Eminem Set To Drop New Single

Just got word from the powers that be that Eminem’s first single “Not Afraid” off Recovery is scheduled to drop sometime this week. Don’t get scared, now.

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  • pmoney


  • shady50

    This sounds like a bad ass song! Can’t wait!

  • jm

    Not Afraid = Friday April 30th
    Recovery = June 22nd

  • henry

    nigga you late lmao.

  • emfan

    its “Not Afraid” not “I’m Not Afraid”

  • Real Sikh

    its gonna drop on friday

  • Can

    speaking of, where the fuck is that Jay-Z/Dre single? gotdamn.

  • Dark NYte


  • shady

    ‘We Made You’ sounded hard too, better not be spittin with the stupid accent. u up marshall don’t blow it. here comes 250+ comments on RR cus all the stans lol

  • Bout time!! haha i dont wana get my hopes up and be let down so i wont express my excitment lol..

  • Fat Boy


  • Nser

    That’s my niga let’s go

  • Everybody goes tsetse fly on an Eminem post. Lol. Best wishes for him.

  • WoW

    Damn can’t wait man damn

  • F U

    Can’t wait

  • Fat Boy

    @F U. Cosign

  • Brummagen

    Lol ‘Under Pressure’ anyone?


    Anyways, looking forward to this, could be quite a good spring/summer for hip hop this year

    & Eminem stans, CALM THE FUCK DOWN!

  • Franko

    SMH Friday make it 2day lol

  • rader


  • 12345


  • Jim

    This is Banannas

  • x

    Nigga got balls…long balls

  • Yooo

    I hope this is a serious song, and not another celeb-bashing one with an accent. If he gets it right, it could be phenomenal….

  • HawthorneFinest

    LMFAO Yall still waiting on that Dre single?
    forget about it…Now that Game, Cube and Em are making the world crazy…nobody cares about Dre’s slow ass!
    That album will prolly flop.
    don’t get me wrong, I’m from the West and can’t wait to bump Detox…But Till the day that it Drops
    (lol sorry I had to laugh at that)
    THEN Yall can ask about that.

    P.S. Eminem is gonn’ Kill Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu @ Drake & Game
    both of you suck ass…..Shady 4 Life babyyyy!!!!!

  • Oj Da Cornball

    This news already ran wild on thisis50. RR kinda late. lol

  • lokit

    can’t fucking wait!

  • Nemi

    Best raper alive

  • Fat Boy

    @Nemi Cosign

  • LoL

    Wowzers album of 2010

  • Fuck this..OMG I CANT FUCKIN WAIT!!!!!

  • SMH

    Freaking Awesome

  • Yeah


  • Fosho

    Yesir shady

  • Milo

    Eminem best rapper alive

  • Fat Boy

    @Pitri. Yup

  • Boy Stoyp

    Bringing rap back with a smack on mariahs azz

  • llll

    Yeah, UR LATE!!
    And its without the accent, someone tweeted that he heard it and its dope and its without the accent. And im sure because the one that tweeted is some of the people that gonna premier it on radio on friday!

  • Banger

    This gona be on ffiirreee

  • D-Wade

    Cot Damn(pharell voice)

  • L34

    Let’s Go

  • 1

    Em #1

  • lokit

    hopefully this shit is fire!

  • Interscope Employee


  • Drucifer1983

    Cant wait, I’m sure its gonna be alot better then “We made You”, i think he realises that horse has been beaten to death

  • pmoney
  • Dman

    Cant wait to hear it and u dudes talkin bout under pressure still? sorry but for the time being ive forgot about dre

  • Post no billz

    Yeeeeaah.. Cant wait to hear this….

  • lokito

    people just pray this will be a monster single!

  • lokito

    @llll how are you so sure hes legit?

  • J.

    **waits for kanyes album**

  • Boombapster

    I sure hope this new album title signifies his recovery from making that annoying osama-bin-laden-sucking-off-triumph-the-dog voice he been doing since ’04 that weird shit about ***deleted by recommendation of RR business affairs***. Look forward to this new joint.

    BB$. Shady Not Afraid.

  • When EMINEM comes Kanye,Jay,Drake,Wayne,t.i. etc. all better move or there gonna get moved.


  • @lokito
    No accent on this track my friend. just wait till it drops.

