• should keep this one on the real low-low,it fits as a bonus track,and not a single.but i’m glad these CATS HAVE MADE PEACE!

  • hater

    These niggas probably had make up sex afterwards.

  • Tiny Tim

    this. is. awful

  • Ty

    This isn’t that bad is it? The actual lyrics Foxx is singin’ are lame but the vocal arrangement and the production aren’t bad IMO.

    Maybe I’m dating myself but I think it just reminds me of the original classic by Debarge. I always liked that joint.

    LL’s verse sucks but oh well, I ain’t mad.

    Oh, ROFL @ hater 2 posts above me

  • Cheezy

    yeeeaah this should hae stayed unreleased

    shit is garbage
    but did LL sock he shit out of Jamie lol
    they said he uppercut that nigga all the way in the air across to the other side of the room on some Debo shit lol

  • Bitch Nigga


    niggas were befing for how many years and this the first song they do. talking about bitchs

    listen to how LL says jaimes foxx

  • mike

    LL g.o.a.t