YN Editorial: Hate Me Now

Dear Kelis,

They hate you so much right now. The hip-hop community. If Solar is Satan, you’re the Wicked Witch Of Rap. Shit, you even had Just Blaze talkin’ crazy about you and he’s genuinely a nice guy. I’m gonna say this directly to you, what’s on the mind of most hip-hop heads: Why must you destroy our icon? The mighty Nasir Jones. You must like his pockets flat not fat. I don’t wanna be all up in your business but I don’t really think he can afford them crazy payments these L.A. judges keep dishin’ out like Stockton. You got son in a Sgt. Slaughter cobra clutch and you won’t let go. Y’all need a resolution. Please be reasonable, boo.

You seem like you’ve moved on yourself. I checked you out last night at Santos. Tracy invited me. You was dolled up and diva’d out. The Queen B of your intimate fab world. I felt like an outsider. Most of the songs you performed were from your upcoming album so I was lost like the TV show Minya Oh loves. The couple of thousand dollar lesbians around me seemed to be havin’ a good time though to your dance grooves. As for a colleague of mine? Not so much. I reckon you might wanna avoid the paper of record. Oops.

Anyhoo, you looked like you were havin’ as much fun as the crowd. And you looked good, girl. Baby fat—bye bye. No Kimora. And are those new boobies? I know. None of my biz. But inquiring minds wanna know: Do you think people are gonna give your new sound a fair shake when the TMZ clouds hang over your daily operation? Closure is the key to end all your woes. And I hope you truly get it.

Truth be told, I’m more Team Kelis than I hate to admit. Shit I watch flicks and root for the bad guy. I know what it’s like to not be liked. I’m about to make a powermove myself that’s gonna be unpopular and piss off many so I can relate. So I’m sure you’ll weather the storm. Don’t ever doubt yourself, Ms. Rogers. There’s a mirror in your bathroom so go stand in front of it. Say it with me: Yes I can. With Will.I.Am.

Air smooches,


P.S. That “Milkshake”/Madonna mash-up was kinda tight. Future bright!

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  • Moe haM

    Not as good as other recent editorials. however i’m glad you touched on the subject

  • Air smooches? Come on, YN, lol. Glad to see your voice in more than Blackout/quick snips though fam.

  • RG


  • gerold

    I can’t co-sign what she is doing to Nas is str8 cold…

  • Domjell

    Real Talk! Although, YN, you went a little light on her, she deserves the wrath!

  • nina


    Why hate her? The judge ruled.

    I’m also very certain she could care less about the hip-hop community. Y’all ain’t never been her audience anyway. Her gays love her lol

  • coffee.black

    lol wish i went now. #teamKelis

  • dat koon nigga

    “I’m about to make a powermove myself that’s gonna be unpopular and piss off many so I can relate.”

    you another solar
    yellow nigga ?

    you gonna type what you think of this ho thats taking nas for everything his chip tooth ass has left

    or you gonna blog about your “big willie” move on the nigronet ?

  • Derty Kevin

    LOL YN dissed her for the first two paragraphs and then praised her the rest. Looks like he doesn’t want either side mad at him…

  • mistercool

    lame write up…really lame

  • c.j

    please who cares of hippop communtiy like they buy album???shit if u got the female on your side u go sale ,true be told told kelis was never that popular before and she is getting MORE right now…………fronting like everyone is hating on her only the BITTER ass men hate on her cos they dnt like to be plAYEDd yet they wana boast about how long theIR money is …….NAS PAY UP MY NIGGA!!! NEXT UP IS JAY Z THAT BEYONCE WILL RIP HIM OFF

  • dannidavito

    we ya’ll in they business anyway? who cares what he has to pay! I just want his album to come out..

  • BNevo

    man fuck Kelis fo real…
    nas the g.o.a.t.

  • Air smooches? Fail.

    Anyway, the previous Editorials have been decent so I’ll let this one slide. I see where you were going but it just didn’t work.