  • BK
  • Word

    I wonder who produced the track. I think I heard somewhere that Jim Jonson was producing the first single, but I cant remember. Well, as long as its not Dre or Em produced, its prolly gonna be a “serious” Eminem single. I dont give a fuck either way, I just wanna hear some new material and since dude dont put out mixtapes this album might be the last we hear of him for another year or year and a half.

    This single prolly gonna make or break his whole album cuz the haters gearin up to hate on that stupid accent and popish beat, while the stans are barely holding on to the hope that he can put out some MMlP/Eminem Show type music. Relapse kinda hurt his rep in my opinion but maybe he gets the ball rolling on this one.

  • 187 on a DRE

    oh shit

  • Wow

    Super Stans unite lol πŸ˜€ ^^^^

  • Drucifer1983

    lol @ all the talk about the accent

    So, what are they gonna hate on when he doesnt use it this time??……….Cause Eminem had legions of haters in his prime, before the accent………….First it was being white, then his high pitched voice, then it was the content, then it was the accent………

    No matter how good or bad this album is, the haters will hate regardless, back in 2000 when he sold 17 million copies of the mmlp worldwide, there were still entire websites dedicated to bashing him……..

    Success breeds hatred

  • Technically Em was at his best on Relapse people need to chill with all that hate and let the musc do what it does.




    Isn’t it too early to be dropping a single though?

  • lokito

    Not hating just don’t want accent… I did like relapse.. to tell u the truth i still bump it but the accent is old..

  • nonny

    can’t wait!

  • Toya

    And here I was thinking graduation was the only thing to look forward to this weekend. I was wrong. Go Em! I’m soooo excited.

    I don’t get the accent talk. Character voices maybe (i.e. Slim Shady vs. Eminem vs. Marshall Mathers)? Is that what people means by the accents? Course I’ve been an Eminem fan since “My Name Is…” so I’m probably immune to it.

  • Theloneus

    Fucking damn B.dot you gave me a heart attack.

    Aight. I’m cooled down. Letter to Eminem:

    Dear best rapper alive,

    Please don’t use the accent.

    Sincerely your biggest fan,


  • doughboi773

    [email protected] liking relapse


    @Toya Where you graduating from?

  • Theloneus

    Nahright is saying that its going to radios Friday morning and produced by Jim Jonsin. Also said to be a “ridiculous”. Psh. I hope.

  • Theloneus

    Goddamn grammar ^

  • Justin Poindexter

    Eminem is awesome, but is way overrated mainly becuz he attracts alot of more of caucasian audience to his music as well as a very diverse mix of races… but, he is a lot more popular in USA, especially because of his white supporters.. no doubt…

  • em is back with a vengeance and he is for from over.. shake em up again… cuz this is gonna be aimed at hater, rick ross,, everyone who wrote him off…. i know em reads this shit trust me but peep whats on the table next ya dig…

  • http://minu.me/23xy Not Afraid 17seconds snippett !!!! Gonna be GREAT πŸ˜€

  • gee

    Kanye West >> Eminem

  • llll


  • llll

    @ gee…..how exactly is kanye is better than eminem. Oh wait, did u forget about FOREVER!!
    and i know u postin this just to get people pissed off!!go listen to Heartless u PUNK!

  • haha ^^ FUnni

  • lokito

    @gee kanye = gay fish

  • llll

    @ lokito….that was the punchline, BRAVO!!

  • i kinda want this song to be like a song you could lisin to right b4 a football game or a song a fighter could lisin to b4 his fight..somthin that will motivate you and get you pumped up!

  • lokito

    @ llll its true lmao

  • mmkayy

    wow i swear Eminem fans have doubled since Relapse.. he might just have a better first week sale than Relapse

  • llll

    @ mmkayy….because we know that relapse was a mess and he could do 100 times better!

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  • xxiloveyoueminem

    k soo i cannot wait for this album…he needs to come out with this song nowww πŸ™‚
    em, i love you! keep making musiccc

  • Not Afraid

    All I Hope Is….

    I Hope This Single Isn’t Any Celebrity Bashing ; I Hate That Shit, Personally I Like The Accent & Not To Mention He Uses It At The Right Moment, Pretty Sick Shit; I Hope This Doesn’t Get Delayed, Ill B Mad 😐

  • petey

    Relapse was dope yall must got shitty ears.

  • http://www.myspace.com/staticpack not a skinny pretty boy from the bronxs but got raw uncut talent that even eminem would respect…

    Static “Strictn9ne” dropping june 19th….

  • http://minu.me/23xy Not Afraid 17seconds snippett !!!! Gonna be GREAT πŸ˜€ !!

