Drake Debuts “Fireworks” Second Verse

Drake’s performed Thank Me Later‘s opener a few times already, but last night at Fullman University he let off more fireworks with a recital of the second verse.

Thank: ATF via Jeff

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  • Jama

    Fuck drake. He stands 4 drunk run and kill ebony

  • Royal

    JEEEEEEEEEZ….thats fire right there….works

  • Sarcastic

    Yea man, fuck Drake, idk why but fuck him, he can rap good, and everybody loves him and since i don’t like him ima blame it on the Illuminati and the record labels and disregard that it mite actually be cus he’s talented
    I hate him so much everytime i see a post about him on this site i have to write a comment and say how much i hate him and wen i click submit i feel better about myself but then i get even more pissed wen i realize Drake can’t see my comments UGH

  • Jama

    Yeh but bitch niggas dick riding the dude do.

  • JamieLondon

    It really makes me laugh if your a fan of an artist. you get called a dick rider.
    i guess if you add up all the artists i like then, i must be a super homosexual then ay ?
    IDIOTS ! grow up.

  • Teddy

    sounds like a ri ri vs + fuck the haters u know the ones hip hop purists claimin whats real hip hop them dudes are liek the hip hop version of jehovers witnesses

  • Sounds like someone “could” be talkin’ about Rihanna…

  • @Sarcastic

    Change ur name to Satanic u hateful mufucka. Lol! If u don’t like the nigga, find the urge to NOT click on the post, then find anutha urge to fuckin’ kill yaself, ok? 🙂

  • Jama

    Yeh u a super homo.

    Its just that pple take the hype 2 another level. I aint hatin just managin expectations.

    Shout out 2 J.Cole Cold World

  • @ [email protected]

    Uhh you do realize his name is ‘Sarcastic’ dont you

  • Rickk

    Lol yea @Acapella, he shud kill himself cus he played himself, learn to read illiterate nigga lol, his name is SARCASTIC

  • Truth will out

    Sarcastic > Jama and @Acapella is why a mind is a terrible thing to waste. In the foxhole and shooting up his team.

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  • Derty Kevin

    @JamieLondon Yeah sounds about right, homo.


  • Harmony

    @ Truth will out
    If this was a war of wits you would be unarmed
    you are a bitch (uncle rucks) ‘nigga’

  • Y’all cats is funny.