• JamieLondon

    Avery Storm Is Talent.
    Dude Can Sing.

    Ross Is Decent On This Song.

    No Hate

  • Yeauknowwhoitis

    Is it me or the mix sounds horrible. DO OVER. Vocals def. not on point JamieLondon^

  • dannidavito

    bout time Averys album is about to drop..shitt he was bout to be in the jmillz status! but he’s mad talented though. lets get that mainstream exposure!

  • jay

    its def hot, but doesnt sound mixed… cdq will bring it to life

  • ye this is no CDq but i can see it will sound great when completed!

  • JamieLondon

    @Yeauknowwhoitis i was just saying that avery storm is talent and can sing. this song doesnt show his true vocals.

  • koa29

    Not feelin Avery storm (pause) on this one

  • godly

    tell me why i thought officer ricky’s chain was a gigantic piece of steak

  • Spirit

    Officer Ricky is a fucking cop! Diddy is a fucking pop “artists”!

    We miss the Notorious B.I.G.!

  • chitlin coon

    spirit…bigs dead…he is never coming back. Kill yourself and record it loser

  • t dubts

    “Avery Storm”: dude ya needs to drop the mic, your shit is wack.