• Word? Travis Barker? I did not know that. Dope!

  • ja ja

    OH HELL YEA…lookin fwd to this lol

  • HawthorneFinest

    Damn whats up with June!!!!!!????
    it’s gonna get ugly

  • pissed

    dope cover & Paul aint showin no grill haha

  • I’m glad Paul Wall didn’t fade into obscurity, TOO LONG, like Mike Jones and otha Houston niggaz. It’s good to see him put out anutha album. I hope this sells…

  • King JuggaNott

    Good idea….wrong rapper.


    Love the cover too, Travis is the “Golden Boy” (Everything he touches seems to turn to gold, but Paul Wall is a great rapper so this is a win win 😉

  • Osiris

    Paul Wall And Travis Barker Is Like Peanut butter And Jelly Nigga
    But Paul Walls Is Slippin’ A Bit… I Mean Only Half The Albums Is Produced By Travis Barker.. WTF and Don’t Hide The Fucken Grill