next generation of our favorite rappers throughout the years. still gonna be tough getting out from ice cube’s gigantic shadow though.

  • majest

    this nigga shoulda just look into the camera & said….young

  • Fat Boy

    @dumb dumb lmfao. Yea OMG is dope

  • fruity_ass_niggas


    drake said “I could teach you how too speak my language…Rosetta stone”

    omg say “countin money in the vanquish, Rosetta stone couldn’t put you on my language”-killed the original line

    omg got a smooth ass flow, yall dont know nothin bout talent, i bet he start heating up

  • Jerzzz

    @Fruity ass nigga
    Drakes wack son, but so is this. But your name is fruity ass nigga so i see why you feelin it.

  • t dubs

    danggg… kid be going hardddd.

  • Sin

    OMG, should hook up with LOL and LMAO and go on the WTF tour
    that elementary shit had me Rollin tho

  • 2D

    swag must obviously not be a hereditary trait…

  • Name (required)

    I’m not mad. A few inspired bars and similes but otherwise he held his own. Cube was definitley proud and that was a great thing to see. Only time will tell…

  • illaDeuce

    im surprised that he’s nice. I dunno bout the name, but hopefully he does come with some nice material.

  • Mannnnn, ya’ll faggot ass niggaz crazy. This nigga Cube’s son is cold. He spittin shit like he’s supposed to! And that nigga even SOUNDS like Cube from back in the 80’s, plus he look like that muthafucka. The name needs to change, but otha than that, kid’s dope. Fuck tha haters.

  • No hate but I definitely hear some of that Drake punchline shit in his flow. And im not sayin Drake invented that style,before sumbody say sumthin.Hes just more known for it. OMG is aite tho I guess

  • gb

    I’m not mad

  • @Everybody

    What new nigga hasn’t used the “Drake” style of rap at least once??? Blame thay shit on Wayne. Its a new era, niggaz gonna rap how they rap. I wish OJ and Waka Flocka rapped “like Drake”. Lol. That would put an end to the bullshit they say…What, ya’ll niggaz tp rhyme like its ’93 on sum Fuschnickens type shit? Lmao!

  • JiveTurkey

    whats the instrumental from

  • Eyerone

    damn, people keep running wild with the big sean shit..

    no escaping it. this freestyle was average. gotta hear more from dude before i say anything.

  • godly

    hes nice and that beat is fire

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  • Killa

    He Dope As Fuck He Has That Stop & Pause Punchlines

  • Foe Life

    One who is Drake??????? No such thing as stealing anyone’s flow. Cube has been taking folks style changing styles and improving styles. Boyz in the Hood written by Ice Cube and he stole the flow from Ice T 6 n the morning. If you want a history lesson get at me. So his son can rap anyway he pleases. You young kids can’t talk about nothing about hip hop and flow. I grew up on this so shut the hell up and let OMG stand up. Drake stole Too Short flow Too Short been having that style. So that makes me laugh lol. West Coast and Houston stand up. NWA and Geto Boyz foe life lol. “You Want Child Support get it out your ass bitch………”

  • clench mob in the buildin…. we got that heat… i was just in the studio wit omg we bout to kill this shit follow dough boy @adoughboyslife and omg @californiahier and me @maccxamillion we bout to samash all haters… WEST UP

  • lench mob muufukka

  • free2b

    he was alright, i’ve certainly heard worse considering i just got through watching the BET hip hop awards…to me he sounds a little like his Dad in the beginning of Once Upon a Time in the Projects which if I’m not mistaken was probably out while Drake was getting beat up in the playground as a kid.