  • Aye yo i sucks dick yo!!
    YN ill suck yo dick man!!!
    im a dick suckin fool yo!!!!

  • IrelandRepresentin

    It’s true, what she is doing to NaS is str8 up messed up!! But come on fellas. Imagine that big 5foot 10inche babe in those 2 inch heals with that white bodystocking on, walking in through your door…. tell me u couldn’t kill a night with that! Whooo weee I’d shag ol gurl silly! Give me 3 mins, maybe even 4 🙂

  • *DEAD* @ “Air Smooches”

  • nas4president

    Nice. I like these added insights. But with their frequency I can’t help but think you’re on borrowed time? Once or twice weekly perhaps. Or a page specifically for editorials?

    Will we get a “B.Dot” or “Big Homie” editorial anytime soon?

  • AYE yo stop using my name!!! your taking away from dicks i wanna SUCK

  • J.Spfld

    Started out like if your were going to go in on the C*NT but you let me down… Bitch was rewarded all this money b/c of her lifestyle how she couldn’t go do shows and get paid but bitch is obviously out there getting some type of money

  • nina

    All this solidarity for Nas is hilarious too. He fucked up, she left him. He goes months without paying amy child support, but she’s a monster? I don’t get it.

    Maybe she’s bitter, but it’s not like Nas hasn’t given her reason to be. I just don’t get the anger.

  • Drucifer

    lol, that was almost as good as the Letter to Khia in the XXL back in the day, or that Letter you wrote Master P begging him to retire

  • Da Business


  • BK

    YN you soundin a little homo in this editorial. I mean that shit look like it was written by a female.
    Just read this paragraph back to yaself:
    ‘Anyhoo, you looked like you were havin’ as much fun as the crowd. And you looked good, girl. Baby fat—bye bye. No Kimora. And are those new boobies? I know. None of my biz. But inquiring minds wanna know: Do you think people are gonna give your new sound a fair shake when the TMZ clouds hang over your daily operation? Closure is the key to end all your woes. And I hope you truly get it.’
    Like nigga wtf is THIS??? I ain gonna lie your other editorials were dope tho so no h8 ther lol.

  • Deuce Deuce

    I’m I the only one who thinks Na gonna show the judge the sextape at the last minute?….anyway cudnt care less jus waiting for that Distant Relatives to drop….

  • you didn’t write Air smooches did you? You need to lay off the industry parties…

  • bgirl

    I believe the judge assigns the child support payments, not the defendant. FYI.






  • Dashing

    A man other than I might think YN was inspired by my comment on Kelis in the previous post to write this editorial. (http://rapradar.com/2010/04/22/kelis-performs-at-santos-party-house/#comments) But I wouldn’t dare imply such a thing.

    Yeah, the last 2 editorials were better since it seemed like in this one YN started to make a point and then trailed off and then not-so-slly mentioned his mysterious power move and then trailed off again.

    Kelis needs a makeover though. Maybe a reality show that will show people that she’s not a crazy vindictive bitch. (Denise Richards, Paula Abdul, Bobby and Whitney)


    Kelis is WHACK this bitch has no talent what-so ever! No dance moves or vocal skills! But I think this Nas and Kelis divorce is overly sensationalized as well!


    Let’s be serious Kelis will FLOP Gaga has this market on lock!

  • Oj Da Cornball

    YN, you’re a low life piece of crap for this. really.

    Kellis and Nas issues has nothing to do with a legend, music etc…
    It’s simply none of your, our, business regardless how it affects Nas musically. SMH

    How did you feel when thisis50 (industry As**ole, whoever he is) put your wife on blast for the Vibe mag fiasco and included you and your marriage? I’m sure you didn’t like it one bit that your marriage came in the middle of the issue.

    You stooped to a new low for getting in someone’s personal life. SMH. LOOSER. Be a man to your wife.

