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  • Wish A Nigga Wouldn’t…

    This video looks like it will surely suck dick.

  • will

    it look like he dont he feel the song he looks like he think he looks stupid singing the hook and cuz miccey with the red Crenshaw Hoodie He claim Piru but tryin to rep Crenshaw Mafia in the video

    I swear niggas oversaturated the SHaw everytime a westcoast rapper doing a rap video in LA they trying to show a pic of the shaw sign or the school i mean its other shit out in LA like the swap meet Master Burger Fox Hills leimert park St.Andrews Park

  • king

    Why is there new lyrics? !

  • real talk

    damn shit looks cool!! RED gon be dope as fuck

  • spitta


  • ppol


  • blacxplotations

    i can imagine the popo sittin in the car thinkin like fuckin niggerz lol