JD & So So Def’s Bball Challenge

“Jim Jones got these dudes that been playin’ in the Rucker for 100 years. How old is you dudes?”

Ruh oh. Looks like JD and So So Def want a piece of the action as well. To Jermaine’s advantage, he does have an indoor basketball court. This is going to be interesting.

Responses: Jim Jones l Sean Price & Jay Electronica l Pill, Shawty Lo & OJ Da Juiceman

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  • JD’s too goddamn short to be playing basketball and too goddamn old. JD shouldn’t be talkin about age with his short self

  • Shawn

    I find it ironic that the South always looks for their respect by using NY as the standard… There plenty of major hoop tornies in Chicago, Detroit, Philly, Texas, LA etc… Yet NY is the standard….
    I wonder why?

  • applejuice

    that niggas jumpshot is atrocious!

    this nigga JD shootin grannie shots hahaha

  • @Shawn

    I cosign. Chicago and Detroit are two of the toughest cities to ball in. Niggaz ain’t slouchin’ in the midwest. Philly and Texas niggaz get it in too, as well as Compton and Oakland. Butchu know how New Yorkers are. They think they created EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING! Lol!…

    And truth be told, after watchin all these videos, ALL of the rappers suck at ballin’! Lol. Now if they get a west coast team, and Game is sumwhere in the mix, it’s a wrap! But it’s all in good fun. 🙂

  • nyg718

    lol jd shoot like shawn marion lol… the nigga fab should get a team.. niggas from my hood is actually nice,fab used to b nice idk if he still got it.. man them harlem niggas gon buss jd team ass lol smh

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    This nigga JD serioooouuussss??

  • Interscope Employee

    LMAO!! JD shoots like a bitch
    but lets see how it turns out. niggas is gettin disrespectful lol

  • this guy went and shot a nike commercial to try jim jones?

  • Ses

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  • la_angel_23

    Wow this nigga has a full court gym in his crib and he still shoots a jumper like a fruit cake!
    Get the fuck outta here…