• i ain’t mad at it

  • illaDeuce

    get em gotti! Dude’s alright, I always saw him as mehh, but maybe in time he can prove he’s got something. I like dudes flow, real memphis shit.

  • BrooklynRaw

    Can somebody tell me Y they call this things freestyle when nobodies freestyling

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^^^ yea i know …when people rap over another person beat they call it a “freestyle” but it aint no freestyle

  • @ BrooklynRaw

    Seriously,are niggas still asking that question in 2010???? Only a select few are good off the dome. A freestyle doesnt just have to be off the head.

  • THE 0811

    what other kind of freestyle is not off the top of the dome? since when did freestylin’ become pre-written stuff? speakin’ of pre-written stuff, did anybody watch that freestyle friday final battle on 106andpark? one of the judges(forgot who it was) told the loser that he should have come more prepared to a freestyle battle and write stuff down. WTF? that made no dam sense. maybe it’s just me.

  • mitch

    @ cantgetright,

    if it doesn’t, then it aint a freestyle. real rap.

  • CoCaInE CoWbOy

    real treal memphis shit …….. keep it up gotti !!!!