Jim Jones OK’d To Teach Class

Last month, we broke the news that Jim Jones was set to teach a music course at a New York City public high school. Phoning into the Morning After With Angela Yee, Jimmy said he’s been cleared by the Board of Education and spoke on the logistics of the course.

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  • dat koon nigga

    i would not want my kid to be around this scum bag in a school class room

    fuck outta here

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  • I mean…………HOW?!?!?!?!?….WTF!!!…*kanye shrug*

  • JohnBlack

    That’s why the US education system is fucked. Ignorant motherfuckers putting ignorant motherfuckers in charge of your children’s education.

  • ahahaha @ the first commentator’s “name”.
    spit my coffee out at work just now laughin’ at
    that shit.

    lol, let jimmy teach, why not? it’s not everyday
    you get to let somethin’ from a CAPO!!!

    dip, dip, set, set.

  • Gay Tony

    oh my gosh no homo

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  • Legacy

    Being able to say Ballin, and gettin chased outta Rucker dont make this talentless nigga qualified to teach music.

  • StudioThugKilla

    There Goes the New York school system lol

  • I lost my teaching job due to California budget cuts and JIM JONES gets a teaching gig! Shit, if he can teach then I should start rapping.

    Well you have to admire JJ for squeezing every penny and opportunity out of his talent. I’m not sure how much talent is actually there, but damn…he’s finds a way.

  • JohnBlack

    Maybe his talent is squeezing every penny out of opportunities. A true hustlers spirit.

  • dat koon nigga

    glad i am not the only person feeling this way


  • hater

    lol @ jim jones with that ugly ass jacket

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  • ice-t

    if you just look at that picture for a sec its not hard to see why dipset couldnt last with these fad ass rappers in it

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  • LOL

    what what the fuck

  • sir Jordan Cohen

    Maybe they think if they have rappers teach, kids will WANT to come to school even though they don’t have bus passes.

  • about that

    … and when the guy tries to do something positive a bunch of people, who aren’t doin sh*t just talkn smack, wanna hate on him for it.
    I think he has a lot to offer a high school kid wanting to setup a group or start a label.
    least he’s using what hes got to try and give something back, even tho dipset was wak, give dude credit for making an effort.

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