Eminem To Debut “Not Afraid” On Shade 45

This Thursday on our homegirl’s show, The Morning After With Angela Yee, Em will appear at 10 am EST and premeire his new single, “Not Afraid”. Stay tuned.

Sidebar: Boi-1da on the beat. No Jonsin.

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  • Yooo


  • wow

    please let it be as aggressive as the fresstyle!

  • Theloneus

    I’m so excited.

  • Jinx

    This is a fucking shady month!


  • valerie

    cant fucking waaaaaaait!

  • Nice! Can’t wait. I’m hyped as hell right now!!!

  • :O(




  • besi


  • Yooo


    why u still comin on hip hop sites then? fuck off.

  • Truth

    BEST RAPPER ALIVE. Real kings don’t crown themselves or flash their money. Rap juggernaut. The proof is in the puddin.

  • yashoot fags

    this nigga say a bunch of nonsense. he the type of nigga that talk about eggs and the next bar he talking bout how tall grass grows.
    nigga dont be makin no sense.just rambling stupid shit.


    HAHAHAHA Em just shot up like 3 spots on the MTV Top Artists lists….

  • @yashoot fags..that a fuckin Freestyle dude..his actual songs with concepts is not full of non sense kid..

  • RapMusic23

    Yes cant wait for the song.That freestyle was FIRE.

  • Drucifer1983

    No point in arguing with a hater, dudes been puttin it down for bout 12 years, the music speaks for itself

    Cant wait to hear the new single

  • So 10 est is 7 pacific??

  • latic

    The promotion starts boom.First this amazing freestyle and now the single announcment.This will be a epic month

  • Theloneus

    I just hope Em talks about real shit instead of just runnin’ his mouth talkin’ bout getting his ass fucked by his step dad. I still get shivers listenin to that song. Em needs to start gettin’ political again.

  • Fat Boy

    yo this week needs to be in the history books lol called Eminem week, yo everyday eminems has news about Recovery, “Not Affraid” Friday Nice

  • Drucifer1983

    @ Theloneus

    lol, that was one song and people act like he made a double CD about it……..

    And the last thing Em needs to do is get political, leave that to the people who are good at it like Dead Prez……………Mosh was pathetic……..I wanna hear him do that “Lose Yourself” “The Way I Am” type shit for this CD, just keep it aggressive and serious



  • Matt

    @PITRI: Yeah, 7 AM.

    Can’t wait, the freestyle is dope and Em sounds hot on Bo1-da’s beats, so this should be good.

  • Jinx

    Official single is produced by Jim Jonsin u fucking twats

  • ^^ well billboard said boi-1da!!

  • teejay

    Are we just gunna start making up names of producers? Irv Gotti produced the first single!!!

  • Dude look at the link i posted above!!!

  • llll


  • llll

    No, jim jonsin produced it….its confirmed since day 1!!

  • Fat Boy

    @Pitri is right its on billboard.com produced Boi-1da

  • lokito

    hype the fuck out right now

  • MikeNUFC

    That would be 3pm UK time then? Buzzing my tits off.

  • King JuggaNott

    This is actually the first Hip Hop site that I have been in where people go bonkers over Eminem. Really…maybe the first one I actually post shit and pay attention to the comments, but this is interesting. I knew people rocked with Em….but I never knew they ran rampant like this…

  • llll

    @ EVERYONE….yeah Boi-1da is producing it, its an upbeat song.
    Confirmed by Paul!

  • Don

    That’s because Eminem is the top hip hop artist.

  • haha dude ive already said that^^ i even posted a link..

  • YN’s Weed Carrier

    Let’s see. If he drops another we-made-you-meets-without-me-with-on-some-clown-shit type of single, I’m done.

  • Matt

    I’m pissed that it’s “upbeat” (what the fuck does that mean? He needs a single with some bite!) and more pissed that it’s being released at a time when I’ll be forced to watch a fucking retarded High School Musical play at my school. It’ll be seven hours later, at the earliest, that I’ll hear it. Goddamnit.

    At least it’s not “We Made You” bullshit. I’m sure Em’ll give us a classic album. I just wish the lead single was aggressive and not being released at a retarded time.



