New Lauryn Hill Music On The Way?

On Monday, Lauryn Hill made a rare appearance and attended the Tanzania Education Trust Gala And Reception in NYC. Outside the event, she told the paps that she’s “possibly” coming out with new material. L Boogie’s first (and last) solo album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was released nearly 12 years ago. No Unplugged. Keep your fingers crossed.


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  • sabe mi steeeeez

    Got my fingers and toes crossed on that one! LOL
    I miss Lauryn… 🙁

  • Da Business

    U blow ur chance ma, it’s too late.

  • Truth will out

    To: Da Business:

    Too late my ass!

    That CD would hit Gold 1st week and platinum in 3. #Tripp’n dude If peeps supported Maxwell, then you know the crowd plus Hip Hop got Ms. Hill’s back.

  • dman

    “i brought lauryn hills tape so her kids could starvee” LOL


    Da Business says:
    Thursday, April 22 2010 at 4:59 PM EST
    U blow ur chance ma, it’s too late



  • WahBoogie

    Man I hope so… I still bump the Miseducation all the time… thats a masterpiece!!!

  • casper

    With less and less new material that has lasting playback value, Miseducation is a prime example of material we can proudly carry from one generation to the next. I’d cop a new lauryn cd the first day it dropped, make that two copies just outta respect.

  • Dashing

    I’d love to hear a new Lauryn Hill but the truth is it wouldn’t be the same. Have ya’ll seen her lately? She’s not the same person. I don’t just mean looks-wise. She’s just different. I wouldn’t expect her to come with another classic any time soon. That said, it would probably still be better than most of the R&B and hip hop females out right now.

  • pissed

    Man she better not pull a Shyne on us…i won’t be able to take it.

  • teejay

    And maybe L boogie can get over herself and get on a track with wyclef @dreamsthatwontcometrue

  • Da Business


    So we’re comparing Ms. Hill to Jesus Christ now?

    @ Truth will out

    Maxwell tho didn’t go around between lp’s making everyone address me as Mr. whateva his last name is. Plus he wasn’t as huge as she was. She really started buggin’ out.

    W/ that bein’ said, I’m a fan of L Boogie and hope that she pull it 2gether long enuff to put out a classic.

    This is my thing w/ Ms. Hill, Lauren had the chance to be one of the biggest and most influential musicians of ALL TIME, and she let it slip thru her fingers. I know it’s was her choice, but as a fan of music it hurts to c that.

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  • ttomcatt

    @pissed … Co-sign!

    But I think she might be the Robert Downey Jr. Of music, in that she can fuck off her life, but then return and still bring the goods. Because she has true talent. (At least I hope this is the case! HA!)


    Da Business says:
    Thursday, April 22 2010 at 6:17 PM EST

    So we’re comparing Ms. Hill to Jesus Christ now?



  • carter

    Lol gold and platinum my fuckin ass.

  • Da Business

    WHOA homie, pump ur brakes!

    R we reading the same post? Bruh, I not here for no rah rah blog beef. I said nothing disrespectful towards ur post. All I did was respond to ur comment, how am I suppose to know that u weren’t serious? It ain’t that serious bruh, I’m just a fan just like u. No need for the BS.

  • Russ

    I do hope my cousin blesses us with more great music this year! Yes, she’s my real cousin people so shut the hell up!

  • King JuggaNott

    Her album is still in rotation….I mean….if it drops, I’ll give it attention. Can’t hate on someone who is just living their life and doesn’t want to entertain everyone. Reminds me of something my girl says…”what God gave you is Gods gift to you, but what you Do with that gift is YOUR gift to God”….what is she doing with the Gift that God gave her?

  • Yo, L. Boogie… come out, come out where ever you are! give the female mcs some accreditation again…. we got Jean Grae, but she is nowhere to be fought in occasion to blacksmith records but that mc out! anyway… we got garbage out there, we got garbage out there as females don’t know how to spit: eve, foxxy brown, lil kim, “nikki minaj”, trina, khia….. please, please save us

  • Misofly

    I Miss Lauryn, I was only 14 when the Miseducation album came out, I remember getting ready for school in the morning blasting it, crying to it after my first heart break, falling asleep to it on repeat at night. Her message in her songs where deep, even in her unplugged album, she broke it down! I mean, whats going on in Hollywood for these “artists” to be going “crazy” Mariah had a breakdown, Brittney (not saying she is even in the same league as Ms. Hill) Dave Chapelle, Kat Williams…I mean what the HELL is going on for all these people to have breakdowns? Alot of them walk away and turn to God, (mase, Al Green, etc) alot at the height of their careers and then the other go back into the shit and it shows in their music.

    I Love you Lauryn, I need another album, nicki manaj isnt cutting it, please come back!
    Young girls need to be told a true message like in “that thing” not getting fake asses and weaves like these weak ass mc’ing industry hoes turned rappers!

    @Pienman, Jean Gray is dope! I started listening to her back in 2003.

  • mitchelljames

    i ♥ Lauryn. Miseducation was and still is one of the best hip-hop/r&b albums of all time, and maybe the new album wont reach Miseducation’s standards but it will be truer to her, it will be full of life lessons and it will be perfect 🙂
    Ms. Hill is back♥ .

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  • Gold in a week. I would say Platinum. EASY. One thing that Lauryn has that few others have is White America, BLACK America, Latino America. This has to be one of the MOST anticipated Albums in the last 10 years (if not THE most anticipated)!

    That is to say, not only does Lauryn transcend boundaries on about EVERY racial front, she actually has lyricism, production skill and REP.

    It’s CRAZY how all the backlash is released AND STILL she has a VERY LARGE fanbase. One to rival current stars. If that wasn’t enough, she makes headlines, the internet is flooded with her, magazines, TV…ALL media jumps at the name LAURYN HILL.

    EVEN further, it’s not the fact that she can’t but she won’t. If you think about it, people were clamoring to have Lauryn on covers, in movies, on shows, on tracks.

    Even now, Ron Isley, Ludacris (more recently); throw in Joss Stone, Janelle Monae, Beyonce…all want to work with the fastest growing legend of her time.

    Lauryn has star power and staying power BOTH backed by TRUE, RAW talent.

    Let’s be real and look at it: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill….how many albums do you know (unless they are GREATNESS) are in rotation like they dropped yesterday, 12 years later? SERIOUSLY? REALLY? Let’s not kid ourselves.

    How many do artists do you know that can’t BUY a collabo…people are SEEKING Lauryn Hill to be on tracks.

    How many people do you know can TELEVISE an album (Unplugged) a year in advance, release it to criticism of being ‘not the same Lauryn’ and STILL go platinum in a month?!

    REALLY…let’s not get it twisted. Lauryn Noel Hill IS one of the greatest artist that EVER touched this planet.

    And ANYTHING…ANYTHING she touches and put her name on will sell.

    I for one, if she were to release (when she releases), will buy FIVE copies JUST for the greatness…

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