New Video: Nas x Damian Marley “As We Enter”

The distant relatives unite for their new video, “As We Enter”. Remember, the album drops May 18th. Underneath is behind the scenes footage.

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  • asssik

    real hip hop

  • Ekiti

    Guess The Kelis Effect affect even his close music friends Damian Marley. I’m sure he begged Damian and the record execs not to spend too much money, he got bills to pay lol.

    This is a very sorry ass music video for a dope ass track. IMO i wihs the theme for this song was a Willi Wonka Urban theme. Shame, I’m sure the director of this video would have thought he did something special. “Yeah it’s very urban, street and raw, with zero creativity in it”

    I mean who thought of the flashing torch lights like wow! I bet they weren’t run by batteries lolz.

    They better come correct with the next single. No half ass videos

  • R-Truth

    Nas for President! Dope ass track and video.

  • JustSaying

    This was hot, that’s the nas I like. Back when he was my favorite rapper. Tragedy brings the best out of niggas I see. Beautiful struggle.

  • seriously

    @Ekiti the stop the bullshit why spend money on a video for what…who gives a shit about a video or who even watches them besides little kids like yourself 106&Park ass? The song is dope and the album will be too!


    @ Ekiti

    you take this hatin shit pretty serious huh?

  • majest

    its aite…could of been better but it played well.

  • webstar

    Dope track. Video eh…but I don’t really watch vids much these days anyways. The important thing to me is that all of the tracks I’ve heard from this project thus far have been stellar. I’ll be copping this album May 18th.

    sidenote: can people stop with the Nas is broke & can’t afford videos talk…I mean really its old at this point.



  • Chris

    A Willy Wonka video would be corny lol

    Its a simple video, reminds me of some Method Man and Redman shit but you gotta appreicate the hip-hop street element to on some aspect.

  • deuce deuce

    think the director could have done a better job of bringing to life what was said in the video…shyt they could have filmed the video in Jamaica and Queens!!! oh well im still copping it

  • Wow.. Great Song, dark and mediocre video. but still a good job on this one regardless. i see and understand where the video is coming from. Album will be fire

  • mike

    album of da year,

    teflon don in second one

    and probably ya favorite artist in third !

  • Ekiti

    @ seriously & QUEENZ nahhh I ain’t hating on NaS lolz. Just wish the dude or him and Damian were more creative with the music video that’s all. Was probably expecting this shit from him since its NaS, he don’t care and he layed back. Would have loved to see some dope visual shit done to this dope ass track.

    I stand by my earlier comment the video is boring. Yes, I know ppl should not care about the music video moving them to love or buy the record but shit its a form of marketing and it would greatly help.

    LOL just look at the Hate Me Now or It’s Mine video back in 99, OMG! Now ppl who do that shit is played out! Shit just ain’t the same

  • Rachel Y.

    I feeling this song, and the album sounds amazing. But this video looks like cheap, the director should of been more creative. Anyways, I’m def going to cop this, a monumental collab. Go out and buy it, support Africa!!

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