Ludacris x Mystikal “Move Bitch” (Shreveport)

A Bay Bay sure knows how to bring the big dogs out for his birthday bash and this year is not different. For the first time in God knows how long, Luda and Mystikal performed “Move Bitch”. Afterward, Luda recited some cuts off Battle Of The Sexes.

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  • Willie mcfly22

    Mystikal is baaaccckkk!!

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  • F*ck Yass Mystikal!!!

  • King JuggaNott

    New Orleans Stand Up!!! Were in the Building!!

  • Lux

    Luda is hot!!

    Check Out My Man Prozilla.DMV All Day!!

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  • Or not

    Prozilla??? Or you serious? PRO….ZILLA?? The new generation of rappers stage names are fucking retarded,

    Young Cinderblox

  • Take Notes Shyne

    Same Energy Same Mystikal!

    I cant wait for his new stuff to drop.

    Who’s gonna have the illest out of jail album this year?

    Who’s gonna get the “All Eyes on Me” Award in 2010?

    Mystikal sounds like he wants it we’ll see.


    wow. maybe the BITCHIEST move of all time on this site?

    Hey, my name is YN. I’m gonna name a HANDFUL of things that deserve to be in the Blackout section (number one of course being the travesty that is Shyne) more than anything else going on right now, right before i actually give the Blackout title to T.I. for what MIGHT BE the name of his album?? lmfao. wow. You could change THE ENTIRE NAME OF THIS SITE to THE SHYNE BLACKOUT and everyone would completely understand, but instead you bitch up about it and not only attack T.I. (who by the way, went to jail and didnt come out sounding like a throat fucked Grimmace), but downplay his bid? lmao. Have you done a year?…a month?….a week?…fuck, have you done a DAY in jail? Of course not. Fuck being friends…if thats what you are. KEEP IT REAL like you niggaz are always saying you do and Blackout Shyne. As a matter of fact, ANYTHING besides Shyne being in the Blackout section for the next 10 YEARS is proof positive you fuckers are some dick ridin’ liars just fakin the funk. Oh well.

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  • So Icy Boi!

    @yaboitone fuk you and dat snitch T.I. … CRY BABY ass nigga Lmao “King Uncaged”

  • flop d

    did YN learn the term ‘skid bid’ on

  • King JuggaNott

    @ Yaboitone……..?

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  • Tiiz

    How do niggas (especially Mystikal) still remember the words to that song??

  • crossover1985

    9 years? wow. that party looked live

  • Jet$

    @ Tiiz if the wack-ass dj’s in orlando are anything like they the one’s in shreveport (yuck) they prolly still hear that ish every fri night

  • New Orleans stand up first of all. And Second of all Louisiana has some of the greatest lyrical rappers. Search Isreal Spain. Next Up!!

  • Will

    luda has to be the biggest celebrity to have all that hood inside of him this nigga was on Slauson Ave at Slauson Tees YN I know its a pic of him and NIpsey somewhere you should post that shit it was like last week for Spring Break a Nigga was bacc home and getting That Master Burger Breakfast Special and seen that Nigga Luda just outside the store laughing and joking like cuz was one of the bangers

    this is a testment of how hood this nigga is like this guy got 5 number 1 songs him doing Birthday Bashes should be over unless its like a celeb

    this nigga prolly still got jars as Dishes in his house and got a drawer full of ketchup and mild sauces LOL

    You know hwo they say you can take a nigga out the hood but you cant take the hood out of a nigga

  • Will


    when That was your biggest hit you cant forget that shit its like Mystikal got like 4 joints “It aint My Fault” “The Man Right Here” “Shake Yo Ass’ and “Move Bitch” them shits is like singing ABC’s you not going to forget

    and Not to mention just like my Nigga Jet$ said the south club music is so prejudice when aint no new music bumping in the south they go bacc to the old ones I went the club last nite and they played get your roll On by the big tymers