DJ Kay Slay Announces Final Album

All good things come to an end. Last night during the Drama Hour on Hot 97, DJ Kay Slay announced on Twitter that he’s working on his final album Rhyme Or Die. Nice title. Shortly after, Sermon asked Slay the reasoning behind his decision. The Drama King responded with this:

I know that’s right. Dez’s current album, More Than Just A DJ is in stores and so is the latest issue of Straight Stuntinmagazine. Don’t be a culture vulture!

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  • So Icy Boi!

    So they gonna let him release one last FLOP album??? …let the floppin begin …

  • The Truth

    DJ Kay Slay… This is the problem. You are the dude that will give make or break peoples careers. Once you make peoples careers, you are no longer needed. You do not appeal to the “suburban” kids. You appeal to the street dudes. There is nothing you can do about this. People come back to you cause in order to create a buzz. The streets need to talk first. And you are that man to get the streets buzzing.

    Another thing. Your albums suffer because of poor production. And furthermore because of poor artist placement on your records. Nobody wants to hear Uncle Murda, Trick Trick, Yo Gotti, Jackie-O. Kay Slay you are a pioneer in this game as a DJ. I remember you from being Mr. Street Exclusives with your Streetsweepers mix cd’s. But those days are gone. Understand, your from an era that will never be golden again. We can try and recreate that era but as we all accepted, it will never be the same. Much luck to you and your career and hopefully you make that last album a tribute in retrospect to what made you “Mr. Street Exclusives”.

  • Sarcasm

    oh no! dont let it be his last album! noooooooooooooooooooo

  • pedro

    no one cares bruh

    …..also look at that fat bitch in that pic above lol

  • mac DIESEL



  • Bjack

    Why is this nigga always with these busted ass chicks…..your last album dropped along time ago buddy.

  • Slim

    *ages 20 years*
    * heads to Mens Warehouse*
    *cops all leather Avriex outfit*
    *calls Papoose, Uncle Murda, Grafh and Corey Gunz*
    *creates album*

  • Post no billz

    I used to fuck wit slay back in the mixtape era.. But god dam he seems so outta touch now.. I bet will get more papoose ft. Ray j lol…smh..


    id fuck the shit outta that fat bitch in the middle mmm


    The Truth hit the nail RIGHT on the head.

    His first studio album was a banger, with some filler.

    His second was so-so.

    But after hearing tracks off his third I decided to pass on it. For the same reasons that The Truth mentioned. The beats are never above average, and a lot of tracks seem forced and out of place. He’s known for putting has beens (or never beens) on his albums, which only hurts him more. Look, I’m not a hater, but no one gives a fuck about Papoose, Graph, Uncle Murda, etc. These dudes will spend the rest of their lives in mixtape purgatory. But apparently Slay begs to differ and keeps going to them for assistance on his albums.

    I wish him the best of luck but I won’t be buying it.

  • Mike B

    I don’t understand how a middle aged man still dress’s the way he does in oversized tee’s with a fitted, matching the color of the t-shirt. It’s like bitches matching their eye shadow to their shirt. And a middle aged man still getting on microphones and shouting about slapping other men. “keeping it real” doesnt mean keeping it ignorant.

  • Frontrunner

    I vehemently agree with DOOM sentences 4-10….I always wondered why the compilation albums by DJs were NEVER bangers…the best were just good, never classic, and mostly wack…Aren’t they supposed to have “ears” for good material?

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  • Its hard to move on when you have no direction. Quit with the BS and make your final album worth listening to.

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