• nyg187

    @least game not dumming down his music..i cud respect that… sound like a good street single,i c a good video…hopefully.

  • carter

    Yawn.. I woke up for this? Smh

  • Nipsyfire

    Why game make a track called gangs of new york nigga from LA lol i would of rather heard 50,Joel Ortiz,Ja Rule,Fat Joe,nas Or DMX on this track

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Game please please holla at 50 to write some songs. This album is not gonna cut it so far.

  • The Real Kenny

    That shit is dope. Scoop Deville can provide beats, man!

  • R.E.D

    This is not on red album stupid fuckas !!!!!

    Btw its crazyyy !!!

  • Rickk

    This shit is crazy, niggas can hate but they niggas gon’ be bumpin’ this shit and they gon’ freeze up and admit that its hard lol

  • Arran

    all i see is hate on this website i swear………

  • Arran

    the shit is ill in by view

  • bwsrunla

    shit go hard.its for his mixtape with dj skee not the RED ALBUM

  • RapMusic23

    Nothing special.Game still cant do a hook by himself.

  • bk82

    Wack !!!!!

  • R.E.D


  • Dman

    ppls mentalities so stupid why hate? its a dope song game has made some shitty songs recently but this is dope accept it

  • Coroner

    Game is dope on this one! There’s a hope that The R.E.D. Album ain’t gon’ be wack!

  • MaddRapper

    Chuck is that you commenting on a post about your own music! You must be desperate! TELL UHM WHY YOU MAD SON!!!!

  • doughboi773

    wack ass nigga still aint progressed as a rapper…still name drop like a fuckin groupie…kat stacks ass nigga

  • illaDeuce


  • BrooklynRaw

    Not sure why its cool to big up negative shit guess they never had a young family member killed by a STRAY BULLET by a gang member…gang songs straight fail in my book

  • WHY YOU HATE THE GAME?!!!!!!! FIIIIRE!!!!!!!!!

  • marricchuslaboi

    good sht

  • bigjay

    this shit is tough.