Busta Rhymes & Swizz Beatz Iron Man Session

[sparkart-clique site=”rap_radar” video=”bustaswizz”]

By the way this is sounding, Swizzy might’ve been right after all. Here’s footage of him and Busta in the lab creating the new tune inspired by the forthcoming blockbuster, Iron Man 2. It still needs a name, y’all.

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  • koa29

    Dope beat…

  • how about “stark raving mad”?

  • So Icy Boi!

    I gotta name for it …lets call it TRASH!

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  • call it — iconoclast —

  • chesere

    swizz that lil dance at the end is too cute LMAO!

  • damn

    i like it, hope busta tears up the track

  • hmmm

    what’s the track for? and when is it being released?

  • ToiletSpatula

    lol busta is blazedd out.
    sickk beat.
    call it machines

  • B A T H I E 1 !

    Beat Ain’t That Hot, Ironman2 either…. …1!

  • DOUBLE R (RUFF RIDERS) for life!!

    I miss the BIG HOMIE X (DMX)



  • shady

    The player is shyte, it takes years to load and still needs to buffer
    beat is dope, cant wait to here busta bust
    fuck yea!

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  • Is there going to be an iron man 3?