Scott Storch Produced “Under Pressure”

Dre didn’t premiere “Under Pressure” last night at Coachella, but here’s some news you can use: Scott Storch is the man behind the boards. In February, he spoke on reuniting with Dre. The tandem spawned “Still D.R.E.” off 2001.


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  • good…hopefully this dude got over his crack habit and can go back to making those hit records

  • Eyerone

    wow. this might really signal the return of scott storch…

  • Toss

    good for scott but we’ve waited an eternity for this first album and then the first song is not even produced by dre.
    so what’s the point?? we know he’s not a good rapper so what else…?

  • RapMusic23

    Just drop the fucking song already

  • Escobar

    I Still Love You Snott Snorts>

  • yuriy

    @Toss it is produced by dre but scott storch was on the keyboards.
    he is a genius on that.

  • NAS

    “Drake stands for Do Right And Kill Everything!” Drake >>> J.Cole

  • Killa_Cali

    Dre just adds the Bass and everything else, scott is the man behind the instruments….but, fuck this Fake ass Doctor!!! he took too long to come to my Relapse, but now I’m recovered!!! We have a better chance of listening to a santa Clause album!! I gaved up on this album/song weeks ago! I cant believe people are still falling for this Myth!!!

  • eXquire

    who fuckin cares, wheres the song…

  • Killa_Cali

    “Under Pressure” is like a dick on 5 viagras….it’s never dropping lol

  • What is

    what is “Chronic 2000”? thats a song on 2001? huh?

  • kariba

    You missed something over there B. Dot. CO-Produced

  • Im Beamin

    ima be honest.. i never really likes scotts productions . they seem to repetetive. hopefully he’ll change my mind

  • fruity_ass_niggas

    i don’t give a fuck who produces what, as long as the album has snoop cube eminem kurupt daz rbx and lady of rage, oh yea nate dogg too!! and if i see wayne or drake on the track list i will have a heart-a-tack!! it would be nice to see nas too maybe ren or yella that would be dope king tee maybe like a lil nwa reunion track since he been in the stu with cube, get lil eazy to stand in!!!! i just cant wait to see that tracklist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ttt

    what is “Chronic 2000″? thats a song on 2001? huh?


    glad someone else noticed this.

  • Joe

    wow, so lemme get this straight..

    Dre co-produces songs and has other nggas rapping on them, yet he is the genuis?

    ‘kanye shrug’ Ay, thats YALL mans n them..i been sayin he overrated.

  • Is this ever coming out?

  • NAS

    i think yall didnt get that ?

    “Drake stands for Do Right And Kill Everything!” Drake >>> J.Cole
    D R A K E

  • dannidavito

    we have a better chance of seeing 2pac before this record ever drops! im sick of them hyping it up, what if it turns out to be shit? that would suck!



    Drake >>> J.Cole




  • 187 on a DRE

    Fuck DR DRE FUCk DETox Fuck Aftermath He dont give a fuck bout his fans then Fuck that bitch made clown

  • 187 on a DRE

    All Dre care bout is counting his money from his headphones he dont give a fuck what he tells the fans or none of thaat shit Dre is a clown

  • 187 on a DRE

    Im gonna DL Detox then sell that shit.. 5 dollars a CD FUCK DR DRE

  • fruity_ass_niggas

    @joe its been known since his first album he don’t really write and that he works with a ton of people, but at the end of the day he is the producer and he knows whats hot and how to inspire sounds from the likes of storch and then develop them into a great sound.

    Quincy jones don’t write songs, and when he producing there other people around and he don’t even play the insrtruments most the time now you gonna say thriller overrated? people act like music is made by one person, even kanye has other producers work with him and his shits not even original, damn near all his songs are just samples he loops then OTHER producers put the gay pop sound in

    im convinced you people will find a way to hate on anything so i’m done defending dre

  • JamieLondon

    Dre is overrated.

  • 187 on a DRE

    DRe is a clown he left coachella cause the Chef jeremiah blew his cover and dre got shook like a lil girl. i saw on that he ws gonna perform with jay but they took it off after the chef blew his spot.. fUCk DETox DRE probably takin a bath In his money right now laughin at us for wwaitin on him .

  • Silk the shocker

    @187 Suge is that you? Shouldn’t you be with your lawyers trying to figure out who else to sue? Maybe Vanilla Ice?

  • Killa_Cali

    LOL look atr this lame ass groupie, still waiting on Dre since 10 years! Hahahaha how bout You getta Life!! cause waiting on this over rated “takin 30 years for each song” Bubble gum Wrapper, aint getting you nowehere! and we ain’t hating…I still listen to Dre’s old shit, but this Decade Long wait…is Ridiculous! either drp it…or DON’T! and If your not…then stop saying you gonna drop it in the next 2 weeks when it’s passed a month already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Killa_Cali

    LOL look at this lame ass groupie, still waiting on Dre since 10 years! Hahahaha how bout You getta Life!! cause waiting on this over rated “takin 30 years for each song” Bubble gum Wrapper, aint getting you nowehere! and we ain’t hating…I still listen to Dre’s old shit, but this Decade Long wait…is Ridiculous! either drp it…or DON’T! and If your not…then stop saying you gonna drop it in the next 2 weeks when it’s passed a month already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 187 on a DRE

    at least other mother fuckers got a reason to push there shit back Dre dont give a fuck he just do it for no reason or to fuck with his fans . wats this 50 year old clown gonna rap about neway GOin threw a midlife crisis

  • MHarstad


    It has been about two weeks..not passed a month..just relax homie

  • Jus drop tha fuckin song…and get rid of this gay ass picture!!! That shit is not rapradar-ish…

  • money Mitch

    damn that guy looks fucking gay

  • Killa_Cali

    It HAS been almost a month later!
    at least 3 weeks have passed!!
    Live Life like no tommorow, and for this dude it’s: “Live your life like you got 10 years left!!!”
    Naw Fuck that. either drop it or don’t.
    I’m not gonna be hyped over some 30 second snippets and rumors and interviews anymore.
    Fuck Dre and it’s ashamed nobody likes this dude anymore.
    Not after dropping 20 artists…

  • ray

    Dre be to busy in his mansion eatin niggas ass’s and suckin dick just like pac said. this clown is a homo

  • GBO

    Everybody needs to jst relax.. perfection takes time!!