  • rdizzle

    hmm still looking forward to the second single lol…….just gonna go with shady usual formula a poppy jokey type of single thats how he always does it…..so im expecting someting playful….we’ll see though

  • HawthorneFinest

    I’m fucken Hyped!!!
    the best week for music EVER!!!
    fuck drake, Gucci, wacka flocka, ect…

  • Marshall Mathers

    Its an uplifting/upbeat song produced by Premo

  • carter

    Its funny that the dudes hatin on Em since 2000 are still clicking every song he comes out with just to hate. Ur fuckin pathetic, if you don’t like dude then don’t listen to and comment on everything he does.

  • carter

    Its produced by boi1da, preemo isn’t even on the album. Dumbass

  • Jinx


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  • sunraw

    Do Em dickriders scream like Ned Flanders when an Em headline pops up.

  • Post no billz

    Thats whats up shade45 is the best radio station period..

  • HawthorneFinest

    @ Sunraw
    LOL I knew there couldn’t be a Eminem topic without a Hater popping up to drop a cute little comment and run away.
    Em is on ur mind more than Stan dude..smh
    Hop off dicks and get a Life!!

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  • Hip Hop Iz Dead

    Watch as soon as they hear him spit they will suck his dick so bad when he just spitin bullshit.. if he ain’t rappin about nothing why buy it ?

  • shady50

    Can’t wait for this single. Em is constantly putting out good material these past couple months.

  • Toya

    God I wish I had Sirius radio. Oh well… I’ll have the song on my iPod by Friday. I’m sure of it.

  • Dnt even Trip toya..im purty shure that 10 mins later that shits gona be all over the internet..

  • Interscope Employee

    @ Toya ; why you trippin? by friday? shittt….the song will be on the internet at 10:05am on thursday haha

  • Interscope Employee

    didnt see PITRI said exactly the same thing before me lol

    but yeah, shit gon be fire im pretty sure!

  • koa29


  • Toya

    @ Pitri & Interscope, I’m not trippin over the single. It’s just that I wish I had Sirius radio because the “regular” radio sucks.


    all eminem’s first singles are the funny insulting ones: my name is, slim shady, without me, just lose it, and we made you……
    I expect “Not Afraid” to be the same,, and im so excited about what celebrity will be the next victim of Em new single?!!!

  • @Toya lol thats why you buys cd’s lol..and @BIGUP..im guessing you havent read the complex interview..

  • Charlie

    Em’s first ever ‘first single’ not to be produced by the Doc – I’d expect it to sound pretty different.

  • imeafk

    without me was ems production i think…

  • imeafk

    is anyone else anxious about the boy-1da production?

  • Sin

    What is the big deal about Aubrey graham. I only play him for the bitches. I’m a fan of lyrics. He has them but they have no depth. FAKT

  • charlieillest

    @imeafk – Yea I think one of them was produced by Em, you’re right – But even so they’ve all followed a pretty strict formula – Topical satire / Celebrity Bashing / Comedy – Would be cool to see if this one comes out a bit different.

  • nonny

    can’t wait!

  • NotoriousRambo

    Boi-1da Discography


    * “City Is Mine” – Drake
    * “Replacement Girl” – Drake feat. Trey Songz (co-produced)


    * “Pull Up” – Rochester
    * “Don’t You Have a Man” – Drake feat. Little Brother and Dwele (co-produced)
    * “Do What You Do” – Drake feat. Malice and Nickelus F
    * “Fallin’ in Love with You” – Andreena Mill (co-produced)
    * “Picture Perfect” – Andreena Mill (co-produced)


    * “I Want This Forever” – Lil Wayne feat. Drake and Kid-Kid
    * “Ransom” – Drake feat. Lil Wayne
    * “Pull Up (Remix)” – Rochester feat. Kardinal Offishall, Trinity Chris, Lindo P, Shawn Desman, Untitled, Shanti, and Fito Blanko
    * “Red Light Green Light” – G-Unit
    * “Ready to Go” – Richie Sosa
    * “Big Man Tings” – Famous feat. Trinity Chris
    * “I’m Still Fly” – Page feat. Drake
    * “Set It Off” – Kardinal Offishall feat. Clipse
    * “Bring the Fire Out” – Kardinal Offishall
    * “Lighter!” – Kardinal Offishall
    * “Gimme Some” – Kardinal Offishall feat. The-Dream
    * “Sensitive Thugs” – Point Blank
    * “Free” – Manafest (co-produced)
    * “You and Tomorrow” – Andreena Mill feat. Saukrates (co-produced)


