Too $hort & Kendra Wilkinson “Blow The Whistle”

Back at 93.5’s Krush Groove Concert this past weekend in L.A, Short Dawg performs his hit “Blow The Whistle” while former Playboy playmate Kendra Wilkinson toots that thang. Ludacris was right about that new phenomenon.

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  • eightysbaby

    Yea man these new age white girls got AZZ. Kendra was boppin that thing somethin fierce. LOL


    go, Todd. Get busy.



  • RoeLuv

    I’m sure Hank Baskett is pleased


  • dannidavito

    hmmmmm, i can’t knock no one for having fun, she enjoying life!

  • dani

    i wish em was there to throw another pail of water on her….

  • Theloneus

    This generation is full of fucking fail at life. This lady is a mom and look at her. No shame. I hope her kid sees this when he/she grows up. I don’t give a fuck if you say it’s her “job” and nothin’ else. You stupid nigga.

  • TdotHIPpy

    ^ agreed! The fuck is that about, that’s fine if you don’t have kids to raise and influence. But in no part of the game of life is this ok when you got kids. Hank Baskett is a sucker and so is Reggie Bush for letting these whores make a accesorie out of them. i don’t love ’em i just fuck ’em…replace ’em with another one, now everyone is a sucker for love or is it just the 15 minutes.

  • King JuggaNott

    Too Short has a great ability to attract bitches and hoes like nothing. He is the key to open the door to the hoe trapped inside of them LOL.

  • Chi-town

    Wow!!! nice.

  • mmkayy

    her son will be so proud……………..

  • rickjames21


  • majest

    if i was her husband ill be kinda tight by this mayne.

  • the one

    This white girl is real as she stated years ago in her playboy show that 2 short was her favorite rapper and I thought she was saying it just to be down but here’s the proof!! That was hot kendra you really are down nuff respect!

  • Bitch! Go home and take care of ur kid!…

  • mike

    Bitch !!!! (accent of BiATCH)

    ” Call Her Bitch ” was classic too

    BLOW THE WHISTLE album was crazy !

  • CJ

    Yea and this Bitch is getting divorce by next month with her New Sex Tape. Now Hanks embarresed. Simple softy. One day you Captains will stop Saving them. It Aint Tricking if you Got it? Uhhh yea it still is. Same broke dudes tapping them for free. Get you game up nephews.