  • BK


    My idea of YN smashing a bottle at her may have gotten the ball rolling haha


    Nas spoke the truth when he stated that he was the most HATED on artist in hip hop this blog treats this man with no respect…first YN was the first person to get on radio blasting about his divorce and now writing this blog! What did Nas ever do to you YN? You seem to personally not like him for whatever reason!

  • Emancipation

    Kelis is that chick!
    Dumb ass men mad at her like shes taking their pay checks. WTF? Nas is a grown ass man and he know what he did was wrong so let that nigga deal with it. Kelis hasn’t done anything wrong.
    I’m sure could give 2 fucks about what the hip-hop community thinks of her. Shes never been hip-hop anyways. Shes always appealed more to the white audience.
    As for her new music, its incredible! Her single “Acapella” debuted at no. 5 in the U.K and its doing great in other countries as well. Alot of people doubts her, but she always proves them wrong.
    So what if she doesnt sell millions of records, her music is amazing, her voice is beautiful and shes a talented songwriter. Keep doing your thang Kelis! Stay positive and stay focus. 2010 will be a great year for you mama.

  • Chris

    Team Kelis? Nigga you make Queens look bad….lol j/k

    Let’s just wait for that new Nasir Jones solo LP. The past year has been terrible for him and I want to see him just go all out on a new album. Lyrically if he spits like how he did on “Victory” we may have something. And in an era where having a radio single doesnt mean shit for an album’s sales prospects, he might as well make a full focused LP with no comprimises (Not that I thought his last few albums were wack, far from it. But even I can concide they lacked a certain focus which would have made them classics rather than just good albums).


  • Lay

    Kelis do you.
    Nas fucked up. Simple. If he didnt have the money the judge wouldnt tell him to pay such a large amount.
    Too many women especially Black women are too used to letting the men slide and being out on their ass playing mother/father. Kelis was married to dude for 5 years and together for 7.
    He was brought to court for his daughter and now his son. Nas start paying up.
    Get money as Junior Mafia would say.

  • Chris

    Can I just say something real quick?

    All these people saying Nas fucked up not paying….you know he did pay 44k from July to December right? And we do know it was only 2 months of payment he did not pay (after it was 51k) which was in hopes of going back to see if he could get his alimony support re-examined (Which considering he now has to only pay 20k, seems like it worked) right?

    Im not feeling this “deadbeat dad” label people are putting on him, because its not exactly accurate to say the least.

  • Axel

    ATTENTION ALL DRE FANS: Head on over to the DJ Hero fan page and help a true Dre fan out by voting on his post. Here’s what to do:

    1. Go to this link: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5725332&id=108774646209
    2. Become a fan of DJ Hero.
    3. “Like” Kevin G’s post.

    This is the only true Dre fan that made it to the finals. Let’s get all the Shady/Aftermath family behind him and help this kid win a pair of beats.

  • BK

    I thought dre retired?


    this what this bitch said “Shes never been hip-hop anyways. Shes always appealed more to the white audience.”
    you are stupid racist nigger! hip hop IS mostly white audience anyway!!!what THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN BY “WHITE AUDIENCE”???????!!!?!?!?
    FUCK YOU!!

  • Here_Now

    YN what the fuck is this air smooches shit? thats about one of the gayest things i ever seen on this site next to that recent pic of scott storch. homie you gay for that and this editorial is extremly out of place, this nas stuff is sumwhat old news. the shyne column and BOB column made sense, but no one wants to hear your randon thoughts about sum HOE! keep it currrent

  • Peaches

    I don’t get what the point of this was to be honest. but the Yes i can with Will.I.Am line as hilarious. I also agree with you that she looks good and she’ll be just fine. She’s a strong chick.

    IMO, The judge ordered the settlement, so he pays it. simple as that. As already stated, the hip hop community isn’t even Kelis’ base so I doubt she’s losing any sleep over that. Shit, the hip-hop community isn’t even checking for Nas right now so that point is mute anyway.

    @Chris. I don’t know if Nas is a deadbeat Dad, nor do I care. But according to the court documents he hadn’t paid from the time it was ruled in November until he was basically forced to pay the 87k a few weeks ago.