  • Jinx

    This Is Gonna Be Fucking Sick ; Can’t Wait.

  • Toya

    @ Jonah,
    The University of Florida.

  • ^^Congratz!


    what makes me sad is that when em retires we’ll be subjected to all that punchliney/mixtape shit that is put on albums nowadays talking about money and girls and how good you are. Aside from Jay Electronica and a few other cats hip hop is on the decline

  • Marshall Mathers


  • Moka

    ^ iz that right sir

  • i cant wait for this album..id let marshall hit it hehe

  • Cluad

    @Sexi! Dam Ma your hella sexy!!

  • Jayson

    I got high hopes for this!! Please dont let me Fall slim PLEASE!! lol

  • Sav


  • WoW

    Mothat Fuckin!!

  • imeafk

    Single comin this week? crazy! i though im gonna here new music on 2 weeks or so… i dont care if it has accent or celebrity bashin..i trust eminems choice on beats and eminems talent on rythming so its gonna be dope!!!

  • JamieLondon

    I wish i never saw this. Now friday is going to take forever to come.
    Cant wait for the single. eminem doesnt disappoint


    Cant wait,, this news made my day… πŸ™‚

  • classic

    can’t fuckin wait.

  • Dman

    man why do fuckin people the accent the accent? what the fuck lol incase u havent noticed slim shady has been pullin off accents since his first lp relapse was a slim shady album what’ya expect him to be spittin about flowers n loving that “girl” nahh its slim shady he wants u to say what the fuck is he talkin about anywayss FRIDAY NOT AFRAID gonna kill it

  • RapMusic23

    Fuck Yes^^, Haters can eat a dick.Shadys Back

  • Scrapig
  • Scrapig
  • Sin

    Every em topic gets at LEAST 100.
    The proof is in the puddin. Jus ask Deshaun holton (R.I.P)

  • goddamn…. title fkn rocks.. it will be more slim shady then eminem i recon.. i don think il get to sleep until its out…. πŸ˜€

  • Mack Attack

    The song title suggests a more serious subject matter than ems traditinal 1st single. Either way i dont care. I just cant fucking wait!!! Produced by jim jonsin which means the beat will be str8 fire. His catalogue speaks for itself and Em will of stolen his best beat to date!! Em G.O.A.T..

  • Nipsyfire

    he said in the complex magazine cover he not doing his traditional pop 1st single so im guessing itl be a serious song like sing for the moment,the way i am or stan

  • dajumpoff44

    Get ready!!Shady is back to Scorch the summer!!!!Im ready to Recover!


    you guys really gotta stop that Em G.O.A.T. shit, seriously. the man is nice but come on, theres a BIG difference between an MC being your personal favorite and an MC being the Greatest Of All Time. Yes he’s sold more records than anyone in this genre ever with the exception of maybe Pac if I’m not mistaken but we all know that sales doesn’t determine how dope of an MC you are, rather it determines how successful you’ve been as selling records. Granted Em is dope, no fucking doubt about it but c’mon people, seriously. I’d give the GOAT title to Jay before I gave it to Em and I’d give it to Nas before I gave it to anyone else you can name. Nonetheless, he’s a dope rapper, i just wished that some people realize the difference between THE GOAT and your personal favorite rapper.

  • Scrapig


    Its just an oppinion, just like your oppinion is that Nas is the GOAT. What makes nas so much better than Em??


    @QUEENZ I kinda feel you on that. I don’t know if he’s the greatest because I haven’t heard every rapper, but if you take the different components of the rap game he’s conquered them all pretty much. If you can show me someone with a more CONSISTENTLY intricate rhyme scheme I’d be surprised. If you show me someone with a more emotional hardcore and interesting delivery I’d be surprised. If you show me someone with as many flow patterns as Em I’d be surprised. And if you show me someone who has crossed into super mainstream pop and still managed to say whatever the fuck he wants on an album I’d be surprised.

  • Fimpa

    Em is fire. Dre? He is on another level of bullshit right now.

  • @queenz: Nas is nowhere in the picture now and lil wayne and jay z themselves have accepted EM is indeed the GOAT… Em Jay Weezy Drake Ti n the list goes on.

  • Rabb


    Okay so you acknowledge that when people say “Eminem is GOAT” it’s an opinion, therefore not fact, but then you hypocritically try to sell your OWN opinion as fact by saying “Jay is GOAT, but Nas is even ‘GOAT’er'”? How dumb is that?