  • Mokh

    scott storch is the co-producer… it’s produced by dr. dre and scott storch


    ITS KILLIN ME INSIDEE I WANT TO HEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Interscope Employee

    1- lets hope its a banger like STILL DRE
    2- Drake aint got shit on J.Cole. Maybe more money and success right now, but he cant touch Cole on the mic

  • Drucifer

    People on this site are like some emotional little girls I swear, ya’ll like “I’m not checking for it cause Dre kept me waiting all these years” and blah blah blah

    Ya’ll like some scorned Ex-Girlfriends or summin……….If this albums good when it drops, I’ll check for it, but I aint sitting around counting the minutes for him or anyone else to release summin……….If a new Dre joint drops tomorrow, or 2020, I’ll still give it a listen, in the meantime I’ll be listening to the new Game, Em, B.o.b and T.I records that are coming out soon


    I love all music
    its just after i heard the snippet i went nuts its like anticipation like when drake song dropped!
    certain artists get that type of recongintion that its like i want to hear it i need to hear it!!

  • 187 on a DRE

    ^^ people wait for Dres shit to drop cause he say it is but he likes to fuck wit his fans so fuck dre im burnin that shit and sellin it

  • 187 on a DRE

    cali gonna be hyped wen that shit detox drops but they aint tryin to spend 12 bucks so u can catch me with a backpack full of burnt cds 5 dollars each

  • 187 on 187 on a DRE

    @187 on DRE
    your a straight up whinny bitch an an idiot so is the girl who said it was the same felling she had for drake…WTF

  • Majest

    Fuck dre….everybody should just download this shit when it drops. I download regardless. Lol

  • Patiently Waiting

    I’m not tripping on waiting for the album, better than this microwave rap thats been in rotation lately, i will be disappointed if it’s not classic/timeless, like his previous material… but for all the people talking sh*t, I think Dre Had Yall In Mind When He Spit This Verse :

    Dr. Dre :

    ” Did i Fall of
    Got You In Your Room
    Ripping Every Chronic Poster on The Wall Off
    Just Cause I Put Away The Sawed Off
    Now I Got You Sitting Back With A Smirk
    Listening With Your Arms Crossed
    Questing Dre’s Credibility (what?)
    Wondering If It’s Still In Me To Produce Hits
    Yall Be Killing Me
    As If I Need To Make Mo’
    I Got A Mansion A six Car That Are Paid Fo’ Suck My D*ck,(Hello)
    We Came A Long Way From Not Giving A F*ck
    Selling Tapes Outta Truck
    To Moving This Far Up
    Now We Got The Whole World Star Struck
    Made A mil Plus Still Dont Give A Mother F*ck
    Mother F*cker I’m Dre
    I Don’t Need Your Respect
    I Don’t Need To Make Another Album B*tch
    I Aint Gotta Do Sh*t
    I Do It Because I Want To
    Not Because To Stay In The Game
    F*ck The Fame, I’m Still Staying The Same
    Lil B*tch

    -Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Mc Ren {Hello}

  • B.o.B. – Past My Shades feat. Lupe Fiasco LEAKED

  • lup

    some of you need to go back and listen to a little song called Forgot About Dre. jesus fuck.

  • Shady

    yes, another Crack-Boy Singe! I love this Westcoast Lifestyle!

  • Yooo

    That girl in the middle would get a good shag.

  • MHarstad


    The baseball season started exactly two weeks ago..Dre dropped the news on opening night..So its been two weeks

  • Killa_Cali

    @ MHarstad
    Well my point is…
    It’s been 2 weeks already!!
    whether it’s past it or not, he hasn’t said a word since that!
    I really hope he flops so he gets taught a lesson on “waiting” and “Lagging it” in the rap game!!
    SMH @ this myth album!!!!!

  • mike

    he killed ‘Shutterbugg’ FOR (outkast) Big Boi’s solo album on defjam in july 2010


    “under pressure” WILL BE a fuckin’ huge bomb probably

    can’t wait

    Peace yall mµ[email protected]ùck*z


  • Sin

    This is what happens when u confirm shit before it’s all in print. If it was me I woulda never said shit jus leak it on the random. Shit it work for Dewayne n his peoples

  • MHarstad


    I see you..Ive been sick of waiting for this album for years..but im not gonna give up on it now..when it finally drops, I think it will be worth it

  • Killa_Cali

    @ MHarstad
    Naw, I wanna hear it before I die! lol
    why would you say it’ll be worth it, when you don’t know what can happen? it can flop, it can take 10 more years, ect…
    Fuck the’s been 2 weeks now! and NO word from him yet…he’s prolly laughing at the fans, and then he has the nerve to screw rappers from Aftermath!!? Hell Naw! this dude is the new Suge Knight!! he can’t do ANYTHING. and takes credit for the lyrics and beats produced! when None of it is His!!!!
    Fuck Detox!!!
    Either drop it, or Don’t!
    but don’t lie to us!!

  • The Noid

    Scotts crew is wack lol but the chic can get it.