    * “Swag On ‘Em” – Young Buck
    * “Best I Ever Had” – Drake
    * “Uptown” – Drake feat. Bun B and Lil Wayne (co-produced)
    * “Ain’t No Use Pt. II” – Famous feat. Oh!
    * “Kidnapping Your Love” – Emilio feat. Bobby Valentino
    * “Class in Session” – Jahvon
    * “Forever” – Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem
    * “I Get Paper” – Kevin Cossom feat. Drake
    * “Mo Milly” – Birdman feat. Drake and Bun B
    * “Single” – Lil Wayne feat. Drake (co-produced)
    * “4 My Town (Play Ball)” – Birdman feat. Drake and Lil Wayne
    * “I Do This” – Belly feat. Drake (co-produced)
    * “What a World” – Belly (co-produced)
    * “Ball Till Ya Fall” – Birdman feat. Gucci Mane
    * “Street Cred” – Gucci Mane feat. Drake and Killer Mike (co-produced)
    * “Scared Money” – Young Jeezy feat. Lil Wayne[6]
    * “Only Just Begun” – Emilio Rojas feat. Day


    * “I’m Ill” – Red Cafe feat. Fabolous
    * “I’m Ill (Remix)” – Red Cafe feat. Ryan Leslie, Lloyd Banks and Claudette Ortiz
    * “Put It Down” – Bun B feat. Drake (co-produced)
    * “Over” – Drake (co-produced)
    * “First and Last” – JD Era
    * “Rock N Roll” – JD Era feat. Drake
    * “When It All Goes Down” – Big Lean feat. Young Tony
    * “Looking For You” – Big Boi feat. André 3000 and Sleepy Brown
    * “Miss Me” – Drake feat. Lil Wayne
    * “Hey Hustla” – Big Lean feat. Belly
    * “Not Afraid” – Eminem

  • Chris

    yes, Eminem!

  • Rachael5922

    well did it happen or didn’t it happen no one seems to know what happened wtf

  • dajumpoff44

    Whoever says Em doesn’t spit about something is just as usual hating!It’s ok haters he will be back and smashing hip hop again.He always spits about something,get your ears cleaned out of that wax.You say that nonsense because he isn’t spittin that oh look how much money i have and ooh look i drive a beamer,he is the LYRICAL MASTER!!!Stop hating on a REAL M.C!!!He KILLED that Drake track and that banks track.He bodies tracks people,SHADY BABY!!!!All day Everyday!!!I’m ready to RECOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Em. Now Im “Not Afraid” too

  • Fuk Hip HOp Iz DEad

    Yo Hip Hop Iz dead Go Suck A Dick. Em is The GREATEST, he’s a fucking legend your a fucking deush. Wtf are u doing with your life? NOTHING! DIE NAMELESS BITCH.

    His skills on Despicable alone are undeniable. Go fucking choke on an IMMORTAL TEQNUIQE CD Faggot 1.

  • Jimbo

    @187 go back to listenin’ to your Soulja Boy faggy.

    Same thing for Hip Hop Iz Dead.

  • Wildlyfe

    Whether its a formulaic approach or the craziest coincidence ever,Em’s albums seem to release in an intentional sequence.First we get crazy ass “Shady”,then “Eminem”,and lastly “Marshall”.Regardless if this is a marketing approach,its exactly the cycle I think brings the best out of Em.Start by getting back to the fun and stretching your lyrical muscles,next give us the synopsis of your current state of mind as it applies to your career,and finally tie it all together and reflect on your life and yourself as a whole.Do the math on this equation and it equals one of the illest (if not “the”) to ever grace the mic.

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  • 5150

    shady wack as fuck all the shit he putn out is trash

  • hassan


  • hi i like your song not afraid :O:O

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