Rick Ross Meets F. Gary Gray

Ross told MTV last week that director F. Gary Gray was shooting his first video “Super High” off  Teflon Don. Well, this past weekend the pair met up to discuss the treatment. This isn’t the first time Gray’s directed a music video. Prior to making it big in Hollywood, he shot Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day” and TLC’s “Waterfalls”. His most recent clip was Jay-Z’s “Show Me What You Got” in 2006.

57th Ave

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  • Jerzzz

    Actors meet directors all the time, Why’s this news?


    F. Gary Gary?

  • B.Dot

    reading is fundamental.

  • Cudder

    B. Dot why do you hate Curren$y?

  • mike

    SuperHigh Video OnDa SpotWay

  • CP3

    Another Fail for CO Roberts, aka Officer Ricky, aka Teflon Don, aka Rick Ross, aka biggest fraud in hiphop. Nigga gon spend his entire budget on this video, he’s already on his third “first single”.

  • B.Dot

    B. Dot why do you hate Curren$y?
    who said i hated curren$y?

    he’s already on his third “first single”.




  • B.Dot

    Friday’s top 3 favorite movie ever.

  • TvBooks2010

    there is an error with the spelling:
    Rick Faulse Meets F. Gary Gray

  • Ross?

    Why does everyone continue to work with this fat fool! Diddy picked him up, rappers doing remixes with him etc. etc. and all the while well everyone, EVERY1!!! Know’s dude is the fakest rapper on the planet basically. We just overlook alllllllll the evidence proving he is the complete and polar opposite of his “persona” Rick Ross..Makes me sick.

  • Cudder


    So thats why?


    Am I the only one that thinks Ross & Gary look like Detectives in that bottom pic? Ross lookin like Gary’s reachin for the last donut or sumn and that boy Ross chain looks just like them chains the police badges be on.

    P.S. COP MY SINGLES “CAKE!” & “BIG BOYS” off of iTunes or ANY DIGITAL RETAIL OUTLET. THEY JUST DROPPED 2DAY & they’re cray-cray.

    Treat yourself to something nice by droppin $0.99 twice on BOBBi G PROFECY’s
    “CAKE!” & “BIG BOYS” singles

  • B.Dot


    So thats why?
    what are u talking about?!

  • Cudder

    B. Dot youre a hater haha just like some of these hatin ass dudes on your blog. I usually agree with you but youve been sending subliminal shots at Spitta for a minute now.

  • B.Dot

    what sublimnal shots?

  • Cudder

    It started with him wearing the roc chain that must of irked you and ever since then its been #shotsfired on what little posts yall do on him…im just sayin’

  • Big Homie

    Friday’s top 3 favorite movie ever.

    ^ Yup. You celebrating 4/20 today?

  • illaDeuce

    ross thats dope, but one thing im tryna figure out… Whys everyone saying Curren$y is so nice. I think he’s cool, his steez is cool, but with the music other than the beats, I dont see anything that nice. His lyrics are cool, but his flow is dry as fuck. I think he’s an okay rapper.

  • B.Dot

    It started with him wearing the roc chain that must of irked you and ever since then its been
    u reaching. word to mr. fantastic.

  • Cudder

    I dont know. Guess thats your clever answer. But its ok i guess. I was only asking

  • E_M_P_E_R_O_R_

    When This Po Po Gonna Realize His Career Is Over ?….Well, I Guess Teflon Policeeeeee Numbers Will Showcase It Properly…..This His 5th Single ? Right ?….Its Gonna Flop Heavy.

  • BK

    This fat shit actually seems to generate a buzz at times. B.Dot how much u think teflon don doing 1st week?

  • B.Dot

    first week? im going at 30-40k

  • BK

    I don’t know, i’m no fan of his but i think he’d be around 100k. I want to see if he gets that number 1 album if it’s released june 22nd lol.

  • @Cudder

    U soundin like a defensive broad right now. So what if B. Dot doesn’t like Curren$y. He’s nice, I agree. I fux wit Spitta, but what are u? His fuckin publicist? Lol. Get off it nigga…

  • Cudder

    @ [email protected]

    Is this the same dude who said Kanye didn’t have lyrics? You should sit back and reevaluate your opinions cause most of the time you sound like a clown. I just asked a question I wasn’t talking shit. Now if I was talking to you then of course you should respond. But I wasn’t. If I’m Curren$y’s publicist you must be B.Dot’s publicist.

  • BK

    I thought B.Dot was B.Dot’s publicist…

  • doughboi773

    first week? i’m going at 30-40k
    add a 1 to the front of those numbers mr dot

  • petey

    100k easy with an ill video even more.

    All u blogosphere morons are listening through tainted ears. The beats and flows be nice.

    I don’t think he writes his own shit because the growth between albums and the wordplay has gotten very good.

    Its been said brisco writes for him but brisco aint all that. I heard ti has ghost written for him also.

  • industry geek

    No reason for an A-list director and a big budget video. Videos don’t make an impact like they used to. More debt for Officer Robert.

  • Officer Ricky…..Fuck!

    Again does no one fuckin’ hate this dude as much as I do! I will die if this fat ass bastard sells more then 50k-65k max. God help us if “hip-hop” fans push this mess over 100. Its this openly and 100% legitimately phony ass clown that is the problem with hip-hop music in general.

  • chitlin coon

    hahahaha the south love ricky and we by him just to make a ass outta yall haters! I easily see 100k…easily!

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