    Music is subjective, there is no universally good or bad music. It all depends on you, the listener. Only in sales does the majority matter. And even then, the majority is a snowball of sorts, once an artist picks up steam you have a lot of people “jumping on the bandwagon” to be hip.

    Nas is good, I like him more as a human being as a rapper though. Jay is a decent guy as well, but his substance far outweighs his flow and lyrical capabilities in my opinion. Eminem on the other hand almost always comes with a solid flow (name one song where his flow is shit), and his lyrical capabilities keep getting better and better(not in Jay’s case). Personally, I don’t know why Jay has such a cult following to begin with. He is a business man first and foremost, a rapper second. Eminem is a rapper. That’s it. That is what he lives for (in my opinion). You can see it, or even hear it.

  • ???? still best rite now!!

    I’ll have the new Em Lp with no accent plz…thank u

  • Evanflo

    Not Afraid, as in not afraid to come back and rip this game to fucking shreds, Who knows what the fuck he’ll say on this track. Its funny how people try to argue and make points on here. Anyone realize NAS is from QUEENZ?? This guys a homer. Nas is dope, Jay is doper, but no one makes the fucking hair on your arms stand up like EM.

  • malcomxbox

    cant wait :O

  • jesus

    @queens eminem has sold more records than pac,he’s the best selling rapper of all time right now

  • Dman

    Ill break down why i think Eminems the greatest he can make people laugh make people emotional make people pumped make people say what the fuck!? make people think….all on a Cd



  • man i wont fuking sleep till i hear this, eminem and lupe fiasco no1 betr

  • BallzBeSplashin

    Cant wait.

  • gvjhJ


  • Ah….

    Damn you, Elliott Wilson.

    Leak the shit, already.

  • Zombie

    @ Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol its funny how you guys are all saying this album will have the no accent, the song “not afraid” is going to be a serious song cause of the name. seriousely.? first of all did you speak to em and he told you there wouldnt be no accent and theres no interview where eminem clearly says theres no accent. the only thing we have with no accent is insult to injury which probally wont be on the album. and 2nd of all the name dosent mean shit, i bet its a funny song, eminem always goes that route first. without me didnt sound like a funny song name, we made you didnt sound like a funny song name. so shut the FU*K up and just wait till friday.

  • C.J


  • @Zombie

    shut the flying fuck up

  • Zombie

    @ @ZOMBIE <—— haha what a dumbass

    you shut the fuck up bitch

  • Ah….

    Are you two Zombies serious?

    C’mon…chill out. People are excited about Em’s music, just as many people get excited about Budden, or Royce. Jay Z, The Game, the list goes on. Zombie…why are you so mad? Calm down, really.


    @Ah….. this is the type of reaction that eminem news brings though. People always end up arguing and fighting and shit.

  • Yooo

    @C.J I’m black as a motherfucker, and I love Eminem. So if you wana head back to your “oh all these white people are on Em’s nuts” hub that you feel so safe in, please do us a favor and fuck the fuck off.

  • C.J


  • Queen Mathers

    CANT WAIT!!!

  • Yooo

    @C.J, why are you crying, little girl?

  • eminemfan

    r u serious?? ppl are still denying em is the best rapper alive?..i think ppl are just in denial..6-22-10 recovery will make skeptics believe

  • valerie

    great news

  • jmarcroyal

    Em will go down as the GOAT if he keeps pumpin out tracks like this, he definetely seems to have a renewed zest for the Rap Game, and that benefits all the fans.

    Nas is great, Jay-Z is overrated imho. Sure Jay-Z has a bunch of solid tracks but he also has a lot of crap album filler, Eminems albums are solid front to back, and even his worst shit is decent enough.

    I still think If Big L was alive today, he would go down as the GOAT, he has incredible rhymes and might have been the best freestyler ever. He wasnt commercial in the least but I bet if he was still around, he would have made more commercially acceptable music while maintaining his hardness. He was miles ahead of Jay-Z and had he put out a few more albums, his name would be talked about just as much as Biggie or Pac.

    Thats why I think Jay-Z had him assassinated, because with L in the picture, Jay-Z wouldnt have been where he is today. I also think he had Aaliyah Killed so Beyonce could become the Queen of R&B/Pop or whatever the hell you call what she sings. Jay-Z might be the greatest Rap Businessman of all time, until 50 cent passes him, but he wont be the greatest rapper of all time.

  • NotoriousRambo