Cam’Ron & Jim Jones Talk Reunion Album

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The talk of the town this past weekend was Cam’Ron and Jim Jones’ reunion at the Converse Band of Ballers basketball tournament. From the sidelines, the Dipset founders speak to MTV about the highly anticipated Diplomatic Immunity 3 compilation.

Cam confirmed they have started working on new material. “We working, everything is working,” he said. “Right now, we’re doing a couple of songs. We’re trying to get the business together. Right now we’re just doing music.”

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  • EscoHov

    “Its going to be a good christmas stocking stuffer” this nigga jim got quotables for days lmao

  • TdotHiPpy

    The worst thing these two always say is “if the money is right”. That’s not why people loved the Dipset movement.

  • Post no billz

    Fuck the talking lets hear the music..

  • JohnBlack

    I think Jim and Cam are a little confused. People want The Diplomats, as in Cam, Jim and Juelz.. Not Cam and Jimmy. Second, people want that Diplomatic Immunity because that tape was just fire. The production , the lyrics everything was a cohesive whole. That powerfull music. If your just getting back together for the money the fans will smell that from a mile away and DI 3 will simply flop. Then 7 months from now everybody will be like “I wish they never got back together, shits wack”.

  • Real Different

    I sincerely hope this shit goes well.. The first Diplomatic Immunity was a straight CLASSIC.. Anything less on the 3rd installment will be an absolutely failure.. Because everybody is watchin and the scrutiny alone will kill it before it even gains any steam…

  • I’ll pass…it’s 2010, not 2003. I think everyone will agree, these niggaz’ heyday is up. Everybody on their own agenda anyway…

  • herbsaac

    Horrible Idea.. Jimmy jones does nothing but ruin tracks.. after ballin he is nothing more than a cheese ball rapper.. Cam stick with Vado.. Much better than the “i create a chant for every rap i do” juelz santana.. and Jimmy I cant do anything but stick on choruses Jones

  • Nina

    @ [email protected]!- basically. I can’t believe people still care, i’m sure many don’t, but the fact that anyone does is funny. I will say they are worth more together than apart, although I’m not sure what that worth is at this point.

  • Johnny

    I smell a Hot97 Summer Jam reunion performance coming on…..Ain’t I can’t even be mad. Once Dipset Anthem comes on, it’s going to be crazy!

  • pissed

    I agree with most of what was said already…if it aint like the first one, meanin Cam-Jim-Juelz-Freekey & some fire from the Heatmakerz it won’t have the same feel. Plus they keep talkin this “business” shit…dont yall realize the “business” end is what fukked yall up in the first place. Fukk business make MUSIC.

    and oh yeah, when they say BUSINESS, basicallt they mean MONEY.

  • Post no billz

    Dam RR is slacking on the dame dash resserecting roc a fella story…

  • Kiss92

    DipSet Bitch !

  • JohnBlack

    @Nina & [email protected]
    What does the year were in has to do about it? People still care because they made great music. If premier and Guru would have teamed up again people would care because they made great music. Good music is timeless. It could be 2070 and Illmatic would still be the illest shit I’ve ever heard. Also music brings back memories.

    People want to get that feeling back from when they was listing to that shit. In 2003 Diplomatic Immunity was my fucking soundtrack. Those beats would linger in my mind for days. I would be at school in class bopping my head to that shit. With my shorty tearing that ass up bumping that shit. To me personally that shit was more than music. Pun intended. That album had so many quotables. I use to argue with dudes reciting that diplomat shit. I had a lotta fun with that shit. And like me there are probably a lot of other people who have some fond memories of that music and want that back. So yeah, i want that Diplomats album.

    Will it happen? Most likely. Will it bang harder that the first Diplomatic Immunity? Probably not. It”s hard to recreate a successful recipe. But we can hope can we

  • JohnBlack

    Also even besides the music. You can’t tell me a smile doesn’t appear on your face whenever you hear: “It’s that you Beffa !”, ” Off with ya Cuffy” “Don’t play Goonie goo goo”. Jimmy would straight murder a dude for Cam. You could feel the love. Dipset forever

  • Sin

    “Don’t play Goonie goo goo”

    daaamn that brought me back quick. Shitll never be the same bro.

  • sheesh

    Cam, Juelz, a new addition Vado + Heatmakerz…… and Jim Jones screamin at the end of the songs, that would be classic

  • blaqscorpio

    I smell another flop coming. lol

  • gangsterrapisover

    yes hoodfightsdotblogspotdotcom

  • Nina

    OMG you are not comparing Dip Set to Gangstarr? go. take. a. nap

  • JohnBlack

    OMG you are not able to comprehend written information? Learn. to read!
    Or should I draw you a pretty picture next time and avoid complex things such as verbs and nouns.

  • Nina

    uh you compared a Dip Set reunion to Gangstarr reuniting or Illmatic as if they had/have the impact of either of those events. They were an act that had their time and now that time is over. Again, please take. a. nap.

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