New Mixtape: Lil Boosie Gone Til December

Unless a miracle happens, Boosie’s gon be gone longer than December. So in the meantime, here’s his new mixtape inspired by Wycelf’s classic song. Download here. Tracklist underneath.


1. Still Happy
2. Holding On (Prod. Q-Red)
3. One Love (Feat. Locco)
4. How Deep Is Your Love (Feat. Lil’ Quick)
5. Something Out Of Nothing (Prod. Phunk Dawg)
6. Paid My Dues
7. Gin In My Cup (Feat. Bad Azz Ent & Big Poppa)
8. Primetime (Feat. Leechie)
9. Cartoon (Feat. Mouse On Tha Track & Shell)
10. Gone But Not Forgotten (Prod. Big Wayne)
11. Niggas Ain’t Shit
12. Got You Where I Want You (Feat. Lola Monroe)
13. Fuck Em’ All (Prod. Big Wayne)
14. 8 Motherfuckas
15. Baby Gangsta
16. Sticks & Stones
17. Free At Last (Prod. Mouse On Tha Track)

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    Drake >>> J.Cole

  • Boosie ass hole is prolly getting worked over

    • Derek Leblanc

      Only a ponk be thinking like that faggit azz fuck boy

  • Joe Blow

    Free Boosie Bad AzZ

  • majest

    this clown just looks so stupid to me..his music i never even heard it so,no comment on that.if he did the crime suck it up & do your a thug aint ya?man up or man down you gig.

    • Derek Leblanc

      Fuck boy you ain’t even heard my lil brothers music so shut your pussy ass fuck boy mouth

  • Will

    @ El Gato

    I heard he did get his ass whooped while being in Jail i heard the nigga who was protecting him got stabbed and Boosie got involved and got knocc the fucc out

    • Derek Leblanc

      Fuck boy that ain’t true Boosie Runnin Angola think C-Murder gonna let that shit fly and everybody here in Louisiana fans of Boosie from the streets to the pen

  • Go….

  • …..And stay gone Boosie….

    • Derek Leblanc

      Wtf get off here talking that pussy azz shit go To My City BRC and say that fuck shit loud and watch your head knocked off

  • I fuck wit Boosie. The radio shit is of course……radio shit but dude got some cold tracks. Its a reason Scarface and UGK co signed this dude.

    • Derek Leblanc

      Scarface wtf know your shit before talkin lil homie You Mean My Homie Big Dawg C-Loc and then Pimp C. Get it right 225 BRC

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  • Karlos Slim/504

    One thing i will never understand is out of all the Talented Rappers out there how do people like Boosie,Plies,Wacka Flocka and a Host of other Corny sounding mutherfuckers get to make Rap Money?thats a Enigma to me to this day.SMH


    man all yall niggas on hea hatin some fuckin hoes…that man go hard as fuck rap similar to the greatest rapper ever tupac…if he gettin beat oh well he still gon get out and come home to millions and its gon cost even more for him to do a show…QUIT HATIN!!!..go to BR and say that shit and get knocked off! pussy ass niggas…FREE WAYNE AND BOOSIE>>>FUck JAYz

    • Derek Leblanc

      225 my City we riding for Boosie and That mane Iz Runnin Angola one of the worlds worst prison and my dawg BigWayne BadAzz said Boosie gonna touchdown To Cause Hell Before Christmas day

  • Nae|FreeBoosieee*

    For All You Muthafckassz Thts Hatin On Boosie Suck A Dick & Die Quick, Boosie Da Best Fckin Rapper Alive So Quit Hatin & Wen Ya Get Throuqh Talkin He Still Gon Come Home To Zillions n Got Mo Money Then Yell Stupid Mothafckassz. On Tht Note Free Boosieee Pussy’ssz!

    • Derek Leblanc

      We really would Die for my dawg Hatch 225 real Reconize real fuck all theses bitch made Hattin ass fake dick in the booty ponks

  • ciera frazier

    i looooovvvvveeee dis cd


    Yall is stupid for not listening to him.

    If ur a real nigga give him a try.If u would list wayne,drake,waka,gucci,plies,ross W/e ect, Then you dont recognize real.

    I stopped listing to rap for years because theres so much BS airing and along with him and a few other dudes i can listen to on the daily.

    But theres not too many real niggas nowadays so not too many niggas gonna feel him.

    • Derek Leblanc

      Hell yea couldn’t have said it better myself my whole state and city Baton Rouge would die for Boosie and Kevin Gates that’s what we Bleed all you fake Azz prankstaz