• Big G

    This Is Dope. Raekwon is the best from The Wu! The Lyrics are on point on this joint.

  • rod

    ^ Nah Meth got that title G

  • money Mitch

    ^Nah ghost got the title b

    And isnt this a dizzee rascal beat?

  • Deangelobailey

    If you ask them they’d say Gza.

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  • JiveTurkey

    fuck yall method is greatest of wutang

  • money Mitch

    thanks for the link and ya i listened to liquid swords for like the past 2 weeks

  • Consignment

    Raekwon OB4CL is the best Wu-Tang solo album!
    Enter the 36 Chambers best Wu-Tang group album!
    Ghostface the best Wu-Tang rapper.

    RIP ODB most original rapper ever!!!

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    Method and RZA prolly the most famous outta Wu but I gotta say GZA or Ghost takes the best emcee title.

  • money Mitch

    Lol all of em are tight knowm saying comin mad flavorful and shit lol except capa ugod an rza well they have surprise verses from time to time but mostly they are wack

  • King JuggaNott

    Ghosface is the best Wu emcee….

  • RG

    seems we all have our personal favorites.
    Rae, Meth, GZA/genius, and Ghost all have several reason why they could be the best.