New Video: T.I. “I’m Back”

T.I. sets the streets ablaze in his first video since his release from prison last December. The King’s uncaged August 17th.

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  • mikey

    great vid

  • Boombapster

    A few months in Club Fed with Sammy the Bull, and his arrogance and ego still intact. You gotta love rappers!

    BB$. He’s Back.

  • jeffon

    who is he talking about

  • Claudia


  • Thelnoeus

    Oh man. I care about this video SO MUCH. Like you can see my whole excitement for T.I. coming back. I mean who wouldn’t be jizzing their ears to listen to 4:18 seconds of possibly the most successful southern black man rap about him being back?

    If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m not being sarcastic.

  • Did anyone catch the “Hit Em Up” reference in this vid?

  • Sarcastic

    T.I. is a snitch bitch and even though i have no idea the details of his incident, and even though i believe everything i hear and see on the internet and i believe rumors with out any facts wat so ever, i think he is, i wish for him to be locked up again because it makes me feel better as a man to wish another brotha go to the pin. I dnt care if he turned his life around and is being positive, i want him to rap about negative again cus thats wat we need, for rappers to rap the same way forever and ever…..

  • Exodus

    Not to be on no hater shit because I like T.I. as an artist but I’m not really feeling this. I don’t think he did this beat justice at all. Check out this song and tell me its not way better.

  • niice vid

  • b

    Strike a match catch a fire

  • Oj Da Cornball

    eh, not bad but typical.

  • that sarcastic dude is what this comment box needs.

    this was str8 fire, it’s like an introductory track just letting people know why he is still relevant.

  • King JuggaNott

    @ Jeffon…..I guess he’s talking about Alpha Mega? Being that Alpha came out with a song answering this song….maybe? Doesn’t really matter at this point….almost every rapper out makes it seem like the world is out to get them anyway.

  • Where did T.I. get that Jacket?? Any one know what brand that is?? Blast it on his Twitter.

  • BIG 110

    The videos hot,

    The songs hot,

    Im probably going to buy the album,

    But that jacket’s not.

    That jacket is screaming, “my stylist hooked it up”

    No Nigga…

    U the hottest in the South, with a Midtown swag?

    Where’s Alley Boy when you need him?

  • Love the song, hate this fuckin’ video…This looks like some internet created, bonus track, just-for-fun video shit. C’mon Tip, u can do better…

  • S_Dogg

    This song is fire, the video is fire, T.i. is fire, the King’s back baby!! Fuck a Mixtape is gonna be dope!

  • dajumpoff44


  • The Truth

    Great song and Vid.
    give the song 9/10

    vid a 7.5/10