Nas Narrates ESPN Documentary

This is the trailer to ESPN’s documentary on the Liberian amputee soccer team. The doc’s narrated by Nas and airs in its entirety May 4th.

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  • Master P’s Theatre

    Shout out Nas.

  • webstar

    good stuff. Documentary is very interesting

    and its been good to see Nas getting involved in so many positive projects lately…he’s putting his time where his mouth is.

  • Nina

    Amputee soccer team? Interesting.


    @Webstar…co-sign! Nas is really on another level…silent moves!

  • BNevo

    nas is the real goat, doing positive things instead of being so money hunger like other so called “greatest”

  • I’m Liberian-American. I’ma have to check this out. Liberia has been out of war for about seven years, but it’s still a hellhole in multiple respects. That’s why I haven’t been there. Shouts to Nas.

  • Ekiti

    Ohh gosh, guess I’m gonna dick ride too! No Homo lolz.

    Nasty NaS, hope this documentary will bring in the bucks for little Knigth and Kelis.

    Can’t wait for Distant Relatives


    @ Ekiti

    you just couldn’t help yourself huh? SMH

  • Ekiti

    @ QUEENZ God knows i tried my freaking best but I just couldn’t help it. Yeah since this year he has been putting his money where is mouth is. Good look, but all this Kelis bleeding his pockets dry, just keeps coming up anytime I hear the dudes name. He should have know that marriage wit her wasn’t gonna last. Anyway, all the best for both parties.

    Ohh yeah, May 18th, Buy the album

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