    She got a cut throat lawyer and made sure she was taken care of, now she’s back on her grind and a single mom. Word is her new man is a NFL baller. I can’t be mad at all lol.

  • Chris

    @ Peaches.
    By my math, the outstanding payments were 2 months worth. To me it seems like he wasnt feeling the increased alimony in December of 51k (and with good reason). So he held out, went back to court, explaining it was a crazy amount and now he’s got his alimony payments reduced monthly.

    Seemed to work out for him. But hardly as scandalous as some would make it out.

  • LOL!

    LOL @ some of these comments because all the people that keep saying that hip hop was never Kelis’ audience and the “WHITE” people are her audience NEWS FLASH where were all these “white people” when she couldn’t sell her last 4 albums and got DROPPED from her label! Kelis has been doing hip hop since the beginning of her career…Pharell, Old Dirty, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Diddy, Busta, The Clips, and Angie Martinez ect! You fools need to stop with all this foolishness because the truth is if Kelis and Nas did not divorce you bitches would not even give a fuck about her…she would not even be a topic of discussion right now! Like Nas said “How enormous Nas’ pockets is a pop quiz for gossipers!” Because that is what some of these comments are anyway cut and paste comments read from TMZ or other blogs no factual/proven facts about this man actions or finances. All this gossip bullshit about Nas reminds me of the time when people counted Nas dead/done and he came back and proved you fools wrong that is what a true warrior does! Who gives a fuck if Kelis is fucking an NFL player…that is what whores do stick and move on to the next nigga! Let’s see when this Nas shit is old news how much press Kelis will get? Hip hop isn’t checking for Nas? Please…top 5 DOA and GOAT too many and 19 years later Nas still spit some of the best lyrical verses to date! One of the most anticipated collaboration albums Distant Relatives May 18, 2010! Let’s not forget Nas’ solo album coming soon!

  • 007

    the outfit is priceless

  • Peaches

    @Chris. According to her filings it was since November. I don’t really understand what difference it makes whether it was 2 or more, for those 2 months he didn’t provide for his son. But again, that’s not my business. I also don’t see how anything has worked for him. He was forced to write her a check for 87k, pay her legal and accountant fees and still has to pay her over 300k. Shit comes out to over half a million in fees when it’s all said and done. But I digress.

  • Peaches

    @ LOL! You can knock her all you want. At the end of the day, it is what it is. I hope Hip Hop unites and supports Nas since y’all are so concerned about his pockets and evil ex-wife lol

  • Chris

    Uhm Didnt provide for his son? I think the 44k each month for 6 months held shorty down. He wasnt exactly struggling in those 2 months either.

    It worked for him because he doesnt have to pay 51k a month now. The only bad break he caught was paying her lawyer, which pretty much highlights how terrible the California civil court system is. But other than that, when you can basically go in and have your alimony re-worked and have your contempt of court charge dismissed, he came out okay.

  • ttt

    this was the gayest post i’ve ever read.. i officially just un-bookmarked rap radar.

  • LOL!

    @Peaches…you can knock Nas all you want…it is what it is! And I hope the “White People” and non-hip hop audience unite and support Kelis….LOL!!!! For someome who does not care Peaches you seem to have much to say GTFOH!!!!

  • webstar

    lol…this is hilarious…I’m not very surprised though since this is written by the same person who aired out information about the divorce that was fed to him straight from Kelis’ camp. Kelis prances around in public but shows her bitterness in court. And sure a judge awarded it but she asked for a certain amount (more than she got actually). People who have “moved on” & are so happy don’t need to deny their child’s other parent the right to see their own. Thats bitter & vindictive, and damaging to the kid as well.

    I hope they get it together & at least get along for the child’s sake. And I have no doubts that Nas will be just fine.

  • Fuck this evil broad and the vindictive bitches out there jus like her. Greedy, spoiled ass women that complain and patronize want niggaz to feel sorry for ’em. No. Not happening. Jus like ya’ll mention being independent and don’t want a nigga’s help, u shall receive ur wish. Vindictive bitches…

  • KJ

    Trill talk!!

  • yesssir

    kelis’ music all blows dick anyway, fuck her.
    Nas keep makin classics


    YN, I was so amped when i read the title of this post then i read it and feel like the shit was misleading a little. I expected you to go all the way in on this bitch but you end up giving her props. I could see if Nas was beating her up or abusive but no word of that came out. If he cheated on his wife, im not cosigning it but WTF?! no one deserves the shit shes putting him through. People cheat every fucking day and they deal with it. All these blogs all always have some sideways shit to say about Nas (i.e. smartenupnas.com) and I never understood it considering how low Nas stays. Maybe he stays too low, maybe he snubbed a few too many interview requests or didnt show up to some industry parties or didnt do some favors for people. Nas has never been some ass kissing playing the industry game ass nigga, he gets in and gets out. drops his albums and he gets out our faces so we could sit with the records…just like Eminem does (but we all know why YN doesnt shit on him…ahem). Nas has always been about the music and nothing more. Even you YN as a married man wouldn’t like for someone to air out it marital issues in public like you did Nas’ without his consent. He has every right to be mad about it. Still though, however light you took it on this broad, im glad you at least took a jab at her although she deserved a power shot.


    NAS the greatest of all time

    who jah bless, no man curse

    Nas will prevail


    I love when women talk all that strong independent woman shit then do shit like this cuz they don’t wanna stand on their own two feet. wanna lean on a nigga financially but don’t want the god to see his kid. fucking disgusting. i remember seeing footage of kelis leaving court with Nas when his 1st baby’s mom wanted more money than she was already getting for Destiny, kelis was by his side smiling when he beat that Carmen in court and now she’s beating him over the head worst than Carmen did. this shit is sickening. If it wasn’t for Nas, Kelis would get no fucking press, no one bought her albums before this and she sure as hell would never get any attention on RapRadar if it wasnt for Nas. Maybe you fucking bloggers and writers would show him more respect when he dies. That’s how it always goes right? I don’t recall ever hearing anyone say Big or Pac was the best ever when they were living. HipHop shits on their icons until they die, then they praise them. All im saying is, if it aint about his music, leave the nigga alone.

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  • Lay

    Its funny how peeps are getting up in arms about Nas’s pockets when most peeps download his shit.
    Please tell me last time homeboy had continuous no.1 albums???
    Buy his albums then complain!!
    P.S. I dont see Nas slating his soon to be ex wife, so I dont see why its anyones business.

  • Lay

    @ Queenz

    Kelis is big in Europe, Just coz it aint in the US, doesnt mean chick is not making her dough.
    Not every black chick has to sing r&b.
    Kelis is making her paper.

  • please

    @Lay who album does get downloaded and having continuous # 1 does not stop the fact that Nas has 9 platinum plus albums and counting! And Kelis is not that huge in Europe stop over exaggerating her paper because if she truly had so much she would not have been begging for her ex’s! Ask yourself when was the last time Kelis every had continuous #1 albums or went paltinum for that matter in the U.S or Europe?

  • dani

    If he hit her, like she alleges (and since the courts are making him pay, i have to believe it’s true), fuck him.

    no mercy for wife beaters.

    he had to have been clowning… no woman, even the goldest of gold diggers, wants to leave a man while pregnant.

  • Chris

    @ Dani

    Whoa, whoa. There’s never been reports of hitting. Arguments and alledge cheating maybe (which was dissmissed with the quickness by both parties) but I have never read anything like that.

    This just seems like two people who couldnt get along.

  • webstar

    @ Dani,

    woah woah,

    there were definitely NO reports of either of them laying hands on each other or even alleging such a thing. Thats s ridiculous story to be throwing around with no basis.

    and FYI, the courts make people pay simply because they have more money than the other, lol. The payoff is not an indication that beating or anything else for that matter occurred. smh.

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